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Easy Sudoku for 20/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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or get drunk on St Pat's Day and take a c*ck-a-leekie on St David's
20/Feb/08 3:59 PM
Now mary, ans to the point.Are they one and the same..from your ans I gather that its not.
And if you happen to use a new term, you have to put a special explanation for that.In yours the "cok-a-leekie"...
its difficult to imagine such a thing for a naive person like me;)
20/Feb/08 4:12 PM
Not familiar with St. Davids Day - St. Patrick is the Patron St. of the Irish - and they like to celebrate - with lot of beer - green beer - they will even turn rivers green - Shamrocks - 4 leaf clovers - Erin Go Brah - Top o' the Morn - and while I won't say I'm not Irish - but I'm Orange Irish for the most of that part that is Irish.
20/Feb/08 4:12 PM
St. Patrick's Day is March 17th - Green is the color of Ireland & by the end of the day most people are green for one reason or another. Above I forgot to add Cornbeef & Cabbage, Country-fried diced potatoes (spiced with peppers and onions). There a parades in NYC and other places with More...
20/Feb/08 4:24 PM
oh yeah, the all green day..now I remember..what a volatile memory I have..silly.Thanks Eve.Now I got it.
20/Feb/08 4:25 PM
Just got back from a great game of golf. I won 1st division. Yipee!
20/Feb/08 4:27 PM
Ok yaryar!
20/Feb/08 4:31 PM
Well done Sabina-w00t!
20/Feb/08 4:46 PM
20/Feb/08 4:53 PM
Sarah Beth - updated my U-tube to welcome you back with the Oz addition of:


With that I'll take my leave for the night all.
20/Feb/08 4:56 PM
addition = added to video
20/Feb/08 4:59 PM
not sure we want to go there, Billy.
20/Feb/08 5:04 PM
to you,
to you,
dear Bex, Jacqueline, Geraldine
to you!
May your day be wonderful with a and lots of !
20/Feb/08 5:24 PM
Jane if you are out there lurking - how was the 5.0 "bump" today. Sorry forgot to ask earlier. Thought of you when I heard it on the news. May it not be a bumpy night - see you manaña.
20/Feb/08 5:25 PM
Shosho - left a message o your page.
20/Feb/08 5:26 PM
Now I will really say
20/Feb/08 5:27 PM
Bex, Jacqueline, Geraldine
~~~~~~~~~ !!!!!!!!!!
20/Feb/08 5:56 PM
1st March St David's Day, Welsh Patron Saint, sing and eat leeks. 17th March St Patrick's Day, Parton Saint of Ireland, drink green Guiness and wear a shamrock in lapel. 23rd April St George's Day, England Patron Saint, poms can slay dragons and 30th November St Andrew's Day, Scotland's Patron Saint, that is when you have the c*ck-a-leekie soup.
20/Feb/08 6:46 PM
whoops, I thought the leekie thing was Welsh
20/Feb/08 6:50 PM
Mary I think it is the c*ck-a bits that Scots!!!!
20/Feb/08 6:52 PM
We could put it down to a Celtic combination.
20/Feb/08 6:54 PM
2:04. all.
20/Feb/08 7:10 PM

to all those celebrating today.
20/Feb/08 7:37 PM
Congratulations Sabrina on your golf win today.
20/Feb/08 7:55 PM
never used that smile before, if anyone is around??
20/Feb/08 8:10 PM
Bex, Geraldine and Jacqueline
Hope you all have (or had) a wonderful day
20/Feb/08 8:16 PM
Well done Sabrina, I haven't touched my clubs this year yet, too busy.
I play free cell and spider solitaire but also have a program called Ultimate Mahjong, which basically is played using memory and sign recognition as in Pellmanism. I can easily lose an hour or two playing them all. How come kids get bored, I never am? There just aren't enought hours in the day.
20/Feb/08 8:24 PM
I am a lover of all forms of mahjonng .. time just disappears. dont mind solitaire and most of the card games .. or do I just love some solitary time out?

20/Feb/08 8:28 PM
I have decided to turn over a new leaf and behave myself ... so instead of being a witch .... I will just be a bit of a devil ..........
20/Feb/08 8:39 PM
Careful there's no caterpillars hiding under those new leaves Rose.
20/Feb/08 8:51 PM
Anyone else feel like being a
20/Feb/08 8:52 PM
Will I .....

Won't I......

Will I......

Wont' I.....

Will I.....

I will.......

20/Feb/08 8:55 PM
Oh wow I have a playmate
20/Feb/08 9:06 PM
Col and Mr Col
wishing you both a very happy 15th anniversary today
tis a very 'speshial' day
20/Feb/08 9:18 PM
Col and Mr "C"

Hope your day has been one, that was as memorable as this day was 15 years ago.

20/Feb/08 9:28 PM
Mr and Mrs Col "Bon Anniversaire"
20/Feb/08 9:38 PM
Hope you don't mind Angie , but, I want to be one too!
20/Feb/08 9:39 PM
woo hoo GMO
another player
not sure if I should be innocent or
maybe I will be sometimes one sometimes the other
20/Feb/08 9:44 PM
Thank you very much - I was keeping it very quiet though.
20/Feb/08 9:48 PM
OH lots and lots of little
20/Feb/08 9:48 PM
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