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Easy Sudoku for 20/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Not sunny today.
Hope your's is!
20/Apr/17 12:02 AM
Subject somehow creepier in black and white.
20/Apr/17 12:13 AM
1:56 Good night one and all!
20/Apr/17 12:14 AM
Love the picture!
20/Apr/17 12:28 AM
I can't believe that I missed a day here ... and missed a puzzle dedicated to lil' ole me! LOL! I am distraught, even if the conclusions were a little insulting! We are completing our 10-day camping excursion on the shores of the Pacific. Sorry to ruin all the fun! My 15 minutes of More...
20/Apr/17 12:47 AM
All! 'Night, Anne.

The answer to yesterday's poozle: 150 miles.

Plum seemed to be the only one interested in my travels. She also figured out I would have been nowhere near Judy's abode...

''This should place you, More...
20/Apr/17 12:52 AM
And, for today....

Using the clues below find 8 four letter words. Once you have placed the words into the correct order you will find that each word is different from the previous word by only one letter. For example, FARE may be followed by FIRE, etc.

An imperfection
20/Apr/17 12:55 AM
Add Judy to the winner's circle! Well, part of a circle, anyway.
She gets her own crown....
20/Apr/17 1:19 AM
Actually, we are 2723 miles apart, Batty. Way too far for friends to be apart ... At 30 mph, a 91-hour journey ...
20/Apr/17 1:28 AM
Good MAen, good people (it's THAT close to noon here). I've never been the sole recipient of a poozle crown before. I shall wear it proudly.
20/Apr/17 1:59 AM
A 91 hour road trip seems best attempted WITH said friend in company. Wow. Kathy and Judy on a cross country road trip. That could be a blockbuster movie premise.
20/Apr/17 2:04 AM
Thelma and Louise? Bonnie and Clyde?
20/Apr/17 2:07 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
ack ack ack this site says I don't have any smilies!!!
20/Apr/17 2:11 AM
You're right about the b&w photo, Shiela.
20/Apr/17 2:29 AM
good morning
Rocky and Bullwinkle. No offence ment, just kinda jumped into my head
20/Apr/17 3:06 AM
20/Apr/17 3:19 AM
Love the beauty of spider webs.
20/Apr/17 3:29 AM
Kathy's given us a 'seasonal' poozle.
20/Apr/17 3:44 AM
I shall have to rush
20/Apr/17 3:45 AM
to race to 22
20/Apr/17 3:45 AM
because I have to get ready to leave the house.
20/Apr/17 3:46 AM
Where are you Keith?
20/Apr/17 3:46 AM
20/Apr/17 4:12 AM
Great news, Peter.
20/Apr/17 5:23 AM
Ghost post.
20/Apr/17 5:28 AM
20/Apr/17 5:29 AM
The ghost post goes nicely with the spider web. Shame it's not Halloween.
20/Apr/17 5:51 AM
Morning all, it will be a wet web for some time going by the fog in the background.
20/Apr/17 6:14 AM
Shosho, cancel then reopen the smilies and they will appear. Happens to me all the time.
20/Apr/17 6:16 AM
Ceri and Bug, enjoy your day.
20/Apr/17 6:18 AM
good morning.
20/Apr/17 7:58 AM
I slept in!!
20/Apr/17 7:59 AM
OK. I know it was only 0745, but that's a sleep in for me.
20/Apr/17 8:00 AM
Now I need a cup of tea.
20/Apr/17 8:01 AM
Sorry Rage, the Rocky and Bullwinkle nomenclature is already owned by shosho and Vici,
When they met, it seemed apt. one is very short and the other very tall.
20/Apr/17 8:03 AM
Hello everyone, hope you're all well. :D
20/Apr/17 10:26 AM
Back from the warmth of the sunny south; while I unpacked & sorted 2 weeks' worth of mail, it rained & grew cold! That's the fate of this part of the earth...we did a reverse-spring road trip home: forsythia, daffys, hyacinths just blossoming here, but we saw mile after mile of Red Buds in various stages of bloom from Virginia, West Virginia, & Pennsylvania - not here though!
20/Apr/17 2:17 PM
1:33. Good evening everyone.
20/Apr/17 9:20 PM
all. Heading home this morning.
20/Apr/17 9:52 PM
Can't see leaving this on the first page, so....
20/Apr/17 10:22 PM
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