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Easy Sudoku for 17/August/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Regardless of what CG says, I still have fun - WHEEEEEE!
17/Aug/08 1:58 PM
..and you do it with such style, shosho! Ok, back to work for me now.
17/Aug/08 2:01 PM
Now that you have me thinking of dinner guest, can you imagine the conversation of possibilities between Einstein, Da Vinci, Crichton, Asimov, Archimedes, Edison, and Steve Job. All like to take an idea and stretch to possibilities outside the box. My favorite science fiction writers are those who do their homework and take what is already possible and logically take it to the next level!
17/Aug/08 2:32 PM
So serious! My dinner party would be fun, fun, fun. John Cleese, Peter Sellers, Peter Ustinov, Sascha Whathisname who is Borat, Simon, my deaf S-I-L who is an amazingly funny mimer, my pal Gill, and Moi of course. Bit of a gender imbalance I know, but so what.
17/Aug/08 2:39 PM
to you all.
17/Aug/08 2:43 PM
I reckon they would have dubbed Ian - Sir Ian of Camera lots!
17/Aug/08 2:45 PM
Ian! Yea!
17/Aug/08 2:49 PM
Keith, so what do we do? Remove all stirrers from the mainstream? Put them in the naughty corner?
BTW I got some great pics of statues while in your country - I will spend some time resizing and posting on my page in the not too distant future - I need to get off this soapbox first though
17/Aug/08 2:54 PM
Fiona, I don't know if you'll see my comment, but I agree with your earlier post today. I posted last week about my grandson having his 4th birthday, hoping for some birthday wishes for him and didn't receive even one comment.
17/Aug/08 2:56 PM
Here Jaz, climb off this one!
17/Aug/08 2:56 PM
Linda, sorry, that must have been one of the few days I didn't read the posts. You know I usually do go to personal pages with birthday greetings for members and their family.
Please accept my apologies.
17/Aug/08 2:58 PM
Gail I like that. Wasn't Camera lot where King Arthur sat his Knights at the round table. It was probably different that Government House but we could get a round table for Sir Ian. What an Honour for you Ian to have the Order of Australia. Would you like to come to my dinner party... I'm having many of those already invited and will add Piere Trudeau and... Red Skelton.
17/Aug/08 2:59 PM
Mo, this is a great subject to 'chew' on, and like many others, it will take me some time to work out my guest list.
I do know for a fact, that I will be running around like a headless chook, panicking that everything is just so...and the kitchen will be off bounds because it will be declared a disaster zone, I am such a messy cook!!!
17/Aug/08 3:01 PM
Cheryl, you took the words out of my head! So far, most of the names I have considered for the dinner party have been 'frinds' I have 'met' on this site.
17/Aug/08 3:03 PM
Hello all - just the day I have to tend to a sick husband (aren't men awful when they're sick?) and Easy page has been the most interesting it's been in a long time!
17/Aug/08 3:10 PM
Jaz - thanks for the trivia about the carp and the passionfruit vine. Interesting.
Greg - loved the British cowboy joke!
Ian - Imagine having our own AO on site. Congrats!
17/Aug/08 3:12 PM
Fiona - in answer to your Pope question from yesterday. I did see Pope JP in the late eighties when he was visiting Australia. His motorcade came past the gates of the Company I worked for. We walked up to the gate and waved. Seen the Queen often because when we were at school and she came to More...
17/Aug/08 3:18 PM
2.03 The passion flower. Such an evocative image. Brings back memories of a looong time ago.
17/Aug/08 3:23 PM
Wow what an interesting discussion page for a Sunday!
Will get back to the dinner party later ... although my first thought Jane was Rayray..he'll be busy...[not only is he a good cook as we know and I might be able to talk him into helping if I give him a key to the spare room].. I thought his More...
17/Aug/08 3:24 PM
Jaz...couldn't agree with you more.
Ian... wow... have been to a cocktail party at Government House [Melbourne]with many of the worlds current great garden designers/landscapers. A truly wonderful place to mingle...not quite your Knights dinner but enjoyable all the same.
17/Aug/08 3:28 PM
Onya Ian! Getting an Order of Australia is not to be sneezed at and must be earned and deserved. So far we have an AO and a PLS (We mustn't forget RayRay, our Poet Laureate of Sudokoland). Who knows what else may lurk?
