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Easy Sudoku for 20/May/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Ah welcome to page 2.
20/May/12 10:08 AM
There's cloud covering the sun now here too, Mads! The external temperature was rising quite quickly due to the sun, & was nearly 16*C. This room has climbed to 17*C but it may not get any warmer!
20/May/12 10:12 AM
Hello again, HalT!!!!
20/May/12 10:13 AM
Hi, Kate. A quick return to your gallery reminded me of a question I had the last time I visited. In the picture of Keith catching up on the latest news, which one is Keith?
20/May/12 10:21 AM
Back from the race track. "I'll Have Another" won the Preakness Stakes as well as the Kentucky Derby. I'm proud to say I backed the winner.
20/May/12 10:32 AM
all (or should I say SOME?).

Heidi, did you win some money on I'll Have Another? That was SUCH an exciting finish!! It will be even more exciting if he can win the Triple Crown!
20/May/12 12:25 PM
Hello Kathy!
20/May/12 12:27 PM
I'm still here Kathy. But it's getting late. And I still don't have any answers to today's puzzle. Jamie, where are you?
20/May/12 12:33 PM
i'm going to bed. G'nite all.
20/May/12 12:38 PM
Kathy... when I say I "backed" the winner, it means I won some money on him. He went off at 5 to 1 odds. I picked 5 winners altogether and came out ahead on the day.
20/May/12 1:07 PM
Hi Anne. Sorry about your tough day of yard work! Hope you enjoyed your tea with your daughter.

I'm off to bed now, too. 11:08 PM here.
20/May/12 1:08 PM
Heidi, I didn't know "backed" meant you won money. Thanks for explaining. On TV last I saw they showed his odds at 3 to 1. It's good you won a little more at 5 to 1! Is your surgery coming up this Monday?

NOW I'll go to bed.
20/May/12 1:12 PM
Yep. Monday morning. I have to fast from midnight, yet the surgery is scheduled for 10:30 am.
20/May/12 1:15 PM
Why is the math book so unhappy?

It's full of problems!
20/May/12 2:57 PM
Why did the fisherman throw peanut butter into the ocean?

To go with the jellyfish!
20/May/12 2:57 PM
Why are baseball players so rich?

They play on diamonds!
20/May/12 2:58 PM
What's more amazing than a talking dog?

A spelling bee!
20/May/12 2:59 PM
What do you call an anxious dinosaur?

A nervous rex!
20/May/12 2:59 PM
Why do Zebras like old movies?

Because they're in black and white!
20/May/12 3:00 PM
What did the cop say to the popsicle?

20/May/12 3:00 PM
Why did the computer go to the doctor?

Because it had a virus!
20/May/12 3:01 PM
What has four wheels and flies?

A garbage truck!
20/May/12 3:02 PM
Where did the vegetables go for drinks?

The salad bar!
20/May/12 3:02 PM
Why do elephants never forget?

Nobody ever tells them anything!
20/May/12 3:03 PM
Good night people of the world.
20/May/12 3:22 PM
Just realised I haven't said hello yett.
20/May/12 3:31 PM
I came in at comment 47 this morning, but got called away before I posted.
20/May/12 3:31 PM
Haven't been lurking....
20/May/12 3:32 PM
... just didn't make it back until now.
20/May/12 3:33 PM
And now it's time to go again.
20/May/12 3:33 PM
Good afternoon all.

Cowboys won in Townsville last night. Beat Penrith 30 to 28. Good game except for Tariq Sims' broken leg (both bones).
20/May/12 4:58 PM

So who's a happy Zue then.

Always good when the home team wins.

Broke legs are not good though.
20/May/12 5:51 PM

Anne I see that Colin Barnett is dragging out the big knife and threatening to remove WA from the mainland.
20/May/12 5:53 PM
Just had my first walk on the beach in about 3-4 weeks. It was very low tide and very calm. It was beautiful down there.
20/May/12 6:57 PM
Now I'm sitting down enjoying a
20/May/12 6:58 PM
Yes, Mr Cee, I was reading a bit about it in the Sunday paper this morning. It really will be....
20/May/12 6:59 PM

Mate, they're always doing that in the West. Every time they don't get their own way they trot that out.
20/May/12 7:07 PM

Unfortunately we have to put up with them........but some are OK!
20/May/12 7:08 PM
I suppose the rest of Australia have to get their money from somewhere!!!

20/May/12 7:09 PM

....I think!
20/May/12 7:09 PM
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