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Easy Sudoku for 17/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Sorry, I have to go for now. My husband says I am spending too much time on the computer. I think he is jealous.
Uh-oh - nearing CP status for the day. Bring on the artillery, I have to get to grading papers pretty quickly. I can take it out on the kids.
The All Ireland Gaelic Football final between the counties Mayo and Kerry starts at 1/2 h past changeover time tomorrow. Its being broadcast live to over 60 Countries worldwide. Catch if you want to see one of our national sports.
The weather for the day will be sunny, around 19/65, with light More...
Too slow. Should I try again? Just kidding. JUST MOM - my wife is glad I am on the computer right now - keeps me from bothering her and my m-i-l.
CORKY - would love to see the football game - but it won't be on my set of 12 channels. Tell us about it when it is over.
Listening to sports radio today, the feeling was that 'you guys' over there are the favorites in the Ryder Cup.
Thanks Corky! What county are you supporting?
Conferences are Oct. 10 & 11? Grades close sometime before then. I was also gone for 10 days..that seems to make a difference.
Sorry about the football player and the other young person who was killed. That makes such an impact on the students...and the teachers.
Jamie, Glad to see you here, and really saddened by the events at your school. It is difficult for all, and hard to be apart of that. How is your MIL? Healing well I hope. I enjoy your comments and miss you while you are away, but know how hard it is to work and play! Take care my friend. Hope you reach Ed, and are able to share a photo or two, as we reach out and touch in our own way! Peace!
DEB FROM BRISBANE: Sorry for the delay in answering your question, but I had to go out for a while. Before I composed my poem this morning, I picked and read random dates from the archives, just to see what the site was like in the past. (Very much like today!) I took a few minutes just now to More...
Jaime: I'm the one that types too slow. I didn't realize you replied to my post. You must be like my husband. He has a sexy grey beard, and his reddish-brown hair that is getting thin on top. It doesn't slow him down any! He getting rather insistant that I log off now. I hope to talk to you later.
Bye MOM!!
Corky: You'll have a tough go with Woods, Mickelson and the other Yanks there, but with Harrington, Woosnam, Montgomerie and others, we should see Europe will give a good at it and have a great chance of winning again. Best of luck!
Kathy and Judy, You of uncertainly in your teams ability, are being given a wonderful gift. UofM is beating N.D, and I'm so so happy...Go Blue! Judy, You are a poet, and show it, even if you don't know it! Kathy, Your pet diaries reminded me of many on this site. It seems we humans replicate the More...
MAMA - thanks for everything! SARAH - it really sounds to me like things may work out. All you have to do is stay home, make sure your son works with your husband, get him to turn everything in, make him see that math is really exciting, and it should be fine. hmm
Keep me posted and I am sure More...
KIM, It was so interesting learning the origin of your nickname..It is very fitting> I love your zany comments, and miss you when you are not around. You go girl.
Just read through the posts referring to artificial cattle have none of you Aussies been to Rockhampton, QLD - every roundabout, spare field or any empty bit of land has one planted in it. Every one different. Didn't pay attention when we arrived but after seeing one on nearly every street corner thought - are they trying to tell us this is cattle country?
Pretty neutral as to who wins football, having no allegiance to either County. But Mayo hasn’t won it for 45 years and are the underdogs. Just hoping for a good close game.
But of coarse I’ll be supporting Europe in the Ryder Cup. First time Europe have been favourites to win.
Just Mom from Houston...Did somebody say something about not wanting to be grey here or are you just generalising? I, for one, think if women have grey hair...great...it's a lot better than the blue rinse (purple in some cases) that was the go for a while. Men with grey hair or dark with a More...
just mom, I went to look at the Houston Cows and the Seabrook Pelicans. Both were very well done and a lot of fun. Thanks.

jamie, I was pleased to see that you had a Maggie too. ~ I remember very difficult times at my school when a student died. It would bring the whole school down for some More...
KEITH, you are right on both counts - it does make things seem different for a while, but it really does pull a lot of groups together that usually wouldn't communicate/associate with each other. It is a really tough 'life lesson' for many teenagers (and teachers, too).
I left my hair to it's own devices last year after 20 years of colour. I am now totally grey and 90% of people have said they prefer it. It certainly is in better condition and saves me a fortune. Which goes some way to paying for the new clothes in different colours which suit me better with this 'new' hair
to just mom
nothing is wrong about having grey hair or artificial it is the persons choice but having grey hair from dyeing it black when you are blonde at the age of dye discovery in my 20's was a complete shock i haven't dyed my hair in 17 years and the blonde and grey blend well. i know h*ll well as i have two kids both boys and are frequently trying to cause me a heart attack.
Ah yes...Beth said she had a bad experience with a colour that ended up grey so she looked like her Mum for a month. Sorry Just Mom. I wonder if Beth didn't like the grey or if she just didn't want to look like her Mum.....lol
Off to a social event - not my cup of tea, but one of those things you have to do. Pulling for UM against ND, and hope to watch my Aggies on TV tonight while grading papers at school (I don't get ESPN at home).
Are we headed for 10 pages again today?!
Chose the wrong course from the spell checker! drat!!!
Dogs, dogs, dogs!
Thanks Judy...Went back and had a look at the dates you mentioned. All jokes and one very long one that didn't fit in to the space provided at the time. Can't be classed as a CPer though. Back in March Gath only had a limited amount of space for us to write in so when you needed to write something More...
and most of it about 'nothing'.
Anne/Vermont: I wish I knew how to have the welcomed mix of folks that were here, who no longer post. Why did they stop? Have most of them said? Only they can say, but I don't think the blame can be laid at the feet of those of us who are Cp'ers. Sometimes no one else is around, and one becomes a More...

The entire discussion about 5 posts in a row is a convenient and deliberate distraction. At issue is the practice of taking up an enormous amount of bandwidth, otherwise known as being a bandwidth hog. Of course, anyone who doesn't like this post should just scroll over it.

Of course.
Maybe I should have read the post to see if I wanted to skip over it or comment. Sorry for the sarcasm - I get carried away when I am released from the school house for the weekend.
Certainly beats grading the papers I should be looking at.
Looks like I could CP while taking up bandwidth.
Ian: What's the weather like in Boston? Dreary, cloudy, unsettled and dismal? Gosh....I'm sorry....didn't mean to reflect any of those weather patterns to yuor comments. Hope you get better soon, and you can save bandwidth by not posting dreary, cloudy, unsettled and dismal comments on this site my friend. Cheers!
Am I here all alone? Just left to look at football scores - saw the 4th Q MU-ND score. WOW! A couple of happy ladies from the site right now.
hi this is franklin i need to know what the biggest river in australia is for my homework. can someone help me
KATHY, MARILYN, JEANNETTE, KAREN, LEN: Are you celebrating?? #11 Michigan 47 - # 2 Notre Dame 21!! Hail to the Victors! Go Blue! Hot dang!
Congrats, ladies. What a shocker.
franklin, it is the murray river
Thanks for cheering with us, Mamacita and Jamie! Will wonders never cease?
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