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Easy Sudoku for 19/November/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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My Turn!
19/Nov/12 8:21 AM
19/Nov/12 8:21 AM
19/Nov/12 8:22 AM
Time to go.
19/Nov/12 8:22 AM
Can we still be friends?
19/Nov/12 8:22 AM
Of course. It was a tongue in cheek comment.
19/Nov/12 9:00 AM
2:45 A really sloooow time! Morning All.
19/Nov/12 9:01 AM
Hello everyone!!!
19/Nov/12 9:03 AM
And a g'day to you Kate.
19/Nov/12 9:25 AM
And it's bounced back to you, HalT! Enjoy your day!
19/Nov/12 9:29 AM
I chocolate chip cookies, Serena. Next time I'm in VT, I shall stop by for one or two.
Or a dozen or so.
19/Nov/12 9:30 AM
Thanks Kate. But it's getting dark here. My day is about over.
However, still 4-5 hours until bedtime.
19/Nov/12 9:33 AM
2:20 Good morning one and all!

Babysitting the youngest grandson this morning. Usually means crawling around on the floor playing with dinky cars.
19/Nov/12 12:07 PM
Just a few more from the Michael Caine's Treasury of Trivia.
4.Queen termites live up to 50 years - and lay one egg each second in that time.
5.Sea bass are female until their fifth year, when many of them change and become male.
6.Kangaroos are excellent swimmers.Not long ago, one of them More...
19/Nov/12 12:19 PM
HI Sacky,
Loved your pun on the napkin jigsaw.
Do you think Kate was trying to send you a message ?
19/Nov/12 12:32 PM
Its possible, Ykm. Funny thing is I was going so well with my lessons that a few weeks ago Ihad set a goal to gain my bronze medallion, so then I could rescue myself. That's on hold at the moment cos the physio says no backstroke. So now I'm reliant on a less than enthusiastic life guard I supppose!
19/Nov/12 12:51 PM
It's all good though, just an annoying hiccup I hope!
19/Nov/12 12:53 PM
Everyone. I hope you're all enjoying your day. I'm still full from my dinner that I finished 3 hours ago. Made Stifado which is a Greek stew - yummy!
19/Nov/12 1:39 PM
Shosho - 23 people for Thanksgiving! That's a lot of people to have, but always fun. I hope others are helping with the side dishes, etc.
19/Nov/12 1:40 PM
100 for me!
19/Nov/12 1:55 PM
Oh, Dottie, Shosho is having a small gathering. Our celebration yesterday, which was mainly only the cousins and their spouses and children, One uncle, 4 aunts and a few strays, over 60 people. I think we were missing about 20 family members. We only had two, that are arch enemies, at the moment More...
19/Nov/12 2:10 PM
Man and I had a great day today. A nice lunch, where we were not constantly picking stuff up off the floor or taking one child or another to the restroom and we got to eat our food while it was hot.
Then we were let loose in a toy store, it was so much fun. Though Man did get into a habit of More...
19/Nov/12 2:13 PM
I am learning I miss toys that you just open up and play with. For Thing II, we purchased the TAG reading system, which you need to upload and download. I am so happy I was smart enough to open the package tonight and not wait till Christmas. I have the reader uploaded, but cannot figure out to upload the books we purchased. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.
19/Nov/12 2:16 PM
One of my former step-sisters is planning to bring back the celebration of St. Nick, to her family, which has brought back some wonder childhood memories, but we all just have child memories, and don't know all the traditions. She has looked it up, but does not recall a bunch of the stuff the site mentions. Again, you OZ people or German people, any suggestions?
19/Nov/12 2:18 PM
Can't help you Karen, but it sounds like fun!! I hope someone can fill in the gaps for you!
19/Nov/12 2:41 PM
Came back to pay some bills, but couldn't help stopping here first - guess I'd better pay those bills! How boring!
19/Nov/12 2:42 PM
Karen - That was a big gathering. I'm glad they left their fighting words at home for the day! Was this held at someone's home or a banquet hall? It must be wonderful to have so much family around. I only have a brother and nephew (who's like my son) in the area. My other brother and his wife, kids and grandkids are all in Houston.
19/Nov/12 2:46 PM
Now that I think back, we had a larger group when my grandparents were alive. I'm 1 of 16 grandkids and we'd all be there each Thanksgiving. The guys would go hunting while we gals fixed the meal. So when it was all of us cousins, our parents and grandparents plus my great aunt, there were 27 of us!
19/Nov/12 2:49 PM
Dottie, for the most part, it is wonderful to have all these wonderful people my life, but with so many people, there has to one or two them at odds, at one point or another. Does make for some interesting gatherings, at times. This last one is going on a 3 year fued.

We were blessed with More...
19/Nov/12 2:56 PM
Whoever is hosting the event is only responsible for drinks (tea and sodas), or paper products and generally serving utensils. Though none of these rules applied when Man and I hosted the 4 of July parties. I just realized that, wonder how that happened?
19/Nov/12 3:00 PM
When Grandpa was alive, gatherings were at Grandma's and Grandma did all the food preparation, but at that time, it was just 8 aunts and uncles, only 2 spouses and 2 grandchildren at the time. After Grandpa died, controversies, spouses and more grandchildren showed up. After grandma died, it has More...
19/Nov/12 3:06 PM
Karen - It sounds like a lovely way to carry on the family traditions with having a signature dish. All of us cousins got together in central Ohio for my aunt's 70th birthday. Well, even some of her cousins (my first cousins once removed...) came from KY. Anyway, I made some of my grandmother's More...
19/Nov/12 3:55 PM
Our do enjoy these people, thankfully, so far, I hope, I am still friends with all of them, aunts and uncles included.
Because, there is so many of us, if someone misses, we do not miss a dish. One of the people who has not found a signature dish yet, made stuffing, that is one of my aunts jobs. More...
19/Nov/12 4:28 PM
Time for my beauty treatment. I still have hope that one day it will work.
19/Nov/12 4:30 PM
Good night people of the world.
19/Nov/12 4:31 PM
Well, Karen, you'll just have to keep going into that room you hate and keep making your mom's mac & cheese until you get it right!
19/Nov/12 4:32 PM
Good night, everybody. Nice chatting with you, Karen.
19/Nov/12 4:33 PM
Thank goodness I have not found the cartoon to be true. This summer, I was not able to pull my mother myself when she was unable to swim against the direction the water was pulling her. The lifeguards went into action and got her in to shore, happy to help an old lady. Maybe at some age, such as over 80, they get interested again!
19/Nov/12 4:40 PM
19/Nov/12 4:47 PM
19/Nov/12 4:47 PM
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