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Easy Sudoku for 2/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
02/Apr/18 12:01 AM
02/Apr/18 12:25 AM
TftD: Don't compare yourself with others; they are more screwed up than you think.
02/Apr/18 12:27 AM
I'll be over there in a couple of months.
02/Apr/18 12:28 AM
Happy Easter / April Fool's Day from CHILLY (-17C) Carstairs.
02/Apr/18 12:41 AM
Everybody!! I solved it in less than a minute. Yeah right! April Fools!!
02/Apr/18 12:48 AM
02/Apr/18 1:13 AM
02/Apr/18 1:13 AM
Woohoo! Below my two minute barrier! 1:51
02/Apr/18 1:17 AM
02/Apr/18 2:18 AM
Happy Easter - for those a day behind!
02/Apr/18 2:24 AM
That, and ... Happy April Fools Day.
02/Apr/18 2:29 AM
Happy Easter to all!
02/Apr/18 2:53 AM
If today's solve was indicative as to how the rest of my day is going to go, maybe I should just go back to bed and pull the covers over my head. Slow with a lot of mistakes..........
02/Apr/18 2:55 AM
to the birthday girls. Kerrie, Judy and Sarah
02/Apr/18 3:07 AM
If you want a BIG confidence booster, DoA - try it again from 9->1 and you'll be swinging from the chandelier!
02/Apr/18 3:42 AM
everyone. HAPPY EASTER! Perth is a beautiful city that not many from my country travel to. Usually the flights head west and land in Sydney or Brisbane. Because we travelled with friends from Wales, we flew east. I'm very thankful that we did. Such a gorgeous city!
02/Apr/18 3:56 AM
Lovely night photo with all the coloured lights of Perth.
02/Apr/18 4:14 AM
Morning all, Perth is beautiful day or night.
DoA, you're not the only one, I had trouble too.
02/Apr/18 6:26 AM
Kerrie,Judy and Sarah,enjoy your day.
02/Apr/18 6:28 AM
1:36. Good morning everyone.
02/Apr/18 7:34 AM
Easter 22. Good mAen, good people.
02/Apr/18 7:37 AM
Missed my chance.
02/Apr/18 7:41 AM
... by just a few minutes.
02/Apr/18 7:42 AM
You were right Joyce. Except that I got over confident and stuffed a couple, anyway...
02/Apr/18 7:44 AM
Quick one! Zero thought required. Wish I had timed it!
02/Apr/18 8:07 AM
Are the lights different colors on purpose, or does it just happen because of the different types of light sources?
02/Apr/18 8:08 AM
My question prompts the observation that I never before seen a photo of Perth at night! Beautiful.
02/Apr/18 8:09 AM
1:33 Good morning one and all! Perth is quite a lovely city, especially seen from Kings Park.
02/Apr/18 10:05 AM
Wombat - I don't know why but I can't send my answers to your 1&4. It tells me I'm over the 3000 character limit even when it's only the list. I've typed it twice. The letters are typing out much larger than usual? Anyway, I have managed to solve your 1&4 correctly. It's unorthodox but could you More...
02/Apr/18 12:39 PM
Sorry to hear that you are having problems sending the poozle. Of course I will count you among the solvers.
I found when I typed out the poozle in Word and tried to paste it to the Sudoku page, that it rejected it because it was too long. I use Notes now and it works fine, but I am an Apple user.
02/Apr/18 1:57 PM
I, too, had problems using Word. I now use 'Notepad', with mixed results. Sometimes it works...

I, personally, also avoid 'personal messages', where possible, for that reason.
02/Apr/18 3:28 PM
Well, looky here - glug - I needed that!
02/Apr/18 3:29 PM
How about giving Wombat just the solutions, without the clues? FWIW, I use Notepad and have not had any problems.
02/Apr/18 3:37 PM
Good evening everybody
Couldn't get smiles to load, very boring without.
02/Apr/18 6:51 PM
Well, I piled a bunch of stuff onto my computer chair to get it out of the way for the weekend so I typed the list as I was solving it into my iPhone Notes. Then I copied and pasted. The letters came out larger than normal. It was only the answers but I got the error message. So I figured More...
02/Apr/18 10:47 PM
Joyce - for the 9 -> 1 tip.
02/Apr/18 10:49 PM
Why are we still on April 2?
02/Apr/18 11:37 PM
HalT - because of the time change down under. Apparently the server is finally recognizing the end of Australia's DST. We will see if this is so in just a few minutes....
02/Apr/18 11:57 PM
Ah yes, time to end DST.
Oh well, maybe I can get LPotD.
02/Apr/18 11:57 PM
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