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Easy Sudoku for 20/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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20/Jul/14 8:03 AM
Nothing came oot, but it sure was funny to watch.
20/Jul/14 8:03 AM
Heh... I can envision, Serena! Don't know what it is, I s'pose guys are the kings of their domains and anything which doesn't belong gets rooted out. I get curious about what lives under the hawthorns, but I'm pretty sure it's rabbits. We've got them all over, and I'm good with them. Squirrels, not so much, especially when they get into the attic and chew on things.
20/Jul/14 10:20 AM
A few years ago, a house in our area of town caught fire, $80,000 worth of damage. Fire investigators determined squirrels had chewed wires - they must have found what was left of Mr. Squirrel.
20/Jul/14 10:28 AM
Just got back to our room from seeing the first performance, a country/Jaz vocalist accompanied by a guitarist and a bassist. Good show.
20/Jul/14 10:37 AM
It's a 'guy' thing, Serena. Just roll your eyes and live with it.
20/Jul/14 12:42 PM
Wow, that was over an hour between posts.
20/Jul/14 12:45 PM
Think I'll call it a day. Night all.
20/Jul/14 12:46 PM
Everybody. I forgot to check in here earlier. I'm still hung up on one of Greg's puzzle lines. Have to think a little harder.
20/Jul/14 2:43 PM
Hubby wanted to check out a women's baseball team he used to coach as they had their semifinal. Only knew a couple of the players. Then we had Fish & Chips at Bronti beach. There was quite a surf running but still people standing near the rocks and others out surfing despite all the warnings and some loss of life. Fortunately it was not quite as cold as yesterday.
20/Jul/14 6:49 PM
I have not had a chance to look at Greg's puzzle.
20/Jul/14 6:49 PM
Speaking about squirrels. An old lady we knew, who then lived in the country near here, called the police because her bungalow had been burgled while she was out. When she came home she found that her living room was in complete chaos because the burglar had vandalised everything More...
20/Jul/14 7:12 PM
20/Jul/14 8:04 PM
Ray, I've heard similar things about raccoons wreaking havoc on property. They're a little bigger, though - can't fit through tight spots and don't have gnawing teeth to make entrance ways. Several folks have had issues in our n'hood... we've got a lot of trees. I've heard them skittering around on the roof. It'll make you jump when you hear them land!
20/Jul/14 11:20 PM
21/Jul/14 4:39 AM
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