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Easy Sudoku for 20/November/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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20/Nov/12 2:26 PM
Fiona, I would take my brother-in-law's sweet potato pie - after all we do have to have something to eat.
20/Nov/12 2:50 PM
Fiona, could I tuck in my library? I want an iPad with a big enough memory to hold all my books and audiobooks!
20/Nov/12 3:00 PM
I'm off to bed in a few. I leave for the airport in the early morning hours. I'll see you all on Sunday. Ciao.
20/Nov/12 3:20 PM
Have fun, Heidi!!!
20/Nov/12 3:23 PM
Thanks Gath. Well done.
20/Nov/12 3:37 PM
from So. Oregon - wet, wet, wet - windy.

This morning was wonderful. The local radio host, had just gotten tickets for the TSO concert in Portland for this coming Sunday and was giving away several pairs over the next couple of days. So he said he would give a pair to the More...
20/Nov/12 4:26 PM
That is great news, Eve. Congratulations.

I am so happy to hear, none of you celebrated Have a Bad Day Day.
20/Nov/12 4:50 PM
Good night people of the world.
20/Nov/12 4:54 PM

Congrats to Kath and Kathy on their grandchildren.
Congrats to Eve on her tickets to the TSO concert. I just recorded a one hour show of theirs with Ossie Davis, Jewel and Michael Crawford on the Hallmark Movie Channel. I thought I saw this a few years ago on More...
20/Nov/12 4:56 PM

TSO concert? Google says that it is the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, but somehow I doubt it.
20/Nov/12 5:50 PM
Congratulations Kath & Kathy. My daughter is expecting her third at the beginning of Jan. Could throw Christmas plans off if her new daughter decides on an early arrival.
20/Nov/12 5:54 PM
Grass-hopper: TSO over here is Trans Siberian Orchestra. They're wonderful musicians. I keep one of their CDs in the car at this time of year.
20/Nov/12 6:00 PM
Grass-hopper: I hope your daughter lives close to you so you can spoil all the grandkids whenever you want. And of course, help when the new one is born.
20/Nov/12 6:02 PM
Sadly she lives 3 hours away, but we have a motorhome & are retired, so we are going camping nearby this year. The two older children start their Christmas Holidays on the 22nd Dec., & don't return to school until Feb 2nd.
20/Nov/12 6:16 PM
That's a long break, but since it's the warm or hot summer weather, it makes sense. I'm glad you'll be able to be there with them. I keep forgetting that our seasons are reversed!
20/Nov/12 6:40 PM
The Flintstone house article was so filled with spelling and grammatical errors that I found it hard to focus on the odd house and furnishings. Even Dick's last name was spelled two ways, with and without a final e! The house was a lot too beige for me!!
20/Nov/12 6:54 PM
Do people who spell the possessive 'its' with an apostrophe also put an apostrophe in her's and ... I suppose... hi's?
20/Nov/12 6:56 PM
Sarah 'it's' = it is (a conjunction of the two words) 'its' is the possesive it. I wonder if spell check realizes the difference and corrects the usage. If not, I can see why the error.

Have you ever used hear for here? Or, there for their or they'r? I have and spell check did not catch it.
20/Nov/12 7:10 PM
Talking of grandchildren, I am heading down to my daughter's house tomorrow to look after the two baby girls while mum has her hair done. Hope they are good for grandma! They live about an hour drive from me so that's not too far. I've looked after individual grandchildren but this will be the first time I have had sole charge of the twins
20/Nov/12 7:37 PM
1:52 Good evening one and all!
20/Nov/12 9:22 PM
Hi Sarah and Eve,

In fact, hi's to both of you.
20/Nov/12 11:01 PM
20/Nov/12 11:28 PM
Have been out of the house from just after I last posted, until I came home about 15 minutes ago.
20/Nov/12 11:29 PM
Was at work from 3pm until 1030.
20/Nov/12 11:30 PM
Between 0915 and 1500, I was at the optometrist's, before that picking up some pianola rolls for a work friend, afterwards at the mall doing medical claims and picking up some Christmas shopping.
20/Nov/12 11:33 PM
Finished the time at the library, searching for last Thursday's paper which had an advertisement I really needed to re-read. Somehow our copy of that paper disappeared although I had all the issues around that date. Anyway the search was successful.

I too am flying, on Thursday here so I More...
20/Nov/12 11:37 PM
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