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Easy Sudoku for 2/February/2011


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02/Feb/11 2:36 PM
Good onya, GH.
02/Feb/11 2:37 PM
A tough looking group of bikers were riding when they saw a girl about
to jump off a bridge so they stop.

The leader, a big burly man, gets off his bike and says, "What are you

"I'm going to commit a suicide," she says.

While he did not More...
02/Feb/11 2:37 PM
Sorry Hal, I wasn't watching the count.
02/Feb/11 2:37 PM
And I hope you are in a safe place for the next few hours.
02/Feb/11 2:38 PM
Just remember that the area Katrina hit was below sea level. Yasi, tho' huge and nasty, won't be hitting an area like that. My fingers are crossed that there won't be any loss of life.
02/Feb/11 2:42 PM
Good night people of the world.
02/Feb/11 3:23 PM
Well, we topped out with 16 inches of snow, with drifts at the 4 foot mark. Most everything will be closed tomorrow that is non essential, the major highways, I40, I44, & 75 were closed down and have not been cleared much less the side streets. Our storm is headed to or already in Illinois, Michigan area.
02/Feb/11 3:52 PM
Hope all who in the cyclone's way have taken shelter or better yet left the area. In all the years we lived in Florida we only had hurricane that concerned me, thank goodness it changed course. Never did understand the mentality of those who would not leave and insisted on riding out the storm.
02/Feb/11 3:59 PM
The weather people are now insisting that we will have some very cold weather, over night to be -9º, with high tomorrow to be the same as today 10º to 12º.
02/Feb/11 4:10 PM
Heidi, don't count on this being not as bad as katrina, we're looking at storm surges of 7 m or more above sea level the last I heard and there are a bunch of low lying areas that have been asked to evacuate. And winds around 200mph..
02/Feb/11 4:15 PM
If I ever get stupid enough to move again the house will have gas/propane. If we loose power there is no heat nor can I cook. Not so bad in the summer, it is much easier to go spend time in a store to stay cool.
02/Feb/11 4:20 PM
Enough for tonight, sweet dreams top siders. Have a good day down under.
02/Feb/11 4:21 PM
Well it's already -14 here, but I once again have water..and I didn't burn the house down. just came back from visiting with a neighbor/geologist who has spent a lot of time in Aussie and we were tracking the storm and reading the communications from his colleagues. That was the issue from Katrina - while the storm was bad it was the surge and after-effects that were really the problem.
02/Feb/11 4:23 PM
7 meters above sea level??!! Holy sh*t!
02/Feb/11 4:27 PM
Shannon, I trust you will now leave the water run, while the temps are sub freezing. A water bill or electricity for the pump is cheaper and a whole lot less hassle.

And.. One can always have a camp stove that runs on propane. A house furnace won't work without electricity anyway...
02/Feb/11 4:29 PM
A pellet wood stove requires some source of power, too. Back up generator!?
02/Feb/11 4:32 PM
Check out this website to see how big Yasi is in comparison to USA.
http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/how-cyclone-yasi-compares-around-the-world/story-e6f reoof-1225998806916
Remove any spaces that may appear.
02/Feb/11 4:33 PM
Your storm is not making 'the radar here' because of the deep freeze/snow across so many states. Gail, is it really safe to still be in Cairns even if they have a bunker? It looks like they're going to take a major hit and nowhere would really be safe....Are your citizens a little more wise about More...
02/Feb/11 4:34 PM
Jerry, I thought I would need to do that but where my issue was, that wouldn't have mattered. I have a very full tub of water as I had to empty the buckets when I was bleeding the line and I didn't want to waste the water.
02/Feb/11 4:39 PM
With all these wise examples of what not to do between wives and husbands you must have one heck of a marriage And thanks for mentioning Cabana Boy's magazine spread...
02/Feb/11 4:45 PM
Personally Shannon, I have never had any experience with cyclones so I can't say with any certainty, but they have not been told to evacuate, and I am sure she would have had she been told to. Maybe where she is is not a coastal suburb, I don't know. All of the property along the coastal front have been evacuated, including hospitals etc.
02/Feb/11 4:46 PM
Will keep them in my prayers tonight Gail
02/Feb/11 4:49 PM

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02/Feb/11 4:50 PM
They have no idea. 320kph / 200mph winds. People were putting out there rubbish bins (trash cans) this morning and people were trying and expecting to go to work today. There are reports that it will reach Ayres Rock by the time it peter's out. The 7 meter /21 ft storm surge does not include the wave height either. At this rate it will be total destruction along the coastline.
02/Feb/11 4:54 PM
It's just so mesmerizing to look at. Does anyone know (this seems like something up Neil's alley) how the different terminology came about - i.e, why you call it cyclones and we call it hurricanes?

My parents have said the 'thundersnow' and winds in Chicago are quite something. You would think it would be too cold for thunder/lightning
02/Feb/11 5:05 PM
Grass-hopper, I'm sorry to hear about the business, but I'm glad they have evacuated!
02/Feb/11 5:07 PM
Do hurricanes move clockwise or counter clockwise, that might be the difference?!
02/Feb/11 5:10 PM
Nite, all Y'all
02/Feb/11 5:21 PM
Thanks Suzy. I doubt they will be allowed to return for some time any way. To the best of our knowledge they are in Mackay at present.
02/Feb/11 5:21 PM
Good one Peter. Heard it before but still got a chuckle.
02/Feb/11 5:22 PM
Maybe Suzy. I always thought they were the same storm just had different names, maybe to delineate where in the world they're located?
02/Feb/11 5:31 PM
Just been told on TV (yes I know) Hurricanes and cyclones are the same thing just named differently in different countries. As GmaJackie has been known to say "Yes it's all different here".
02/Feb/11 6:36 PM
Cyclones are clockwise as it is the southern hemisphere. I was under the inpression that while ther were evacuation orders for New Orleans that vast numbers of the population had no private transportation and had no option but to stay put as no public transportation was available.
02/Feb/11 6:46 PM
Good evening.
02/Feb/11 7:48 PM
Susan knows we are thinking of her.
02/Feb/11 7:48 PM
I am awake (I think), showered and dressed, fed, and almost ready to head to work again.
02/Feb/11 7:49 PM
Turned the TV off for a while - find it hard to tolerate minute by minute coverage of something which is four hours away.
02/Feb/11 7:50 PM
I am happy to know that people are evacuating and doing all they can to prepare - but now, it seems to me, the next news will be after the storm crosses.
02/Feb/11 7:52 PM
02/Feb/11 7:52 PM
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