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Easy Sudoku for 17/August/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good to see you posting Rosemary. Too bad I'm not in your family, as I'd love to be one of your guests. Let me know when your having the dinner and I'll crash it!
17/Aug/08 9:58 AM
Greg, the answer is yes, I received my award for service in PNG.
17/Aug/08 10:21 AM
The dinner party of eight guests would be difficult from the language point of view. I assume there would be interpreters, but that would rather slow down and inhibit conversation.
Given that the communication was fluent it is then still difficult to choose. I think four of them would be my More...
17/Aug/08 10:33 AM
Heyello rosemary.
My dinner party would be very different. I'd get the 8 most corrupt, inept leaders of countries (I'd be happy to stand), tie them up and leave them there (but I get to leave). They wouldn't be leaving the room, not ever. I'm sure their discussions would be riveting, but for once nobody would have to listen. Hehe
17/Aug/08 10:33 AM
i would never try to offend cg!! remember i am a perfect little angel. (see vici's angel smily on pg. 3, i think)
rosemary, i had the same thought for a minute. but then i decided that it was only for one night and the next day my mom and i would have another dinner and tell the rest of my family everything that went on.
17/Aug/08 10:34 AM
ian, what is PNG?
17/Aug/08 10:37 AM
mariana, you mean WHERE is PNG hehe
17/Aug/08 10:39 AM
Rolanda, Say a big Happy Birthday to Robert.

22 what a wonderful age.
17/Aug/08 11:11 AM
Oh, busy morning - same as I'm having here at work. Will try and catch up later.
17/Aug/08 11:13 AM
I would like to add my tuppence-ha'penny worth to the discussion of why the site is changing. This site is organic...people come, people go..we all have lives that take precedence. It is incumbent upon US the present day posters to make the most of the opportunities offered by this site. Not all of More...
17/Aug/08 11:14 AM
THAT's GREAT IAN! What an achievement!
17/Aug/08 11:16 AM
17/Aug/08 11:18 AM
mariana, PNG is a country - Papua New Guinea - which lies to the north of Australia. See -
17/Aug/08 11:19 AM
Greg, thanks.
Mary, thanks
17/Aug/08 11:20 AM
"You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time" -- Abraham Lincoln

Geez! I must be a Libran lol I agree with some things people have expressed and do not agree with others about where the site has been and where it is More...
17/Aug/08 11:22 AM
I was just eating my vegemite on toast and having coffee with 'coffee mate' (discovered I like it while visiting USA :) and decided to pop back on here to remind the Aussie to watch Grant Hacket in his 1500m swim at Noon.
For those non Aussies not familiar with Grant I offer this site for a bit More...
17/Aug/08 11:42 AM
Just an interesting aside, but I don't think anyone included a current politician in their dinner party line-ups (I could be wrong, didn't actually go back and check)...several famous oldies and one 'to come'. Are they all so banal? Is that a rhetorical question?
17/Aug/08 11:51 AM
Jaz, I agree with your comment re the fun on Easy disappearing when the open discussion and debate pages were added, which is much what Kathy/Valrico said. For some of us the site just got too big to keep up with. The few bad apples who posted venomous anonymous posts led to Gath making the More...
17/Aug/08 11:52 AM
Good ones Jim and Greg...LOL
17/Aug/08 11:52 AM
Woody Allen...really? Would you keep the conversation light or would the big question be asked... Woody what were you thinking?
17/Aug/08 11:56 AM
I chose the Dalai Lama because he is a very humble and wise conversationalist; Winston Churchill because of his sharp wit and because he was an objective listener; Rousseau for his astute practical political principles; and Goethe for his immense intelligence and knowledge.
17/Aug/08 11:57 AM
I think it helps to give reasons for our invitations to our guests.
17/Aug/08 11:58 AM
I think they would appreciate my sushi and redcurrant and cream tarts (I hope). I'll need a Magnum and good brandy for WC; jasmine tea for DL. Red wine for Rousseau, and maybe Geithe would enjoy a really good liqueur malt whiskey. And, of course, chocolates all round.
17/Aug/08 12:03 PM
My dinner party is still up in the air, just don't know who to invite. I've considered some of the top political figures of the day, didn't even give it a thought to tie them up and keep them captive like Susan . Then of course there are the people in my life that being with gives me pleasure and I'm leaning toward them. I'll have to give this some more thought.
17/Aug/08 12:09 PM
I'm not a religious person, but I would invite God and the Devil, just to see what they'd have to say to each other, so, of course I'd be there too. If there was anything left of the place after the fireworks, I'd like to have Shakespeare, Picasso, Salvatore Dali, Bach, and Socrates. I think that would be an interesting mix.
17/Aug/08 12:14 PM
Oops, Salvadore Dali.
17/Aug/08 12:19 PM
The open discussion and debate pages is just what the #$%* stirrers deserved. At first they enthusiastically went there but soon discovered it wasn't as much fun without an audience to annoy and offend. Those areas are still there and available for all you folks that miss that kind of stuff. Go there and annoy each other to your heart's content.
17/Aug/08 12:24 PM

1. The original point and click interface was a Smith & Wesson.
2. I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.
3. Some people are alive only because it's illegal to kill them.
4. I used to have a handle on life, but it More...
17/Aug/08 12:43 PM
OK - here's my revised dinner list:
17/Aug/08 12:46 PM
CG - about your clever, canoe sabatore!
17/Aug/08 12:48 PM
Mary/Bibra Lake WA: I included Condoleezza Rice at my table. She's Secretary of State. I wish she'd run for President.
17/Aug/08 1:04 PM
Dorthea - that was super and deserved all my laugh smilies!
17/Aug/08 1:05 PM
The Packers are getting spanked by the 49er's. Ugh. 3-17. Not good. Thankfully it's Preseason.
17/Aug/08 1:05 PM
Believe me, Angie - I seriously doubt the niners will beat GB in regular season. I'm from the SF bay area, but have always enjoyed GB football!
17/Aug/08 1:08 PM
I need some help from my sudoku friends. I am looking for a book that I read many years ago. I remember the main story line, but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the author or the title. Does anyone know of a website where I can input all the stuff I DO know and possibly get an answer?
17/Aug/08 1:27 PM
I think you're on the right website right now Angie. My bet is that someone here will know it, but it won't be me! you might have to repost the details tomorrow too, or maybe on SA5.
17/Aug/08 1:32 PM
Shoulda kept Favre, Angie ........
17/Aug/08 1:33 PM
Hello all...Its late, but I found Mo's dinner party list intriguing....I think I'd enjoy sitting around a table with Jesus, Mandela,Gandhi, M.L.King,L.B.Johnson....this group's take on peace, human and civil rights from the beginning to a point where hope became a possibility for many would be More...
17/Aug/08 1:36 PM
Sorry, Angie, missed her . Re the book... give us the details...someone should know
17/Aug/08 1:47 PM
I'm going for it!
17/Aug/08 1:57 PM
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