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Easy Sudoku for 2/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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02/Oct/15 6:45 AM
Oops! Miscalculated.
Veni, vidi, whee whee!!!
02/Oct/15 6:46 AM
Must be that time of the year Sue. We are picking up a new car today too. A demo model - Subaru Forester.
02/Oct/15 6:48 AM
Morning all, you are right Lizzy, everything is back to front over there. 😃
02/Oct/15 7:07 AM
Chris, I do not mind the back ground check, I know I am a good person, I don't know those other people, as they do not know me.
02/Oct/15 7:12 AM
Wombat's puzzle reposted from yesterday....
(Send your answers to Wombat.)


These ten groups of words or phrases consist of A. a word or phrase, B. a synonym of A, C a hom0phone of B and D a synonym of C. The hom0phones are not spelt the same.
The task is to supply B More...
02/Oct/15 8:21 AM
Thanks Peter, but please try Serena's first. It is her day today. If you do send me a response to the H0m0phone problem, make sure to replace the first and/or second o with a zero, or you might get sent to the naughty corner.
02/Oct/15 9:08 AM

1. My first job was working in an orange juice factory, but I got canned. Couldn't concentrate.
2. Then I worked in the woods as a Lumberjack, but just couldn't hack it, so they gave me the axe.
3. After that, I tried being a tailor, but wasn't suited More...
02/Oct/15 9:19 AM
Well Greg, Keith, & Kathy (MD) you drew me out of the shadows.... (no offense Phantom)

We defend our President---------------- with guns
We defend our Congressmen -------------- with guns
We defend our Governors ---------------- with guns
We defend our Celebrities More...
02/Oct/15 9:41 AM
The schools 'Rent a Cop' didn't even have a weapon.
02/Oct/15 9:42 AM
DId you know that the US ranked number 1 on the number of people owning a gun 88.8 out of 100 . And we also ranked very high on the number of gun shooting homicides 9,146 deaths compared with England/Wales at 41 deaths with 6.2 out of 100 owning guns and France at 35 deaths with 31.2 out of 100 owning guns. Tells you something, doesn't it?
02/Oct/15 11:09 AM
Only unstable countries like Mexico, Brazil, Colombia have more gun shooting homicides than the US. Not something I'd be proud of. Hanging my head in shame that this is my country.
02/Oct/15 11:12 AM
I won't get into the gun debate, but like Serena I wonder why we haven't heard from Silvergal. Her workload seems quite varied, so that might be the reason. I hope the reason is that she is having a lovely holiday somewhere.
02/Oct/15 11:30 AM
Morning everybody..
Not sure I have the time to express my opinions on the gun debate.
02/Oct/15 11:57 AM
Good morning one and all!
02/Oct/15 1:41 PM
typo! not not, but note.
02/Oct/15 1:42 PM
A friend I have known since before she was born (our mothers were friends since 4th grade) teaches at Umpqua Community College. Luckily, she was in another building, in lock down until the police took them out and bused them to a safe place where relatives could come get them. My friend and her More...
02/Oct/15 1:53 PM
When we visited Roseburg, one afternoon there were three cars at a stop sign and my friend joked that it was Rush Minute in Roseburg. Rush hour in Washington is four hours, not one minute!
02/Oct/15 1:55 PM
The Washington area recently took the prize away from Los Angeles for worst traffic. We'd be happy to give it back to L.A.
02/Oct/15 1:57 PM
Anne check the time when you posted - sure you're not confused!?
02/Oct/15 3:14 PM
But Sacky, it was only 11:41am here in the west, not 1:41pm.
02/Oct/15 3:21 PM

Today in Summary.........

Easy – Sunset in Perth in 2005.

Wombat – Out of his burrow or should that be the naughty corner.

Wolf/HalT/Keith – Hanging about deciding what to do today.

Serena – Likes sunrises/sunsets. We have More...
02/Oct/15 8:46 PM
I'm with you Kathy. We have it in, Canada, too.
Lovely sunset today.
03/Oct/15 2:07 AM
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