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Easy Sudoku for 20/April/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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20/Apr/13 2:12 AM
shosho - good job on the shirts!!
20/Apr/13 2:16 AM
CP, please, please, don't stop on giving your advice or opinion.
Whatever, would I do without them?

Granted, I do have this tency, tiny habit of doing things on my own, then questioning it.
20/Apr/13 2:31 AM
HalT, you and Saint B, did really good on your tin of cookies. M has begged and begged for me to open it, so I did. She said, that was so good for her tummy. She was going to heaven.

I was reading the back of the tin, seems, you two have sent us some luck, thank you. The Benne Wafers are made with benne seeds, which is the seed of good luck. You did good.
20/Apr/13 2:35 AM
CP, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. A lot of what you stated was told to us when my granddaughter's baby was born. I believe it would be very foolish to disregard the advice because ''that wasn't how it was done years ago''. That was then, this is now, and much has been learned over the years.
20/Apr/13 3:12 AM
Love the photos, Jamie! It was nice to eavesdrop on another Sudoku gathering. I hope to be able to spend more time here soon. Right now, I'm getting ready for the arrival of Kathi & Rob (Oops! I mean Katitude and Mr. Katitude from Brisbane). They're on another one of their extended tours of More...
20/Apr/13 3:18 AM
Hi Jane! Good to ''see'' you!
Wow, sounds as though you are busy!
20/Apr/13 3:26 AM
Well, I don't ''see'' Mr. Cee. Hope he's okay. Anyone know?

20/Apr/13 3:28 AM
Well, I can step in and post a poozle for him. It won't be as clever as his be-headings and de-tailings, but here goes....

Given the word STANDARD, take away two letters and add three digits to make a logical sequence.

Answers to the ''Mr. Cee's clone'' inbox, please.
20/Apr/13 3:31 AM
Cute poozle. Nice one, Kathy.
20/Apr/13 3:45 AM
20/Apr/13 4:36 AM
Not too long before I head for home - yay! Cya at the end of the day.
20/Apr/13 5:53 AM
Good afternoon to all! ''Somewhere, over the rainbow....''
20/Apr/13 6:45 AM
There was a meet down Texas way,
At least some folks do say,
With Jamie, Hal, Karen and Sue,
Quite a mixture in the stew.

Well Karen brought her axe I'm told,
Jamie had a peace symbol, he was bold,
But Sue and Hal, they brought their mates,
In hopes that in the meeting More...
20/Apr/13 6:46 AM
Kayo, your daffyniyion only applies if there are no black flies or horse flies around.
20/Apr/13 6:48 AM
What has happend to the puzzles? They no longer fit in the window when assembled.
Can anyone contact the owners to have this fixed?
20/Apr/13 7:07 AM
everyone. I finally added a couple photos of our new grandson to my Page. Poor little guy was circumcised today. I'm heading over to their house now to get my daily 'baby fix'.
20/Apr/13 7:42 AM
1:46. Good morning everyone.
20/Apr/13 7:46 AM
Today I will have to go looking for cooler weather items. It is getting a bit chilly around the toes wearing open shoes. Even Hubby commented on the need to find longer trousers!! I think he has a pair somewhere.
20/Apr/13 8:30 AM
Did I not say, I was going to pack up the FPA today?
Well, it is probably the only room not touched, today. Oh, yes, it has, the table is now gone, along with all the living room furniture and part of the laundry room. Most of today's packing is going to the estate sale, or goodwill. Only More...
20/Apr/13 9:15 AM
Canuk Greg, what a lovely tribute, to a wonderful evening.
20/Apr/13 9:18 AM
At the moment, I am dealing with a drama queen, who thinks no one loves her anymore, because her daddy would not take her to Pappoo's. I cannot think of a time, I ever threw or thought of throwing one of these fits. My mother would have nipped that attitude in the bud. Litterally.
Anyway, I did More...
20/Apr/13 9:24 AM
all from Houston. Got here about. 3 hours ago. (I hate driving in Houston, especially on a Friday afternoon.)
20/Apr/13 9:55 AM
Karen, Hal, Jamie, & Sue - glad you all enjoyed your get together. Jamie, thanks for posting the pictures. Can't help wishing that Man, Barbara, Jeanie, & Harry could have been included in some of those pics. I think it is very good of all the spouses of us Sudokuists to agree to be a part of our More...
20/Apr/13 11:17 AM
But Kathy.... some of us are potential axe murderers!!! Or at least dangerous snorers.
20/Apr/13 11:20 AM
Hal I hate driving in Houston period!
20/Apr/13 11:25 AM
Where is everyone today? I know I have been in the car all day. Now it is time to chill out. Just hope this bed is more to my backs liking than the last one.
20/Apr/13 11:39 AM

Something for you older folks.......Check out Johnny Carson and, enjoy!!!

20/Apr/13 12:48 PM
They got the bastid!
20/Apr/13 1:18 PM
Quahog - I thought of you today with all this happening in your area. I'm pleased the one is alive so he can possibly explain what he and his brother did and why. I'm glad you and yours are safe again.
20/Apr/13 1:24 PM
Agreed. I want to know... WHY?
20/Apr/13 1:39 PM
Good night all.
20/Apr/13 2:20 PM
I am not doing this on purpose, it just happened.

Good night people of the world.
20/Apr/13 2:23 PM

5 year old Russian girl.

20/Apr/13 7:33 PM
Time to depart for work again. (Sniff).
20/Apr/13 7:56 PM

Well I was away working yesterday so thanks for stepping up Kathy.

Here is todays offering of Curtails

Answers to my ''You call that an axE'' inbox please.

1. Tree -> Small sharp piece of metal
2. To sack someone More...
20/Apr/13 10:27 PM
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