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Easy Sudoku for 17/May/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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OK, Ready to start the day!
17/May/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
17/May/10 12:00 AM
Top O' the Mornin', John.
17/May/10 12:02 AM
Good Maen early risers and night owls
17/May/10 12:08 AM
mornin early risers
17/May/10 12:10 AM
Precious little devil dog!
17/May/10 12:12 AM
Goodnight all
17/May/10 12:16 AM
Good Maen, folks! Jaime and I had a great time in Jacksonville yesterday - shopping at Costco and dining later in Fernandina Beach at Sliders restaurant on the ocean. I thought I was being good by ordering the steak and portobello salad, but it was loaded with blue cheese - and topped with FRENCH FRIES. EEK! (It was sure yummy, though...)
17/May/10 12:17 AM
2:03, hi all.
17/May/10 12:22 AM
17/May/10 12:42 AM
The answers to the last puzzle:
1. induct, indict
2. remits, remiss
3. formal, format
4. snappy, snippy
5. canton, wonton

The 2010 wall calendar goes to Judy and Greg! You will be organized and never be late for a date!
17/May/10 12:49 AM
Couldn't go to a nicer couple.
17/May/10 12:56 AM
I'm not sure if the puzzles are too popular lately, but I shall persevere..... I'm sure Fiona pops by occasionally to see if I am on the job. Fiona, come back! My puzzles are going down the tubes! Your whip cracking is needed!

What's so peculiar about this More...
17/May/10 12:56 AM
2:23 to you all .
17/May/10 12:58 AM
fell out of bed this morning and hit my ear on the corner of the bed stand. I'm not starting the day too well.
17/May/10 12:58 AM

17/May/10 12:59 AM
Thank heavens, no birthday song to sing. Can't open my jaw too much to do so. Think I'll go and have a hot mug of coffee and a cold compress. See you later.
17/May/10 1:01 AM
Oh oh, shosho. That's what happens when you reach that certain age (which we won't mention here.)
17/May/10 1:19 AM
Hope you're feeling better soon! Perhaps my magic cold remedy (equal parts of fresh lemon juice, honey and bourbon) will help ease the pain. It can't HURT, in any case. Unless you're drinking it in bed. If so, you'd better lie on the other side so you'll at least even things out should you take another tumble.
17/May/10 1:21 AM
...and with that sage advice, I'm outta here.
17/May/10 1:22 AM
Then again, we're awfully close to 22....
17/May/10 1:22 AM
Why not?
17/May/10 1:23 AM
Bye for now.
17/May/10 1:23 AM
Wow. Just missed it again.
17/May/10 1:35 AM
Happy Sunday!

Shosho: sorry to hear about your mishap. I'm not a bourbon person (apologies to Jane), but I think because it's Sunday, a Bloody Mary is in order? ...accompanied by a good brunch somewhere nice (best have some food whilst imbibing, y'know)?
17/May/10 2:23 AM
Kathy, was that a Freudian slip? Are you hungry? Is it time for lunch? Are you ordering in? Thinking about Wonton noodles or Wonton soup? I think the answer I sent said canton and wanton.
17/May/10 2:24 AM
I am honored, CG. There are many men with whom I'd less like to be paired!
17/May/10 2:31 AM
Good morning all - just had to get a puzzle fix before grading geometry papers. Ugh - did I say I was retired?
17/May/10 2:34 AM
Judy - there are many women with whom several of the males on this site would less like to be paired than our Judy from San Diego!
17/May/10 2:35 AM
'Mornig All.
Well Kathy I have answered the puzzzle for you. One I did not have to think much about in the middle of the night!
17/May/10 2:39 AM
Cute little Devil!!

Shosho... I'd MUCH rather have your start to the day than mine. Seriously. I woke up to find one of my dogs laying dead in the kitchen. JoJo was like a child of my own. I assisted his mother in delivering him 11 years ago.
17/May/10 2:40 AM
Heidi - so sorry for you!!
Shosho - it is really a good thing it wasn't a school day.
17/May/10 2:41 AM
Aw, Jamie ... you're so sweet ... made my day ... and made me blush ... can you catch the first plane West?
17/May/10 2:42 AM
That's awful, Heidi ... love to you.
17/May/10 2:44 AM
Heidi: So sorry for your sad news.
17/May/10 2:49 AM
Aw Judy, aren't you sweet? I'm flattered. And Keith and Jamie are trying to get in your good books too! Let the truth be known.... you're still just after a piece of (beaver)tail!
17/May/10 2:58 AM
Heidi, I'm sorry to hear about JoJo. At least it died in peace while it was sleeping.
17/May/10 3:00 AM
CG - thanks a lot!! By the way, for those of you that care, my geometry papers are AWFUL! Back to work.
17/May/10 3:01 AM
Oh, Heidi! I am so sorry. Losing a beloved animal IS losing a family member and friend all wrapped up into one furry being. I dread the time when my elderly cats go.
17/May/10 3:05 AM
17/May/10 3:05 AM
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