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Easy Sudoku for 20/January/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Had to post on the previous page to get the post to go through.
20/Jan/08 12:17 PM
Why Not?
20/Jan/08 12:18 PM
page 8?
20/Jan/08 12:18 PM
I thought I would pip you to the top of the new page!!!
20/Jan/08 12:18 PM
Nal?!?!? That was a quick drop in.
20/Jan/08 12:19 PM
now will not let me go to page 7, I am on page 6 posting and page 8 is the last page I see. This is so wierd.
20/Jan/08 12:19 PM
Missed again.
20/Jan/08 12:19 PM
lets try posting from page 8
20/Jan/08 12:20 PM
At least you can see something Sue, I could only get the Chat room for most of yesterday. Eveyone there said they had no problems with the site. It seems the gremlins strike at random.
20/Jan/08 12:21 PM
this has been the the most puzzling day, first I did not have the same puzzle as everyone was describing, then would not let me post, oh well can now, at least for a little while
20/Jan/08 12:22 PM
be back later to see if I can still post
20/Jan/08 12:23 PM
I've lost my password. anyone know how to get it posted to me?
20/Jan/08 12:23 PM
Dorthea, when you try typing it in, do you get a question "Have you forgotten your password?". Click on that and it sends an automatic email to Gath and within a short time, you should get an email back telling you your password....At least that's what I did when I forgot mine!
20/Jan/08 12:37 PM
A friend suggested that putting a drop of lavender oil in the rinse water when doing linen and such keeps moths away and the smell is so relaxing it is easy to get to sleep. BEWARE, I put one drop in the rinse water and hung the washing out now it is covered in bees!
20/Jan/08 1:06 PM
Lynda - that is FUNNY. You'll probably have to leave the washing there until the sun goes down. I hope its not a swarm!

BTW, I've had to log in 4 times today already - every time I walk away from the computer for a while or change pages I'm logged out.


Are we all having different problems or what?

20/Jan/08 1:12 PM
not having any problems at all today ... cant understand what you are all on about .. or what you are all on!!!
20/Jan/08 1:15 PM
To the few who asked to see my photos. I have had a really hard time trying to downsize and download the photos of our new home. Emails were taking forever to go thru so i cancelled them.
They should be there by now. I hope the correct ones came thru.
20/Jan/08 1:17 PM
Rosemary, the gremlins are still bugging me. Can't get on to site by my usual chanels, missed most of yesterday & only been able to get in since lunchtime today. Reckon there's still some hacker lurking somewhere that has to be found yet, before we can get back to normal.
20/Jan/08 1:22 PM
Maybe a disgruntled ex member?
20/Jan/08 1:24 PM
Right on Rosemary I don't seem to be having any problems [touch wood].
20/Jan/08 1:25 PM
Rosemary - quit gloating!
20/Jan/08 1:29 PM
Maureen M,I deleted the old site from favorites and added the new site maybe that will help.
20/Jan/08 1:29 PM
Hope it doesn't happen to you. It seem quite random, Rolanda could get on yesterday and I couldn't. Perhaps it is IE
20/Jan/08 1:30 PM
You too Amelia!
20/Jan/08 1:30 PM
Martha Albany and the south coast got some of the rain you sent over. Try aiming a bit further north. Just think if it had rained last week here in Perth it could have saved the cricket loss.
20/Jan/08 1:32 PM
no probs here accessing site either - maybe it's a Victorian thing?
20/Jan/08 1:33 PM
Are you the chosen few?
20/Jan/08 1:34 PM
Martha , we are all having different problems. Heck, I am having different problems every time I come here! It is like waking up in a new world every time I sign on.

GATH has said this temp server is unstable. Gath is a master of understatement on that one

I am just so glad I can get here, vast improvement from several days in the past!
20/Jan/08 1:35 PM

just dropping in to say a quick "ello". Gald to see everyone is here and the site is still going.

Fellow Twin - Angie/wisc...loved it, will catch up later, busy ROFL at the moment.
20/Jan/08 1:35 PM
moi gloat
was just wongering what all the fuss was about .. think it is called the sudoku olympics .... see how many ways you can find to get to the site !!!
20/Jan/08 1:36 PM
Lynda, they are GATHS favorites, I always suspected it, now we have PROFF.

20/Jan/08 1:36 PM
of course we are the chosen few ........
we are speshial
20/Jan/08 1:37 PM
Huumm, maybe GATH should charge for this new puzzle solving site, see if you can solve the puzzle and get in.
20/Jan/08 1:37 PM
Victorians have a reputation for thinking their body everyself!!! What about us poor sandgropers?
20/Jan/08 1:39 PM
Martha, I tried sending a reply to your note on my page. I am not sure it went through. Thanks for the info about your town, I loved the part about tall gums!
20/Jan/08 1:40 PM
Ok need food here it is well after lunch hour and been cleaning all morning ..... so see how many clever ways you can find to get to the site and post a comment .... should be a novel way to fill the day!!

20/Jan/08 1:42 PM
Amelia, what is different bout the new site address, pray tell? Gee I have so many links and addys now, it is confusing!
20/Jan/08 1:42 PM
ROSEMARY, I have to many to count, ways to get here that is. latest is post before reading, then I get a free ride to the new page.
20/Jan/08 1:45 PM
Okay Lynda, will do - we still haven't had a day without rain, but its become only sporadic light showers. I think I blew directly west, so will aim slightly north west - will go do this directly.
20/Jan/08 1:46 PM
Time to leave, I think. computer is really doing weird things.
20/Jan/08 1:47 PM
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