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Easy Sudoku for 2/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Welcome to page two. (I think.)
02/Nov/16 7:02 AM
Good afternoon to all!
02/Nov/16 7:37 AM
Quiet today. Don't see Linda back. Hope you haven't given up Linda. Check your PM box.
02/Nov/16 7:38 AM
Do or die for the Cubs tonight. Hoping Cubs survive. They're my underdog favourites after the Blue Jays were eliminated.
02/Nov/16 7:40 AM
Nice to see a post from Jim today. It's been a long time Jim. Come back more often.
02/Nov/16 7:41 AM
Well, I'll CP. No one else seems to be around.
02/Nov/16 7:41 AM
I am back, More...
02/Nov/16 8:36 AM
Such a beautiful day here 82F, should have worked in the yard some but felt lazy.
02/Nov/16 8:38 AM
It is hard to believe that it is Nov.1 with the weather being so warm.
02/Nov/16 8:39 AM
Mo didn't like her horse it was 18 of 18
Hals horse came in first
Kathy had a French horse for second
Joyce had a Kiwi horse 'Who Shot Thebarman'
02/Nov/16 8:44 AM
Amelia, June & I had a nice cruise on the Hawkesbury River. It was great fun to get a tour of Kates new house.
02/Nov/16 8:47 AM
I'm buggered today, that Melbourne Cup wears you out!
02/Nov/16 9:40 AM
Maybe the wine I had was a bit of an influence.
02/Nov/16 9:42 AM
Good morning.
02/Nov/16 9:57 AM
Sorry I missed yesterday's sweeps fun.
02/Nov/16 9:58 AM
Had a very quiet day spent trying to get some sleep which I almost totally missed out on the previous night.
02/Nov/16 10:00 AM
It's a bea-u-ti-ful day here.
02/Nov/16 10:01 AM
I'm off to spend some time in the garden.
02/Nov/16 10:03 AM

Im told Ive passed my apprenticeship in lawn mowing so shall venture outside and see how I go unsupervised Hopefully be back later

02/Nov/16 10:26 AM
You can practise on mine, Lizzy!
02/Nov/16 10:48 AM
Good morning!
The Sweep was fun! (As were some of the draws)
02/Nov/16 11:24 AM
Well I'm back with a few more hours sleep and a coffee under my belt.
Feeling very melancholy & teary... off to funeral
02/Nov/16 11:30 AM
Have a good day everyone... I'm going to try to.
At least I always enjoy a good wake... and this will be a good one.
Just hoping the 500 expected at the church don't turn up at the wake as well... parking will be horrendous.
02/Nov/16 11:32 AM
Celebrate their life Bean dont be glum about their passing
02/Nov/16 11:47 AM

The backyard is taken care of lawn wise and I still have all my limbs intact
02/Nov/16 11:48 AM

Now off to a neighbour for a well earned (I think so anyway) shower......Between my husband and a great neighbour and a few friendly tradesmen Im hoping to have our bathroom back in action before Christmas.......
02/Nov/16 11:50 AM
PS not a chance Peter!!!....
02/Nov/16 11:52 AM
Good morning from Queensland. It would be Good afternoon if I was in any of the Southern States.
Yesterday's rain has disappeared, warm 27c today.
02/Nov/16 12:12 PM
Big excitement in our family today, our Grandson Lachlan is 18 today, so is now an adult.
It seems like no time at all since I was overwhelmed by this little bundle of joy, my first grandchild.
He's grown up to be a wonderful young man, and a talented artist. With that in mind he is continuing his studies in Graphic Arts at college next year.
Proud Grandmother here
02/Nov/16 12:18 PM
I am off to my watercolour class this afternoon. I know there are many wonderful artists among the Sudoku clan. Rest assured I am not one of them.
But I do enjoy trying.
02/Nov/16 12:22 PM
Wot Lizzy sed, Bean! Celebrate their life!
02/Nov/16 1:09 PM
Nice weather Dottie - but I'm watching the Cubs swing away !
02/Nov/16 1:26 PM
Night all.
02/Nov/16 2:15 PM
Cubs won. The World Series is all coming down to Game 7 tomorrow!
02/Nov/16 2:45 PM
Congrats to all the Cubs fans and the team itself. I'll be cheering hard for the Cleveland Indians to win tomorrow night.
02/Nov/16 3:03 PM
I know I should be in bed. We just had an earthquake nothing like California but more than enough for me.
02/Nov/16 3:59 PM
Can't leave us way down here
02/Nov/16 4:00 PM
So I will talk to myself for awhile
02/Nov/16 4:01 PM
Won't be able to sleep now anyway
02/Nov/16 4:02 PM
I need to get working on the last part of he yard, it needs weeding and bushes cut back
02/Nov/16 4:03 PM
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