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Easy Sudoku for 19/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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JOE, you put your cat in a plastic bag?? :)
Aargh, me harties - good MaeN.
I did crawl out of the sack early today, just to test the waters.
K FR: Brissie tell RG Happy Birthday I had seen this in the archives.♪♪♪♪♪
Barbara from Northern CA - Please don't do anything to discourage people from celebrating I.T.L.A.P.D.
The world needs more days like this.
Savez-vous ce que sont des yeux 'vairons'? There is no word in English for it.
Good Maen... broke the 10 minute barrier. Don't know how you all do it so fast.
Nancy fr: PA. Happy Belated Birthday to you for Sept.4th saw that in yestersay's post. ♪♪♪♪♪
Good afternoon to all! Oh no, it looks like someone let the cat out of the bag!
To Judy From Bendigo:
I saw your post yesterday, and I'm glad to know that your state participates in this type of fund-raising. The Terry Fox run for cancer research here in Canada (and in many other countries) is called the Marathon of Hope. Terry Fox, 23 years old, had lost his leg to More...
Des yeux vairons are eyes of different colours.Often husky have an eye blue and the other brown. Effectivement Muriel il n'y a pas l'air d'avoir de mot an anglais.
Loza je ne sais pas l'heure qu'il est chez toi, tu es sans doute couchée! Maintenant je vais chercher ma petite fille Elsa à la More...
This be Capitaine GannieMo-Ho-Ho I be a preparing of meself for a jolie piratical tuesday. Shiver me timbers, me hearties, and solve ye todays sudoku in under 4 minutes or awalking of the plank ye will go
yay! 4.25 still blurry-eyed n succeed
GannieMo and Grandpa Steve are pictured on today's medium. What a lovely couple.
GannieMo and Steve,
Very nice to meet you. Good picture of a happy couple.
KATE - Sydney - thank you very much for replying - was beginning to think Gath went to the dogs' home or something for these photos!! Nice to know that this one - at least - belongs to you!!
hey! gannieMo - nice to see you at last!!
Good mAen everyone!

Fiona, the Cloutie was a big hit, everyone loved it, have had requests for the recipe and have been asked to make 2 more for different parties!
hi linda!! well done for the cloutie!! (wouldn't have a clue how to make that myself, emigrant Scot that I am!!)
I agree, gannieMo. Thanks for posting the picture. It's lovely.
'It's me, it's me, I'm back from the sea,' said Barnacle Bill the Sailor...

Arrgghhh, matey! Don't be lettin' the poor kitty play with a dry cleaning bag!
what a scungebag!
Hooray! 2:46. I finally broke the three-minute barrier.

beatiful cat.i have one just like it and we call him elvis because of the way he meows.
4:48. Arrrrr.

I will be celebrating my 54th anniversity the 19th of this month.same girl-still happy
Spouce - I will think of you tomorrow evening as I celebrate my friend Ruth's 67th birthday Best wishes to all you virgoes out there
Is everyone else still young enough to run, dance all night, and still have a 26 inch waist ---in their dreams!!!
Mind you I can still rock and roll - just need a breather more frequently
Ruth plays golf at least 3 times a week and has a handicap of 19 and can still touch her toes.
I have to pull out all the stops to beat her tomorrow at our annual match to celebrate her birthday. Followed, of course, by good food and a glass or two of the local vino
1:54. To tie the picture in with the day we can name the cat the Black Pearl - the name seems rather fitting.
SCOTT, Good to see your post! Early Happy 54th anniversary to Spouce and his wife. Celebrate and have a blast. You both have earned it GannieMo wish Ruth a happy birthday and don't think Ol Mate will have you walking a plank because you didn't hang. I just know that you and Ruth will have a blast! Go ladies
Ed from Lithia: Apologizes for yesterday's post. I Goggled Celtic Festivals in the US and found that most States host one or another type of Irish festival yearly, so obviously there is a following of Celtic sound. I had thought that Irish heritage was limited to the northern eastern seaboard. Very More...
Smehow I can't seem to conjure up the sight of me talking like a pirate? Who, or what has come up with THIS brilliant idea? Is it USA based? Sounds a bit like it to me.
fiona bonsoir, es-tu encore dans le secteur? J'ai mis ton adresse en attente dans skype (enfin ce que je crois être ton adresse).
BAZ, you are ALWAYS a bit of a pirate!
FIONA...Don't mean to butt in but I think Kate said 'Shultz' is a dog and this pic is of a cat so don't think they are one and the same. I have seen Schultz featured here a couple of times and he is gorgeous.
beat that you all...
and may the force be with you...
my padawan learners at sudoku...
it was on tough...
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