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Easy Sudoku for 18/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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18/Sep/15 12:01 AM
Good morning to all!
18/Sep/15 12:02 AM
Thought I had beat you Hal. Good one!
18/Sep/15 12:02 AM
That is so posed that it makes me wonder if he knows how to play.
18/Sep/15 12:05 AM
This style of teaser is to use the clues given to find two words that rhyme and fit the description. For example, 'a weird ape' would be 'a funky monkey,' or 'a wealthy Halloween gal' would be 'a rich witch.'

1. a waxy doorknob
2. a rose's strength
3. a light meal's vengeance
4. a unique duo
5. a big rock group

Answers to my ‘’rhyming’’ inbox please.
18/Sep/15 12:05 AM
I'd stay and chat but I have lots to do today.
18/Sep/15 12:06 AM
I am off to a doctor's appointment in a few minutes, so, quickly.....
The answers to yesterday's poozle:
1. comic
2. widow
3. tenet
4. render
5. label
6. falloff
7. ceramic
8. thwart
9. More...
18/Sep/15 12:12 AM
18/Sep/15 1:04 AM
Oh excuse me. Where are my manners?
18/Sep/15 1:05 AM
Darn! I did try Kathy's poozle but couldn't get number 6 and 11 so I thought I'd wait until evening to figure them out. Forgot! But am gratified that I did get the rest correct! Even have the list in front of me!
18/Sep/15 1:07 AM
Slow here today. I guess everyone went to Keith's birthday party. Happy birthday Keith!
18/Sep/15 1:47 AM

to Keith on his topside b-day. Enjoy!
18/Sep/15 1:49 AM
Happy Happy Day, Keith! - Surely hope you have more exciting events happenin' than waiting for '22' ...but then again - That just might make your day. Whatever does, hope you find it today!
18/Sep/15 2:07 AM
...and good afternoon all!
18/Sep/15 2:08 AM
Thx for the birthday wishes. Even though it's one of the big ones (with a 0 at the end), I'm trying as best I can to keep it low key ... something along the lines of if I ignore it, maybe I won't get any older. Think it'll work?
18/Sep/15 2:21 AM

Didnt work for me
18/Sep/15 2:33 AM

fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
18/Sep/15 2:35 AM

Mentally, I have to remind myself I am as old as I am....easier said than done sometimes.
18/Sep/15 2:36 AM
hope you enjoy whats left of your birthday Keith whatever you are doing low key or otherwise.....
18/Sep/15 2:37 AM

You can come back now Keith, only a few more gallumps to go....
18/Sep/15 2:38 AM
Hi Lizzy. Thx.
18/Sep/15 2:39 AM
18/Sep/15 2:39 AM
right on queue!!
18/Sep/15 2:40 AM
Keith. Remember you're only as old as you feel, so make sure to feel young!
18/Sep/15 2:50 AM
I have returned from the doc's. It seems I have ''tennis elbow''. I think a more accurate diagnosis would be, ''Excessive game playing on her tablet elbow'', but, I won't quibble.
Next up will be 21 days of exercising with a soup can (I don't have a 1 lb. weight) followed by icing, 3 times a day.
18/Sep/15 3:27 AM
Great advice, jacalmi!
I've seen old young people and young old people.
It totally is all in the attitude!
18/Sep/15 3:31 AM
Happy Birthday, Keith!
18/Sep/15 4:22 AM
Keith, I find the trick is to only admit to the first 29 years and Mom refuses to be older than 39! Mom and Dad stay very active (Dad turns 81 in a month and a half). Mom volunteers at the local senior center and runs activities for seniors that are 10-15 years YOUNGER than she is.
18/Sep/15 5:09 AM
Kathy, sorry to hear about your 'Excessive game playing on your tablet elbow' but I fail to see how putting icing on it will help...the icing goes on the CAKE! Is it an 'elbow' cake?
18/Sep/15 5:21 AM
Lizzy G, stop trying to make yourself older! I find 29 is a good age!
18/Sep/15 5:23 AM
29 works for me.
18/Sep/15 6:11 AM
1:31. Good morning everyone.
18/Sep/15 6:35 AM
everyone, just back from Arkansas. Had a great time with the 4 year old.
18/Sep/15 6:49 AM
Holding off on unpacking the car, I don't want to see Mt laundry just yet.
18/Sep/15 6:51 AM
Good morning everyone.
18/Sep/15 7:43 AM
What's this Keith? Are you admitting that your ''Forever Young''?
18/Sep/15 7:44 AM
I had tennis elbow a few years ago. thought it had gone, until I had to use crutches for my knee replacement. I stopped using the offending crutch and got ticked off by a crabby physiotherapist. He fixed it in 1 session and haven't had a sign of it since! but it did take a long time to fix it the first time. Do your exercises Kathy and have patience!
18/Sep/15 7:47 AM
Good morning everyone... site is quiet today if I'm posting on page 1!
Didn't know you had a bionic knee Sacky.. we really do need to talk.. not sure what I will need first.. hip or knee... the joys of wear and tear on the joints making itself felt...
18/Sep/15 8:21 AM
Morning all, he might be trying to strum up some work.
18/Sep/15 8:31 AM
18/Sep/15 8:31 AM
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