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Easy Sudoku for 20/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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20/Jul/15 12:00 AM
, HalT, and all who follow!
20/Jul/15 12:07 AM
Leading children's church this morning, and we're between services.
20/Jul/15 12:07 AM
Later on today I'll be taking Silverteen and some of her friends to a concert in Charlotte, NC. It's-a gonna be a long day for this Silvergal!
20/Jul/15 12:08 AM

You will reap the rewards later Silvergal!!! Time well spent.
20/Jul/15 12:11 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not hope its on the improve soon.
20/Jul/15 12:12 AM
Question: Does anyone know if it is possible to include a picture in a PM? If so, how?
20/Jul/15 12:18 AM
This does not look like a pleasant stroll!
20/Jul/15 12:35 AM
Good morning to all, and to you again Hal!
20/Jul/15 12:37 AM
Why would you want to when you can use email. Besides that I am pretty sure it isn't possible. I just tried jpeg and gif formats and they wont send.
20/Jul/15 12:39 AM
Hal, I do not believe Gath's mail system allows photos, etc. I've never seen one in all my years on the site.
20/Jul/15 12:39 AM
Hal, did you try copy and paste? I just sent you a picture.
20/Jul/15 12:41 AM
No picture, Pam. Just the icon of a picture with an X in it.
20/Jul/15 1:01 AM
Happy Sunday!
20/Jul/15 1:17 AM
Ah, good to know. Thanks Hal.
20/Jul/15 1:31 AM

That's one conversation Im NOT entering into. My computer skills are not much better than zilch!
20/Jul/15 1:39 AM
20/Jul/15 2:38 AM
Sorry, Hal. I only know how to send pictures in the morning!
20/Jul/15 3:05 AM
20/Jul/15 3:07 AM

Just an easy gallump this morning,
20/Jul/15 3:16 AM

OK Keith , its your turn.
20/Jul/15 3:16 AM
Guess Keith is asleep, so I will.
20/Jul/15 3:30 AM
Slept in this morning, something that wasn't happening when traveling.
20/Jul/15 3:31 AM
I received an email from my sister they are coming home from Japan, early next month.
20/Jul/15 3:33 AM
Have tackled mount laundry this morning, down to one load.
20/Jul/15 3:35 AM

Good one Sue on all counts!!!
20/Jul/15 3:36 AM
Time to tackle another pile of stuff, find a place for all the books and maps we collected.
20/Jul/15 3:37 AM
Lizzy G
20/Jul/15 3:39 AM
Follow the leader?
20/Jul/15 3:48 AM
I thought that was snow for a minute but they are definitely not dressed for snow.
20/Jul/15 4:30 AM
Good morning.
20/Jul/15 4:58 AM
This is version 2.0 since I was up much earlier but didn;t post.
20/Jul/15 5:01 AM
FFS strikes again.
20/Jul/15 5:02 AM
Quiet day planned.
20/Jul/15 5:03 AM
The keeoer of the sar keys will make sure of tjat. Though I have to say I so not feel up to dfriving yet.
20/Jul/15 5:06 AM
good job you were typing in the dark CP!!
but it still made sense

Hope each day brings you closer to full recovery
20/Jul/15 5:14 AM
Morning all, not sure where they are hiking.
20/Jul/15 6:00 AM
20/Jul/15 6:05 AM
It's time to say...
20/Jul/15 6:06 AM
CP,hope the road to recovery is a little smoother each day.
20/Jul/15 6:06 AM
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