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Easy Sudoku for 18/January/2019


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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning all!
We have sun too!
18/Jan/19 12:30 AM
We also will have sun today but this weekend there is coming an arctic blast.
18/Jan/19 12:38 AM
2:10. God Morning Joyce, Wolf and all who follow. We're in Santa Barbara in what seems to be a roaring monsoon! A perpetual drought can get so wet, sometimes.
18/Jan/19 12:59 AM
*Good (just discovered there's no 'edit' button for our comments. Will have to be more careful, next time).
18/Jan/19 1:02 AM
all. Sunny but cold here. 41F, 5C.
18/Jan/19 1:58 AM
Everybody!! Wet here, heavy rain, several inches. Several feet of snow in the Sierras. Worst of storm is over.
18/Jan/19 2:33 AM
'Rain, rain, go away...'
18/Jan/19 3:01 AM
Most of you are talking about the heavy rains in California. The rain is needed, but not all at once. We're getting ready for our first really bad snow storm of the season this weekend. Stay safe, warm and dry, everybody!
18/Jan/19 3:22 AM
Getting ready to enjoy a rainy weekend on the Sunshine Coast.
18/Jan/19 3:34 AM
You're right, Dottie R, we've been getting flash flood alerts constantly! I thought if we could get garden shops and hardware stores (with a garden shop inside) to sell potted indigenous trees for Christmas, people could decorate them and after the holidays, we could More...
18/Jan/19 3:57 AM
Did it work, Shosho?
18/Jan/19 4:10 AM
Morning all. Yup, rainy and blustery here too.
18/Jan/19 4:28 AM
Silly me - I've never even considered imagining summer in Reykjavik - but of course they have one!
18/Jan/19 5:06 AM
Morning all,I'm sure as we get older the extreme heat or cold affects us more than when were young. Expected temperature for today is 37C.
18/Jan/19 5:12 AM
Susan,kiwi John and Serban.
18/Jan/19 5:14 AM
Enjoying looking after Summer,she is such a happy little person. Makes feel like life is worth living again.
18/Jan/19 5:23 AM
Not sunny today.
Hope your day is!
18/Jan/19 5:54 AM
Looks like a fun place!
18/Jan/19 5:58 AM
18/Jan/19 6:22 AM
🙋🏼good mAen⛄️☁️🚶‍♀️went walking though Morton arboretum this morning to see the trolls 👹 - they had a Summer Event - this year was trolls. They are staying up until they are no more. Nice day to hike in the snow.
18/Jan/19 7:14 AM
Should I ? Nah...
18/Jan/19 7:25 AM
Yea, but I will. Thx again.
18/Jan/19 8:06 AM
I too, Joyce, dont think of summer in Reykjavik.
Wonder what the temperature range is.
18/Jan/19 8:07 AM
Everyone! I'll bet it's nicer than here stomp
18/Jan/19 8:31 AM
Except for the cold bit.
18/Jan/19 8:48 AM
It's 18*C here, Rage on it's way to 25*C. Got down to about 12*C last night - so they say anyway. I was sleeping.
18/Jan/19 10:12 AM
I see that DoA waited for Keith today.

I would've too.
18/Jan/19 10:15 AM
Off to cook a thousand snags - gotta feed the hungry tradies. Cya!
18/Jan/19 10:17 AM
Courtesy Google:
June, July and August are the 'official summer months' but May and September can also be very nice. However, the average temperature in Iceland during summer is only 10°C (50 Fahrenheit) and the absolute warmest it gets is 20°C (68 F).
18/Jan/19 1:11 PM
So... those folks in short sleeves are a hardy bunch, if it truly never gets warmer than that.
18/Jan/19 1:12 PM
I checked that out too, Sarah - I figured it mst hae been a heat wave that day; or they were all young people who (if you recall when we were that age) celebrate everyday in shorts & short-sleeved shirts; or maybe when it's always c-c-cold; a little sun & warmth triggers that summertime clothing!

...oh, to be young again when one's blood moves faster, requiring less clothing!!

18/Jan/19 3:41 PM
Where are you Peter?
18/Jan/19 4:37 PM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it enjoying the sunshine
Matter of fact I got it now
An ice cold VB... AHHH

Money on the bar everyone enjoy
18/Jan/19 4:41 PM
1:42. Good afternoon everyone.
18/Jan/19 6:01 PM
Thx, Rage !! I believe I'll have a double 'Canadian' & tonic w/ a squeeze of lime...

That may soothe my sore throat...

18/Jan/19 6:20 PM
Perhaps after a few more, I won't feel my throat...
18/Jan/19 6:32 PM
Just now on the radio: Record hot temperature reached in Australia!! I bet that's a record no one wants to beat.
18/Jan/19 6:33 PM
Come on y'all, only 4 more for a new page.
18/Jan/19 6:34 PM
South Australia's Port Augusta hit a scorching 48.5 degrees Celsius (119 F) on Tuesday, the highest since records began in 1962,... The town of Tarcoola in South Australia reached a sweltering 49 C (120 F).2 days ago
Australia heat wave: Warning issued as temperatures hit record highs ...
18/Jan/19 6:35 PM
Of course, there are places in the US that reach such temperatures routinely, not to mention hotter places on or near the equator...
18/Jan/19 6:37 PM
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