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Easy Sudoku for 19/September/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
19/Sep/09 12:00 AM
1:37 Maen! Alternate caption: "Peace in pieces"
19/Sep/09 12:03 AM
is it a new day already
19/Sep/09 12:03 AM
Eeeeewwwww ... yukky picture!
19/Sep/09 12:08 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
Stopping in for just a second... Have an appointment to find out what is wrong with my thumb - which is doing a 'trigger' thing.
Probably will tell me that it's from playing too much Sudoku!
19/Sep/09 12:14 AM
1.55 You're right Judy, totally icky!
19/Sep/09 12:14 AM
There has to be some other explanation for it, surely Plum!!!
19/Sep/09 12:15 AM
I understand the photo message, but what a day to have a hand problem! I'm afraid to go to the doc now!
19/Sep/09 12:21 AM
What happened to my post?
19/Sep/09 12:29 AM
Good Morning everyone!!!
19/Sep/09 12:29 AM
Gail, what are you talking about? Can you see my first post?
19/Sep/09 12:30 AM
Good day all. Good luck at your appointment Shiela
19/Sep/09 12:35 AM
Sorry Plum, my post was meant to be directed to Sheila...I am too tired to be here!
But no, I can only see your query 'What happened to my post?' and your question to me.
19/Sep/09 12:36 AM
19/Sep/09 12:37 AM
Good Morning all! Hope you get helped at your appointment, Shiela...otherwise you are going to have to become a gun slinger!
Dan - I like your caption. This is a picture for Halloween!
19/Sep/09 12:37 AM
Sweet dreams, Gail!
19/Sep/09 12:39 AM
Shiela - Lots of luck at your doctor's appointment!
19/Sep/09 12:40 AM
Happy Friday!
I agree with Judy & Gail--yucky picture! What was the "artist" thinking?!
19/Sep/09 12:47 AM
Good morning all! Nicer day than was expected! Hope it lasts through the weekend! Have a great day/weekend everyone!
19/Sep/09 12:50 AM
rats! I'm typing with one hand because I have an un-cast I-believe-it's-broken 5th metatarsal on my left hand and my post disappears. phooey!
19/Sep/09 1:01 AM
hope it's an easy fix for you, Shiela!
no problem, sweet dreams, Gail.
19/Sep/09 1:03 AM

"Give 'piece' a chance"??
19/Sep/09 1:09 AM
19/Sep/09 1:13 AM
Kathy...also "Give peas a chance, too!" (although I'd rather have green beans)
19/Sep/09 1:22 AM
BTW - congrats on ...a weiner without even trying!
19/Sep/09 1:23 AM
I always say: "Imagine Whirled Peas"
19/Sep/09 1:29 AM

I'll bet this photo was taken at Burning Man in the Nevada dessert. I've seen much better art there.
19/Sep/09 1:35 AM
Good heaven's! I didn't even notice the
(which will come as no surprise to anyone!
We are painting a bedroom today. I like the painting part, but hate the prep!! Spackle is a dirty word to me at the moment
19/Sep/09 1:42 AM
My thought too, Kathy. Perhaps the sculptor was doing an anti-peace piece ... or an anti-victory (WWII) piece. Ironic that sign can be against and for war at the same time.
19/Sep/09 1:44 AM
Are you using lightweight spackle, Kathy. Sooooo much easier.
19/Sep/09 1:45 AM
I don't like the picture either.
19/Sep/09 2:01 AM
Morning all.
19/Sep/09 2:01 AM
Given that I've now had time to make 3 posts in a row - I can tell you tonight at work is mauch less busy than the last several shifts I've worked.
19/Sep/09 2:02 AM
19/Sep/09 2:03 AM
Ok, I'm off - till later anyway. Must have scared everyone away!
19/Sep/09 2:04 AM
I'm here, but not staying, CP. Off to exercise soon.
19/Sep/09 2:26 AM
now this is a weird photo...

19/Sep/09 2:27 AM
Back from the doc. Got a steroid shot laced with numbing stuff. Hand feels like my thumb isn't there. Kinda like those photo fingers without the pain!
Thumb can't feel a thing and then they ask me to sign my credit slip for the copay. Yeh, sure!
19/Sep/09 2:42 AM
I think it's kind of a neat picture. :)
19/Sep/09 2:45 AM
I want to get the last post of the page

19/Sep/09 2:46 AM
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