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Easy Sudoku for 19/December/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all, and Happy holidays!

It's getting close.

19/Dec/07 12:00 AM

I hope you all have an
Amazing day/night where ever you may be in
this wonderful More...
19/Dec/07 12:05 AM
Just passing through..
What a fun day we all had yesterday! Have really enjoyed getting to know you all a lot better through Angies occupational therapy.
Wonder what mischief you will all get up to whilst I succumb to the call of my bed..
Have a great day one and all
19/Dec/07 12:07 AM
Angie - do you ever sleep???
19/Dec/07 12:08 AM
Wow! I have never been to Las Vegas, but it looks like a tropical paradise!

Good Maen to everyone. We have a very chilly morning here this morning. It is down in the teens and yet another snow storm headed our way for the week-end...... I think it is going to be one of those snowy years.....
19/Dec/07 12:11 AM
2:58; terrible, just terrible.
19/Dec/07 12:13 AM
Today marks the second anniversary of "DefinItely Day"! How about that? Two years and still going strong!! Happy "DD" to WSBS, Andre, Rose and family and anyone else who remembers the occasion. And above all, of course, to one other..my very special Princess. xx
19/Dec/07 12:15 AM
2:21 Good evening all. A lot of shades of green in tonights photo.
19/Dec/07 12:21 AM
Good morning all - now off to the last day before our final exams start.
19/Dec/07 12:27 AM

I hope you have some time for some fun today!
19/Dec/07 12:34 AM
Hark the Herald Angel Sings .....♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
17 today!!!!!!!

There were two to wash
There were two to More...
19/Dec/07 12:37 AM
Artificial setting for the picture - but a very nice composition, with variety of colour and texture.
19/Dec/07 12:39 AM
Happy Birthday Chantel & Rebecca - have a great day!
19/Dec/07 12:39 AM
I can't believe I'm still up!

Jamie! What a wonderful present to know that there are no more papers. Hope the rest of the day is just as wonderful.
19/Dec/07 12:41 AM


I hope that you both have a wonderful day and nobody gets your presents mucked up!
19/Dec/07 12:42 AM
Congratulations Gath and Kym! I am so very happy for you both.
19/Dec/07 12:44 AM
3:28. Good Maen to All.
19/Dec/07 12:47 AM
2:21 Isn't it amazing what they can grow inside a hotel!
19/Dec/07 12:48 AM
Oh! I forgot to say Good Morning!

...and now Good Night.
19/Dec/07 12:49 AM
Just read last night's posts. I'm so happy to hear the news of Kym's pregnancy!! CONGRATULATIONS Gath & Kym. Babies are wongerful!!
to Chantel & Rebecca, Angie's former babies, now 17 years old! Good job Angie on your TLC all these years.
19/Dec/07 12:50 AM
Spellmaster - you inspired me to go back & read the posts for Dec. 19, 2005!! It was definItely fun to see who all was around back then & realize that some of us have now known each other for more than two years!!! Wonder what ever happened to Soup, Dennis, Amber & others who have left us??
19/Dec/07 12:55 AM

to Jamie
19/Dec/07 1:00 AM

Chantel Rebecca
19/Dec/07 1:04 AM
Hey dear Sudolu-landers! We're back from our wonderful holiday in the Maldives! Hope you are all doing well! Received e-mail that I got tagged yesterday by Linda from Pioneer and Madby3 from Qld - sorry I did not manage to participate. Will post some holiday pics soon. Take care
19/Dec/07 1:06 AM
Good Morning Worldly people.

What a wonderful day to wake-up to. The sun is shining, the girl is happy and mailbox full of well wisher. I feel like skipping the day is so great.
Thank you
19/Dec/07 1:09 AM
19/Dec/07 1:14 AM
The picture of Las Vegas is of course non-natural. I was there back in the 70's when the entire area except for what is now the north end of "The Strip" was a barren salt-pan desert. For 50 to 100 miles in any direction there was not a single tree or shade of any kind. Now the entire area More...
19/Dec/07 1:15 AM
2:51 Pass the coffee, please!
19/Dec/07 1:28 AM
Hopefully it's not too late to tag a few more people I didn't see on yesterday's list:
Lyndee from WA
Jano from Lebanon
Chalkboard from MA/FL
Elsie from Strath
Kim from FL
Tami from FL
Julie from IL
Jean from IL
Sandra from LA/NC
PJH from NP
Rob from Utah
Sarah More...
19/Dec/07 1:43 AM
Good Maen to everyone. Winter has set in, we're expecting snow all week long. It's a good time to take out a good book, light a fire in the fireplace, and settle in to enjoy a good book.
19/Dec/07 1:56 AM
Happy real Birthday Karen. More...
19/Dec/07 2:08 AM
Oh, my goodness! I finally got through reading yesterday's posts! First things first..

Congratulations Gath and Kym! What wonderful news!
19/Dec/07 2:17 AM
Happy Birthday, Karen! Hope you have a wonderful day (with a few naps)! Also wanted to send a belated CONGRATULATIONS on you graduation!
19/Dec/07 2:17 AM
We are undergoing a terrible drought here in Georgia, USA, so I agree with Jim from Jupiter in my opinion that the waste of water in Las Vegas is indeed a sin.
19/Dec/07 2:24 AM
19/Dec/07 2:25 AM
Happy Birthday, Chantel! Happy Birthday, Rachel! Happy Birthday, Jamie! (If it's tomorrow, Jamie, please start celebrating early!)
I posted the Happy Birthday to Karen before reading the page. Now that I've read it, I see More...
19/Dec/07 2:44 AM
Jamie, Have a wonderful day. Sounds like it will be a busy one.
19/Dec/07 2:45 AM
I was tagged yesterday but was out xmas shopping, so here goes:
1. I drink just about anything
2. I've shared the Back to the Future ride with Jeff Bridges
3. I know how to spell 'definitely'!
4. I can't cook to save my life
5. The first record I bought was 'Chirpy Chirpy More...
19/Dec/07 3:05 AM
everyone from sunny SW Arizona...
The decadence of Las Vegas, just 300 miles north of where I am for the winter. Jim from Jupiter, you are so correct. Los Angeles and So. CA also use more than their agreed allotment. There is a move happening to review the use of the More...
19/Dec/07 3:07 AM
19/Dec/07 3:08 AM
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