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Easy Sudoku for 2/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello all....Just a quick hello. I am moved in and love my new place. A pity about not having broadband. I dont like this CDMA. I can only use it for 20 hours a month and it is so slow. May as well have dial up and be on the pc whenever I want. Have to go..time is up....lol
He brought back a t-shirt for my son that says 'some one who loves me went to Normanton Australia and bought be this shirt' When Elias wears it I think of dog bits
rotfl what a great connection ....... Baz and dog bits!!!!
be = me. I think I need another month away from this site....
Rosemary, Baz posted something about his wife saying if he asked his dog nicely it might let him lick it's bits.... It has stuck with me ever since...
Subject: Men beware

Police are warning all men who frequent clubs, parties and local pubs, to be and stay cautious when offered a drink from any woman. Many females use a date d*r*u*g on the market called 'Beer' to target men.

The d*r*u*g is generally found in liquid form and is now More...
just wanted to share this bit with you all..wondered how politicians behave but this is the extereme case i think and chk the oxymoron 'white collar criminal'

Italy to free prisoners
Rome: Italian MPs on Thursday voted in favour of cutting the sentences of thousands of prisoners in an More...
yes I know the posting and I just think it is hysterical that that is what reminds you of normanton and Baz
Well I'm off for the night and possibly the month,

Rosemary, I hope you pipes aren't frozen in the morning.

have a good night.

mNan :)

very cold tonight but dont think we will reach -6C tonight maybe - 1 or -2 so guess my pipes will survive.
There has been two posts about dog bits. Not that I have a particular facination with them, but I do find them strangely amusing, and if i was a dog, horribly vulnerable.

One was when I pointed to the dog who was licking HIS dog bits, that I wished I could do that, she said that if i gave More...
Spent hours getting to know the Sudoku thing.. Got it at last. Is there some format or is it just 'keep trying'?
Good Maen all. Hope to have some rain today. Need to get rid of the 110+ heat index.
I don't think that too many people here like you, Baz. To put it frankly, I doubt too many people like you in the so called 'real world'.
Pity that you cannot understand when you are not wanted.
It's 9am. I wonder if I feel less kindly, and patient, about Baz at the end of my day?
Thank you midwest: the heat has arrived (yesterday actually) along with humidity that makes my computer buttons stick, which is quite annoying.
The older I get, the less I tolerate the heat.
It's weird More...
I recommend Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth.
And how about that Mel Gibson?!?!
(Baz, you probably have an opinion...)
What's the Aussie take on this?
I don't usually follow the celebrity cr*p in the media, but Mel is different. So charming, so influential, so wealthy (with wealth and celebrity comes some amount of power and More...
Baz, I never heard of dog bits before you talked about them. Now I think the word is hysterically funny and when my puppy is pleasuring herself, I always think of you.
Aren't I heavy this morning!!
Enjoy your day, or night, Everyone.
Best to all. For those who are or who have loved ones who are sick or going through crisis - let the rest of us worry about the heavy stuff today. You have enough on your plate.
Gotta go pay bills and stuff. Will check in later.
Good maeN all.
L./VIENNA. Wow. That was harsh. Baz just stirs the pot and rarely maliciously attacks people.
L from Vienna

Do you really think that comment was called for? A bit nasty really I think.
hey L from Vienna that's a bit harsh isn't it? He's a silly old fart most of the time, rather like an eccentric uncle, mostly harmless !!! but a bit nasty to say what you did.Now how about saying sorry baz.
2:04, mAen that is the cutest dog... how is everyone..im new to the site but ill coming by regularly now that i found it
03/Sep/11 4:45 AM
03/Sep/11 4:48 AM
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