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Easy Sudoku for 18/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello page 3.
18/Feb/13 4:18 PM
Is not a lush.
18/Feb/13 4:25 PM
Hello Karen. Glad to hear MIL has improved. Is she on Blood Pressure medication at all?
18/Feb/13 4:26 PM
Yes, Vivacious, she was on a mild BP med, which I think, at her appointment tomorrow, she should get her medication re-evaluated. Then the suggestion of therapy should be given. But that is just my opinion and you know how people listen to me.
18/Feb/13 4:29 PM

Kathy, in answer to your question about 'Ocker' it originally comes from a cartoon strip called 'Ginger Meggs' His mate was Ocker (Oscar) The name was picked up by a character in the 'Mavis Bramston Show'(a '70's Aussie Skit Show). I doubt that either were seen outside Aus. The character is a laugh at ourselves, a bit like Homer Simpson is to Americans.
18/Feb/13 4:36 PM
Good night people of the world.
Thank you for your good thoughts for my MIL.
18/Feb/13 4:36 PM
Good afternoon.
18/Feb/13 4:39 PM
Karen, I have been battling High BP for quite some time. The Med's don't agree with me. At my Doctors suggestion, I have bought my own BP monitor. (the type that goes around the upper arm, definitely NOT the wrist version) They are readily available on eBay. I checked mine against the Doctors to make sure it was accurate. At least now I know when I have a BP problem.
18/Feb/13 4:46 PM

Yep Midge 100% correct.
18/Feb/13 5:36 PM
I've had BP and cholesterol issues for years. I try to control it with diet and exercise, but haven't been very good at either. I don't want my Dr. to increase the meds, but may have to agree with that soon. Sigh. If I could drop weight, I wouldn't have to, but ...

18/Feb/13 5:39 PM
Same here Keith, I am on a cholesterol tablet and 3 BP tablets. I have lost 10kl but made no difference to the blood pressure, still on the tablets and have been for a long time.
18/Feb/13 7:27 PM
Ooops just realised Keith has gone bye byes.
18/Feb/13 7:32 PM
Oh well am used to talking to myself.
Now to try the HARD.
18/Feb/13 7:32 PM

Dont think I can wait til midnight to see the changeover, so its goodnight or good morning to one and all...
18/Feb/13 10:02 PM
Nighty nites Lizzie.
18/Feb/13 11:03 PM
18/Feb/13 11:59 PM
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