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Easy Sudoku for 20/August/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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20/Aug/11 1:02 PM
Now it is.
20/Aug/11 1:02 PM
HalT, you are the victim of a shoddy software writer. Whoever wrote the AWC has no real feel nor concept of language.
20/Aug/11 1:03 PM
You should be in the naughty corner.
20/Aug/11 1:03 PM
Some of us, Sarah Beth, don't have a well stocked liquor locker. I keep the coffee liquor around for my "Jerry's Special Hot Chocolate" during the cold weather months.
20/Aug/11 1:04 PM
Karen. (For the bump)
20/Aug/11 1:05 PM
At your advancement, one needs a little push.
20/Aug/11 1:07 PM
Jerry, I don't have the Creme de Menthe right now, but I do keep all the others. I don't drink that much, or that often, but i like to occasionally switch it up. I must admit the Grand Mariner and Cointreau can get pricey, but you don't get a good Margarita or Cosmo without them.
20/Aug/11 1:10 PM
Karen, are you pushing old men around again?
20/Aug/11 1:11 PM
Really know how to hurt a guy, don't you Sarah?
20/Aug/11 1:12 PM
Yes, they are so easy and fun.
20/Aug/11 1:14 PM
The "ex" and I used to enjoy a G.M. in a warm snifter, coffee back, to close a fine dining experience...
20/Aug/11 1:15 PM
Why are my Things still getting out of bed? Well, one just came in and told me she had some business that needs taken care of, yet she does not want me to do for her. It is a long process for her, she has to strip completely just to change her diaper, then after she gets her diaper on, she struggles to get back into a T-shirt.
See I never type too much.
20/Aug/11 1:20 PM
Well, it's nearing my bedtime. It's been a whirl-wind two days, what with jousting the hall monitor and trying to get my outstanding poem published. So, I think I shall retire for the evening and rejoin this jovial group in about eight or nine hours. Nite all.
20/Aug/11 1:20 PM
Night HalT, sweet dreams.
20/Aug/11 1:22 PM
Sarah Beth, there is a cow "on the lam" in Germany...

20/Aug/11 1:24 PM
Maybe you could lend your expert skills...
20/Aug/11 1:25 PM
Hmmmmm I must have broke something.........
20/Aug/11 2:27 PM
Good night people of the world.
20/Aug/11 3:09 PM
LOL, Jerry. I don't know if I could do any better!
20/Aug/11 3:12 PM
I went out to feed the cats and bring the dogs in. TM wanted a weather report when I came in. So I went back out, checked the weather guage, looked at the sky and confirmed cloud cover, and reiterated, as I had every time I was asked for the past two hours: "It is misting."
20/Aug/11 3:15 PM
Afternoon all. Horrible weather day here today.
Cloudy. Showers, heavy at times, developing from the south during the morning. The chance of thunderstorms in the south this morning and afternoon.
20/Aug/11 3:26 PM
I need to go to bed. Goodnight, world.
20/Aug/11 3:49 PM
Night Sarah Beth. Quiet time here now.
20/Aug/11 4:24 PM
Playing some Roxetter music here.
I see their concert that is coming to Australia has sold out.
20/Aug/11 4:38 PM
Sarah Beth, cover your eyes.
You know there are some movies you are just not interested in seeing, no matter how good other people say they are. Well, I've never seen the Wizard of Oz (in it's entirity - I've seen bits) and I don't really want to.
The guys at work want me to watch More...
20/Aug/11 4:53 PM
I should also add that I've never watched "Castaway", I think I've seen all of "Sleepless in Seattle" and only recently completely watched "When Harry met Sally". Oh, and I thought "Titanic" was a waste of time and money plus complete rubbish.
20/Aug/11 4:58 PM
Hubby is asleep. The painkillers are really working. He's not feeling as bad this time as he was for his first shoulder surgery - possibly because they didn't do anything to the bone this time.
20/Aug/11 5:00 PM
Just a couple of Quick1es. May do a couple more later.

Sometimes when my internet is down, I forget that the rest of my computer still works
20/Aug/11 5:54 PM
A blonde girl enters a store that sells curtains.She tells the salesman: "I would like to buy a pink curtain in the size of my computer screen." The surprised salesman replies:"But, madam, computers do not have curtains". The blonde said: "Helloooo....? I've got Windows"!!!
20/Aug/11 5:54 PM
I planted some explosives in a male cow today.

It was Abominabull.
20/Aug/11 5:55 PM
If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, why don't daleks hide in orchards?
20/Aug/11 5:55 PM
I was actually complimented on my driving today. The police pulled me over to give me a note that said "Driving Fine" ... So that was nice
20/Aug/11 5:55 PM
And what can I say about this one but GGRRRROOOAAANN

I once knew a dwarf who worked in the Police Force.

His nickname was laptop.

He was a small PC.
20/Aug/11 5:57 PM
20/Aug/11 6:31 PM
20/Aug/11 7:37 PM
Even Mr P will pay the daleks one!
20/Aug/11 7:37 PM
We've been out - and now we're home again, early.
20/Aug/11 7:38 PM
The plan was" a movie, and then dinner at a restaurant I have a prepaid voucher for.
20/Aug/11 7:39 PM
Movie - booked out.

Restaurant - booked out!
20/Aug/11 7:39 PM
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