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Easy Sudoku for 17/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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17/Mar/15 12:00 AM
Dottie R -
17/Mar/15 12:07 AM
We had a wonderful Sudoku meet yesterday.
Sue/OK and her lovely sister, GannieMo, Mary from Perth, Kate, Judy and Rob, and my daughter and I had a four hour lunch at Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne city.
New best friends 😉
17/Mar/15 12:15 AM
That sounds like so much fun, Gail! I'm sure there is a lot of envy going around Sudokuland today.
I am off to play cards in a few minutes....I'll check back later this afternoon to see what the answers were to Silvergal's dastardly rebus from yesterday.
17/Mar/15 12:37 AM
I'm assuming there is a boat we can't see.
17/Mar/15 1:24 AM

There is a pole in a lake. One-half of the pole is in the ground, another one-third of it is covered by water, and 8 ft is out of the water. What is the total length of the pole in ft?

Note: There is no overlap of locations. The More...
17/Mar/15 1:36 AM
Good pictures of the meet-up on TOS. Wish I could have been there.
17/Mar/15 1:54 AM
Good morning people of the world.
17/Mar/15 2:37 AM
What Spring Break means to me.
No alarms and I do not have to go to bed by midnight. Almost forgot to turn my alarms off last night, but as I was shutting down around 1:30 remembered. Slithered into bed, ready to begin my 5 hours of slumber with pleasant dreams. There would be no noises this More...
17/Mar/15 2:47 AM
That thing says 3:07. That cannot be right. Off to another room, which requires another light. One brightly green light also says, 3:07 and the white one says 3:08. Oh, someone is going to get hurt and he better be glad he is snuggled next to a person, who needs their nourishing sleep. More...
17/Mar/15 2:52 AM
Oh, Shosho, grabbed your number for you.
17/Mar/15 2:52 AM
Fantastic sunshine this morning, before 10 AM, windows and blinds were opened fully. One girl complained it was too bright, but I ignored her. The other girl, announced it was like having outside inside. Now, that it is working into the 11th morning hour, the man decides to arise.
17/Mar/15 2:55 AM
Of course he arises, after floors have been swept, laundry gathered and in proper machines, relief rooms have some sparkle and trash all packaged up, and waiting for my favorite weekly men.
17/Mar/15 2:57 AM
17/Mar/15 3:19 AM
17/Mar/15 3:34 AM
I heard a loud 'whoomp' yesterday, and thought 'What did that d@₩& cat knock over now?' Just before I went to bed last night, I went to my closet for a hanger. (That is another story. ) I couldn't get the door open. The shelf/bar had fallen down. Guess what I'm doing today?
17/Mar/15 3:41 AM
I had also left clothes on my balcony to dry. I brought them in just before bedtime. I did not notice Miss Violet go outside. With my mind on everything to do, I did not miss her. Until I heard the meowing this morning.
17/Mar/15 3:44 AM
Off to find the closet.
17/Mar/15 3:45 AM
And a CP
17/Mar/15 3:46 AM
... and got us right up close.
17/Mar/15 4:02 AM
17/Mar/15 4:03 AM
17/Mar/15 4:03 AM
For Jim from Jupiter, who gave me this picture he took several years ago at a St. Louis spring training game. I saw on TOS that he went to one of those games yesterday.
17/Mar/15 4:05 AM
, y'all! Happy St. Paddy's to those who are already 'there.'
17/Mar/15 4:33 AM
From my Maxine 2015 calendar:
'St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. Apparently, they moved to Washington DC.'
17/Mar/15 4:34 AM
Clothes picked up off the floor of the closet. Taking a break before I start sorting.
17/Mar/15 4:42 AM
Good afternoon to all! That's a peaceful photo. I only wish I was there when it was taken.
17/Mar/15 4:58 AM
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all those feeling green today. Erin go braugh!
17/Mar/15 4:59 AM
Happy Monday!
17/Mar/15 5:04 AM
Morning all, I think the photo was taken from the anchored boat,beautiful.
17/Mar/15 5:27 AM
Me thinks Maxine 'nailed it'.
17/Mar/15 5:30 AM
Oh, that rebus challenge had me sooo baffled this weekend!
17/Mar/15 5:35 AM
Been gone all day & hurried to the site to discover those - yes Kathy - dastardly answers!
17/Mar/15 5:37 AM
Harrumph - no answers yet!
17/Mar/15 5:38 AM
Maxine could have said more, but....
17/Mar/15 6:12 AM
Yeah, Greg. She is a Lady.
17/Mar/15 6:25 AM
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all, either today or tomorrow. Look out for amateur drinkers out there on the roads!
17/Mar/15 6:37 AM
Love Maxine. There's always some truth to what she says. Lots of truth in this one! Thanks, Silvergal.
17/Mar/15 6:39 AM
Back from the storage unit with boxes. Trying to get help moving during Spring Break could be interesting.
17/Mar/15 6:47 AM
I can't leave it down here. BOPP.
17/Mar/15 6:48 AM
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