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Easy Sudoku for 20/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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2:57 nice lightning display
5:59 - cool pic... think it's real?
With regard to the poll: I feel that true sudokus should be able to be solved using logic alone...trial and error requires less thought. Sometimes the logic involved is very tricky in the most challenging sudokus, but I like knowing that I should never have to guess.
Cool pic
An 80 year old man was arrested for shop lifting. When he went before the judge he asked him, 'What did you steal?'
He replied: a can of peaches.

The judge asked him why he had stolen them and he replied that he was hungry.

The judge then asked him how many peaches were in More...

Before the judge could actually pronounce the punishment the man's wife spoke up and asked the judge if she could say something.

He said, ' What is it? '

The wife said 'He als stole a can of peas.'
I love that joke Georgia!
Great picture!!!!Is it a real photo or just clever graphics??
I'm with Casey - logic alone, no guessing. But that's the beauty of sudoku, different levels and some intelligent guessing at the higher levels. I'm glad that there are names for the chain of mistakes, all based on one wrong guess - tried making copies to do the variations but figured it's not worth my time. I'll just do easy and talk to friends in sudoku-land! Off to the puzz
Wow...what a cool picture!!!
There are three ways. Make one in a draw program and paste into your message, Join Sudoku and they become available to you and type one in sideways :)
have to look into the Laubach books. we have an excellent adult literacy prog thru our library, so that 1on1 connection will be easy to make. Yes a warm lovely feeling of helping someone read the language they speak! Here it would be Spanish speakers, I think. There's also adult school, but More...
Hi there. Cute joke. Haven't talked in a while. How are you?
the program goes with the writing as well. (I knew I was running out of room :) Good to hear from you!
Hey, Stella. I couldn't find a Stella in any of my daughter's yearbooks. Are you going by an alias? Pen name? Psuedonym? Nom de plume? Sobriquet? Nom de guerre? Any or all of the aforementioned?
Great joke Georgia. Kathy you can be very proud of your self, I know I am. You have a good soul. You and Sweta among others have some of the best and most caring comments. You enhance this web site greatly.
3:38 average (but average is getting faster!)

Great pic, Stewart, must get to Brissie sometime...

Very frustrated with my Sudoku book - the setups don't even follow the rules! There were 2 3s in the same column!
I remember that shot, did the email rounds last year. I also remember being stuck out in that storm (Brisbane), lots of hail round my way (small stuff, but lots of it!)
Been busy. Had family in last wkend for mo 80th b-day surprise. This wk has been taken up w/ mil, she is having some rough nights, having flash backs of her younger years and mixing it w/ the present. Torts aren't happy. We have been having low temps at night and into the day. They are almost More...
sis got a kick out of Lola, since she left her Bubba (shih tzu) at the doggy resort while here. I'd love to get Lola's pic on here but it is too large. Say hi to your Linda and LK hi to you too.
Thank you Kathy/FL and everyone for your concern.
No, Miles is still on Life support and they are trying to stablize him enough to turn it off, so they can assess the damage.
Your thoughts and prayers are a source of comfort to me/us at the moment. Thank you again for for caring.
bluey - my thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Mared we blew it up again
Amazing photo! Best time ever too, 2:14. Have been watching plenty of lightning recently over Sydney, really fascinating.
Good fun! Great interface, but I'd like to choose where the 'possible' entrys are located in each square. Some possibles are much more likely than others, for example if a number must be in one of only two squares, I'd put it on the top. If more than two squares I'd place it on the bottom.
Sorry LP, I read that you had company tonight, so I stayed late at the gym... it's 9:16 p.m. now and chat room doesn't seem to be working. We'll have to catch up another time.
Let's post in Medium next time, as there are far too many postings here to surf through at the end of a long day! heh
Busy, Busy Lady. But that's good. It will help with your addiction to Sudoku and you may not need to go the too many or our virtual 9 Step-program meetings.
The Torts don't hybernate due to the So. Cal weather???
3:13 great photo
I feel my injuries are too extensive
the port has closed
I think , so I am , or not?
I'll try in a bit,My fate is unknown
if I don't see you again,be strong,for the children
....LOL....................... ......................
here, drink this, come on, nancy, you've got to try, that's it, now another one, that's the way, you're looking better already.......
need more
| |
| |
see how crooked that glass looks?
from the bottle this time, lie on your side..... I had to swim to get this one........after this there is only bolly......
The room was up for about a minute and then crashed again. Ian was trapped inside. He might wash up on Tough, I can't be sure. I'm starting my weekend now. cya
LOL Georgia! All you people who do Sudoku at work got me into trouble today. It was a student free day and I had 5 spare minutes while waiting for meeting to start so attempted to log on. This site is banned by our education dept, so I was identified as a person who tried to enter a banned site. More...
..great it is that I went looking for some puzzles that I could print off, so that next time I get to a class where no program has been left I can give the students one to do while I go throught their timetable and devise a program. She was happy with that. Phew! And Suzy, I thought it was teachers, not engineers, who think they are better/smarter than everyone else!
3:16! My best yet!
through, through, through, through
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