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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
racism — the belief that fast is better
Fact or Fiction?:
Queen Elizabeth I’s godson invented one of the first flush toilets in 1596
Answers to my F-o-F inbox please.
Taco = FACT (Vey few replies, but all got it right)
20/Jun/14 12:00 AM
 |  |
Good Maen
20/Jun/14 12:00 AM
 |  |

20/Jun/14 12:00 AM
 |  |

The sun is not peeking out...
Leaves scattered all over from yesterday's storms...
20/Jun/14 12:01 AM
 |  |

I sent a guess just a minute ago, Kayo. I forgot to yesterday. And....drum roll please...I was correct! I'm on a roll! I think that's three in a row!
20/Jun/14 12:04 AM
 |  |
What a happy little cutie!

I wish the sun was peeking out here. It's been raining since last Friday. The 'dry' pond across the road is now a small lake and my sump pump is getting tired.
20/Jun/14 12:07 AM
 |  |

The plumber is here fixing a leaky faucet in the laundry room. I want him to pull the washer out so I can check for water. I don't know how long there has been a leak. I just noticed it yesterday. Fingers crossed.....
20/Jun/14 12:08 AM
 |  |

Excellent, Kathy. Keep up the good work!
20/Jun/14 12:11 AM
 |  |

Cute face.
20/Jun/14 12:12 AM
 |  |

1) O
2) Or
3) Roe
4) Rose
5) Prose
6) Person
7) Postern
8) Forspent

In the today we have Joyce, HalT, Kathy (7/8), June (7/8), Judy (6/8), and Canuk Greg (6/8). Roses for all.
20/Jun/14 12:14 AM
 |  |

Seven amateur billiards players gather to play a billiards tournament. The players were divided into two sections: Section A has 4 players; and Section B has 3 players. Each player played against every other player in his/her Section. With the information below, can you determine each person's More...
20/Jun/14 12:18 AM
 |  |

When the plumber gets through there, Kathy, send him over here.
We've had a drippy faucet in our bathroom for ages!
20/Jun/14 12:22 AM
 |  |

Red letter day yesterday... one good, one bad.
Got my first SS check! Yippee!
Got a call-back on my mammogram...
20/Jun/14 12:24 AM
 |  |

Yikes! That landed on #13!
(Now to decide... am I superstitious?)
20/Jun/14 12:26 AM
 |  |

Ah....forspent! (archiac, old English). I thought of ''spent'', but have never heard of ''forspent''. Learn something new every day.
20/Jun/14 12:35 AM
 |  |

The plumber put new on/off valves on the faucets. There wasn't much water under the washer, so that was good. I had him pull the dryer out so I could clean under and in back of both. All spiffy in there now.
20/Jun/14 12:41 AM
 |  |

Kathy, I agree. I tried putting letters around spent as well. Forspent does not appear in my large 1950 addition Oxford dictionary.
20/Jun/14 1:06 AM
 |  |

I typically avoid the archaic words but I didn't catch that one until it was to late. It sounded familiar enough at the time that I didn't question it. I want to make smart alec remarks about how HalT figured it out but I don't know Joyce well enough to know how she would take it.
20/Jun/14 1:12 AM
 |  |

Everyone in Sudokuland, going to be a great day here in So. OR
20/Jun/14 1:13 AM
 |  |

Is Keith awake yet?
20/Jun/14 1:14 AM
 |  |

Hearing no answer? ........
20/Jun/14 1:15 AM
 |  |

20/Jun/14 1:15 AM
 |  |

Don't worry Keith, we will take care of you.
20/Jun/14 1:17 AM
 |  |
Oh, go ahead, Serena ...plus I LOVE roses so I just grabbed them & ran!
20/Jun/14 1:24 AM
 |  |

We know why Hal knew it.
Joyce probably just thought forspent sounded reasonable and googled it.

Serena, the fun is in the challenge. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't. Them's the breaks.
20/Jun/14 1:29 AM
 |  |
Oh what a wonderful picture to wake up to on my birthday! My favorite thing in all the world is babies. Had 3 of my own, then 27 fosters over a number of years. They were up for adoption. I could never let my kids think I would give them away so we talked every day about what a happy time it would be when the baby got it's own Mommy and Daddy.
20/Jun/14 1:36 AM
 |  |

We KNOW you aren't as archiac as Hal, Joyce. He has an unfair advantage.
20/Jun/14 1:37 AM
 |  |

Another person on the dole eh! Congrats on coming of age.
20/Jun/14 1:38 AM
 |  |

You should see the combination of letters I invent sometimes when I am doing those puzzles. As Kathy says, that is the fun.
20/Jun/14 1:38 AM
 |  |

Sorry, that comment was for Shiela.
20/Jun/14 1:39 AM
 |  |

Happy Thursday day off (well, it will be happy AFTER my dentist's appointment ) Love the guy, but don't like all the work my old teeth need to have done to them...
20/Jun/14 1:41 AM
 |  |

Sandra Blume
20/Jun/14 1:42 AM
 |  |
What a cute little face to greet us today!
20/Jun/14 1:44 AM
 |  |

Good morning people of the world.
20/Jun/14 2:02 AM
 |  |

Did it again, came in here, in the 9:00 AM, time slot, to see what was happening in the world, and now it is in the 11 AM area, and I am just catching up. I really, have no idea, other than an extra darling, that is different.
20/Jun/14 2:05 AM
 |  |

Sandra, happy advancing in age.
And wow, on your story. Man and I discussed fostering, when we were childless, we got the paper work filled out, but never turned in. Now, our neighbor, is in foster care and I do not know how she does it. For the first 6 months, we were here, she had a beautiful More...
20/Jun/14 2:11 AM
 |  |

Well, that was short lived. Twelve minutes and my darlings noticed I was not paying attention to them.
20/Jun/14 2:13 AM
 |  |

I have promised pedi and manicure day, yesterday, but they were too busy. M reminded me, that she needs to be pretty this morning. With her wake-up hair do, I can't image her being anymore beautiful.
20/Jun/14 2:15 AM
 |  |

They maybe yelling, but I still have my priorities.
20/Jun/14 2:17 AM
 |  |

all. Sitting in the SeaTac terminal waiting on our flight... two hours away.

For those who are wondering: With a clue like 'exhausted,' 'spent' seemed like a good place to start. A few guesses and some help from Yahoo and 'TA-DA.'
20/Jun/14 2:17 AM
 |  |
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