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Easy Sudoku for 17/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning, all. Sunny at the moment, but some rain is predicted for later in the day.
17/Jul/07 12:00 AM
everyone. Hope you guys and ladies had a good weekend.
17/Jul/07 12:00 AM
Good morning all! Beautiful day here! Have a great day!
17/Jul/07 12:00 AM
Good Maen
17/Jul/07 12:01 AM
Good day to all.
17/Jul/07 12:01 AM
Hello every one ,
Hi Ian , Max
new you tube and some pictures
17/Jul/07 12:01 AM
G'd Maen all - I'm not planning on going there in the near future.
17/Jul/07 12:02 AM
Whoa! When I logged on it was with yesterday's puzzle, had to go on archive to get to today.
Hi Jano, great hearing from you!
17/Jul/07 12:03 AM
No rain here, in fact we only got 5' total this year instead of the usual 11'. Will be a terrible fire season.
17/Jul/07 12:06 AM
New Clips Page: Arts for Old Pharts...

For all things Artsy Phartsy...a few people from the site have been crying out for a book review forum for sometime now, but I thought we could incorporate theatre and concert reviews as well. In fact, anything you feel like sharing - a visit to an More...
17/Jul/07 12:06 AM
A small village in Venezuela?
New youtube, Jackson Browne's 'Running on Empty.'
17/Jul/07 12:11 AM
greetings friends!
hope your all doing well today/tonight.
today is my best friend char's birthday. we will celebrate tonight with her.
she is 55 years young! hope you all had a great weekend. hot here again today, its the pool for me!
17/Jul/07 12:11 AM
Nola - I think you mean 5' not 5'. There are places in the world that do get 5' of rain, like the Olympic Peninsula. The fire season will be bad, especially when the Santa Annas start up.
17/Jul/07 12:13 AM
Good Mean all!!! I was on a roll there for a bit and then with out warning my computer stopped cooperating and dumped me. Such is life on the internet I guess.

I had a great day at Sacandaga Lake with all the nieces and nephews. The lake was a bit rough but I did go out in the kayak for a while and had a good time.
17/Jul/07 12:14 AM
2:05 Good evening everyone. That's the type of photo I love to see that shows something of other places. Lovely looking countryside.
17/Jul/07 12:15 AM
Better day at the beach so far. It's not drizzling.
17/Jul/07 12:15 AM
Sorry Nola but I guess that the inches '' doesn't shows up as feet '.
17/Jul/07 12:16 AM
17/Jul/07 12:17 AM
Marth from Saratoga, Is my memory correct that it's Saratoga California for you? Some day we will have to shoot for four from the Saratoga's in a row.
17/Jul/07 12:17 AM
Nola and Eve: to make the ''inches'' symbol, you have to hit the single apostrophe twice. The double just posts one. Maybe, like making an é, this info should go on an info page along with ''maen.''
17/Jul/07 12:17 AM

Great picture today.
17/Jul/07 12:26 AM
17/Jul/07 12:31 AM
1:41 Maen! Nice hillside community there...
17/Jul/07 12:35 AM
1:56 - my best time ever! Everything fell into place!!

Interesting photo - would love to learn more about the location and who took the picture...
17/Jul/07 12:35 AM
Having been away for a few weeks, I didn't try to time myself, but this one seemed very fast and easy! Hello all!
17/Jul/07 12:40 AM
1:21 Pretty rugged landscape.
17/Jul/07 12:53 AM
DAVE: The nearest fire around here is in Happy Camp, CA - expanding this direction. All that ''weed'' going up in smoke.

IAN/Boston - I'm a quick learner. ''weed''.
17/Jul/07 12:56 AM
1:54 in one go
17/Jul/07 1:09 AM
I'm on here every day but am a reader rather than a writer. Really enjoy the comments after doing sudoku and the associated jigsaws.
17/Jul/07 1:17 AM
Nice pic.Hi MAX hope you had a good weekend.
17/Jul/07 1:22 AM

Hi Huahinian! Join up and join in Superlative writing skills not required

What happened to the ''meeting''?? Cancelled because of jelly bean overload?
17/Jul/07 1:35 AM
Eve, I've answered you on my page.
17/Jul/07 1:52 AM
1:57 A long walk to the nearest saloon ...
17/Jul/07 2:19 AM
And a long walk (crawl) home!
17/Jul/07 2:25 AM
Nice pic :-)

cold here in the south west of Western Australia
17/Jul/07 2:32 AM
Wow!! 1:22-- a record time for me. It is sunny and warm today but we may get some thunderstorms later. Hope you are all having a good day!
17/Jul/07 2:48 AM
Terrific photo! Hope we are going to see another series from South America.
Shelley: Yes, California. I usually make the first page because of my time zone, but I'm hardly every awake early enough to be one of the first posters!

17/Jul/07 3:03 AM
After Hot Hot Hot yesterday we have Wet Wet Wet this afternoon. Hangover gone(it wasn't too bad - I obviously didn't celebrate enough)
Nice quiet evening preparing house for visitors tomorrow. They are sort of family so they shouldn'ty mind- I was taught - Those who mind, don't matter and theose More...
17/Jul/07 3:07 AM
With those spelling typos maybe I do have a hangover after all!!
17/Jul/07 3:09 AM
all! Here is the Guess the weight and date list as of today.
July 10 Gail/Cockatoo 8# 7oz
July 11 Jane, SSI, Ga 7#14oz
July 12 Sheila, Malibar, Fl. 7#7oz
Bluey, Port Kembla 7#11oz
Fiona, Fr 3.75kg (8.27#)
.dino, Sth Gippsland 8# 3oz.
17/Jul/07 3:14 AM
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