CynB - You're right, the site is showing promise today.
17/Aug/08 3:30 PM
Good one Dorothea! My personal favorite...#28!
17/Aug/08 3:32 PM
G Mo's dinner party - Let's see
1. George Harrison (always loved him best)
2. J K Rowling (I know I'm grown up but I love Harry Potter)
3. Charles Dickens (Had to study his books at school but only appreciated them as I grew older)
4. Bill Clinton (sorry, people, I'd be his More...
17/Aug/08 3:33 PM
For the dinner party, I did think of naming 8 of my fellow sudokuists but I really couln't narrow it down to 8 people, or 80. What we need is a massive banquet!!
17/Aug/08 3:37 PM
Haven't met the Pope... wasn't rostered on the day he visited my workplace and the security was unbelievable... made it unfeasible.
Haven't actually met the Dalai Lama but have been in our Rod laver Arena when he was having a public meeting. Lachie was a baby and I don't remember much of what he More...
17/Aug/08 3:38 PM
Oh! CynB your #4 just made me splutter my coffee all over the place ROTFL, CSL (do you realise what you have said? LOL
And yes, you are right about Gough - I am an Aussie who loves him :)
17/Aug/08 3:41 PM
there are so many dinner party's happening that I want to gate crash.... I'll start with you CynB if Billy doesn't come to mine... wouldn't mind asking Harold Holt to ask him exactly what did happen to him on Cheviot Beach!!!!!!
17/Aug/08 3:43 PM
I'd like to add to my dinner party Terry Fox and how about Michael Phelps... Oh he's still alive... okay...
but How About that Michael Phelps... congrats USA the swimming has been soooo exciting... the Aussies are excellent as well... I sure am enjoying this and the gymnastics... great stuff... More...
17/Aug/08 3:44 PM
CynB... that is why I didn't name any fellow sudokuists.... how could you narrow it down to 8... there are so many I would love to meet.
Gough is a wonderful choice.... I do agree... you love him / hate him.
17/Aug/08 3:48 PM
Hi Sunday Sudokuists, I must correct an impression that seems to have emerged, my decoration is not an AO, I am merely a humble Member of the Order of Australia (AM).
17/Aug/08 3:54 PM
Remember Jaz - I am of a similar age to Bill. I can see exactly what the ladies see in him. I think he's gorgeous. Not being an American it's not up to me to judge him as a President. But I'd love to meet him!
17/Aug/08 3:57 PM
Thanks Ian however you are not a Merely - Its still great and we love it...
17/Aug/08 3:59 PM
Whatever your decoration, Ian, we are still impressed. You don't get them by sitting on your backside doing nothing! Bravo!
17/Aug/08 4:00 PM
Dang Bean! I was going to ask Harold Holt too...love a good conspiracy theory. Other names along that line are-
Neil Armstrong...well, did they?
JFK-does he know yet who and why?
Marilyn Monroe for the same reason.
A dinosaur! I want to know why they are not here anymore. (female, for More...
17/Aug/08 4:04 PM
Oops, just realised, when I mentioned the Forum and debate pages, was including the SA pages in that. Back to work again
17/Aug/08 4:05 PM
I didn't leave any room at my dinner party table for hubby or myself. We'll just serve them and listen, as long as we can ask questions. (Bill, what's your mobile number? George - it was me you were singing to in Brisbane in 1964, wasn't it?)
17/Aug/08 4:10 PM
CynB, I debated Bill, before I chose Jimmy. My brother wondered why I chose Jimmy. I think he is an intelligent, unassuming man who is a great diplomat and very understated. I think Bill is smart...and hot!
17/Aug/08 4:18 PM
bill clinton...eeeeewww!!!! yes!!! on phelps. he's a good kid as well as a great swimmer so i am thrilled for him and usa swimming. and a big HOLY COW on usain bolt. that was mind boggling! my son is a sprinter and we sat there amazed together.
ian, the the only thing i am a memeber of is More...
17/Aug/08 4:23 PM
CynB: I was not thinking of Bill Clinton's reputation as a President ROTFL Uh! Oh! I reckon I may be ostracised to the 'Open discussion and debate page' naughty Jaz lol
17/Aug/08 4:27 PM
Nor was I Jaz when I said I'd be his groupie!
17/Aug/08 4:30 PM
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