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Easy Sudoku for 18/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people!
18/Mar/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
18/Mar/10 12:00 AM
Top O' the Mornin'!
(I LOVE these two-day holidays!) “May you always have...
Walls for the winds, A roof for the rain
Tea beside the fire, Laughter to cheer you
Those you love near you
And all your heart might desire.”
18/Mar/10 12:02 AM
And top o the mornin to you.
18/Mar/10 12:11 AM
Good Morning!
18/Mar/10 12:18 AM
How did that foreigner get mixed in with all of those Michiganders??
18/Mar/10 12:22 AM
18/Mar/10 12:24 AM
Judy, you should know that anyone who enjoys Me-shennanigans is welcome here today.
18/Mar/10 12:25 AM
Happy St. PAtty's Day!! Wearin' greeen?
18/Mar/10 12:25 AM
My underware is green, HA HA
18/Mar/10 12:34 AM
A little laundry detergent will take care of that, John ...
18/Mar/10 12:41 AM
18/Mar/10 12:45 AM
Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone on this side of the world! Have a great day everyone!
18/Mar/10 12:47 AM
jUDY, your comment to John, I nearly choked on my coffee...
18/Mar/10 12:50 AM
See ya later... Need to go look in my closet for something green to wear!
(But it won't be my undies, John! ...Judy makes fun!)
18/Mar/10 12:51 AM
Jerry's here! I WAS leaving, but ...have to beg a cup of coffee first. Or did you spill it all?
18/Mar/10 12:55 AM
If you're not wearing visible green, Judy will pinch you. If you're wearing green underwear, Judy will pinch you harder.
18/Mar/10 12:55 AM
... and I reserve the best pinch for nuttin' at all!
18/Mar/10 1:00 AM
A repeat, but I like it.


Paddy Murphy was sent on his way to Heaven.
Upon his arrival, a concerned St Peter met Paddy at the Pearly Gates.
'I'm sorry Paddy' St Peter said; 'But Heaven is suffering from an overload of goodly souls and we have been forced to put More...
18/Mar/10 1:01 AM
'Only 12?' exclaimed St Peter, 'How did you arrive at that figure Paddy?'
'Easy' said Paddy, 'there's the second of January, the second of February right through to the second of December, giving a total of twelve seconds.'
St Peter looked at Paddy and said, “I need some time to consider your More...
18/Mar/10 1:01 AM
Shiela, Tis a favor ya do us. Your timing was perfect. Ya just got the last cup from a day old pot...
18/Mar/10 1:04 AM
18/Mar/10 1:04 AM
Coffee, corned beef and cabbage today.
18/Mar/10 1:04 AM
First time in quite a while...
18/Mar/10 1:06 AM
Day old, Jerry???
Think I'll have to look for some 'Irish Cream' for the coffee...
18/Mar/10 1:11 AM
Looks like you have the 'Luck O' the Irish' today, Jerry!
18/Mar/10 1:12 AM
Now... off to my closet for something green!
18/Mar/10 1:13 AM
Poor sleep last night. NO! It was not too much Baileys, Jameson Irish Whiskey, or any other such brew. (Maybe that was the problem.)
18/Mar/10 1:13 AM
Shiela, The coffee may be old, but you got a clean cup and a little "sweetner"...
18/Mar/10 1:15 AM
Fresh Pot Help Yourselves.
18/Mar/10 1:37 AM
Top O' The Mornin', everyone!

Why should you never iron a 4-leaf clover? You don't want to press your luck.

Fill it up, Jerry!
18/Mar/10 1:38 AM
3:10 Good evening all! Very slow time tonight, must be all that badminton I've been playing this evening. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all in the Northern Hemisphere!
18/Mar/10 1:40 AM
In the spirit of the day, I am re-posting the "Irish Quiz". Several people have had fun looking up the answers...I shall find an appropriate prize for those who give it a try

Ireland and the Irish

1) Other than More...

Ireland where is Gaelic spoken More...
18/Mar/10 1:46 AM
I enjoyed Kathy's open book Irish quiz. Thanks, Kathy. I feel better prepared for outsmarting a leprechaun now.
18/Mar/10 1:49 AM
Forgot to delete...
1. Other than Ireland, where is Gaelic spoken today?
18/Mar/10 1:52 AM
Shiela, good luck finding something green. I had to really search for a green anything to wear.
18/Mar/10 1:55 AM
Green is not my color, makes me look green.
18/Mar/10 1:55 AM
What colors do you usually wear, Sue?
18/Mar/10 1:56 AM
Rather I should ask what colors do you prefer to wear?
18/Mar/10 1:59 AM
I can wear bluish greens (tea, spruce, seafoam) and cool grayish green (sage). But not kelly and no yellowish greens.
18/Mar/10 2:01 AM
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