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Easy Sudoku for 20/September/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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20/Sep/12 1:21 AM
Trice the jib sheets.
20/Sep/12 1:23 AM
Lively, lads, it's for Jamaica we be bound.
20/Sep/12 1:25 AM
All th' rum ye can drink and lively wenches, too.
20/Sep/12 1:26 AM
I have a pirate name, now I need a pirate dictionary.
20/Sep/12 1:27 AM
Before you cast off, Jerry.....

In a Crazy Country, there are over 100 streets. Street 1 is named First Street, street 2 is named Second Street, and so on and so forth.

A traveller decides to walk through all these streets in the country. He could find all the streets except Street More...
20/Sep/12 1:28 AM
Lookouts to the foretop, Keep a weather eye out Thar be shoals is these waters!
20/Sep/12 1:29 AM
Kathy, I knows most of the 7 seas, but only a landlubber would know how them feather merchants name thar street.
20/Sep/12 1:33 AM
I may be back in a minute...
20/Sep/12 1:40 AM
or 2
20/Sep/12 1:40 AM
Guess all ye mutinous, scurvy, seadogs, are afraid to sail with Nervous Dick Dawkins see n's how yer awol.
20/Sep/12 2:32 AM
I'll sail my ship alone...

20/Sep/12 2:35 AM
Jerry, ye scurvy pirate speak be outstandin'.
20/Sep/12 2:50 AM
My poor 'puter is zonked out. Have to bring her to the repair shop today. Don't even have access to my smilies.
20/Sep/12 3:17 AM
See you hopefully soon. I am trying to get used to my iPad but my speed with one finger pecking is driving me crazy!
20/Sep/12 3:20 AM
An old fella was celebrating 92 years on this earth.

He spoke to his toes. 'Hello toes.', he said. 'How are you? You know, you

92 today. Oh the times we've had! Remember how we walked in the park in the

summer every Sunday afternoon. The times we waltzed on More...
20/Sep/12 3:56 AM
20/Sep/12 4:50 AM
My Pirate Navy talk:
'How long can YOU tread water..?'
20/Sep/12 6:45 AM
Barnacle Brain Mary

I like it!
20/Sep/12 6:55 AM
Karen is going to bed early. This moving stuff must really be taking it out of her!
20/Sep/12 6:57 AM
Aaarrrgghhh! Post then puzzle. Those on TOS have already seen my woes. I got an email this morning from the state board saying they didn't have page four from such and such. I had sent it, they lost it (they didn't admit to such, but I know better). Then, since my application was not completed More...
20/Sep/12 7:07 AM
20/Sep/12 7:13 AM
I have just returned from grocery shopping. While I was in the cereal isle there was this sweet little hunched over elderly lady who asked me if I could get a box of gluten free cereal from the top shelf for her. She was effusive with her thanks and told me her doctor said that is what she should More...
20/Sep/12 7:14 AM

Yesterday in summary............

Easy – Storm clouds over Bathurst today. Who knows where they will be tomorrow!

Kayo – Manages to start the day with a kiss.

Sue – Hanging around.

Heidi – Must’ve been a buccaneer in More...
20/Sep/12 7:15 AM
AHA! So Kathy's the scoundrel who stole my cereal!!!
20/Sep/12 7:25 AM
GREAT to see the Phantom again!
20/Sep/12 7:26 AM
...shhh....just tiptoeing in the back door to see if everyone is asleep....and they are too! Will look in again tomorrow when the site wakes up again!
20/Sep/12 7:57 AM

Up spirits!
20/Sep/12 8:37 AM

Splice the mainbrace!
20/Sep/12 8:38 AM

Any other pirate talk is insignificant.
20/Sep/12 8:39 AM
Ahoy me hearties,it be fair weather we be having.
20/Sep/12 9:03 AM
H=E=L=L=O Fiona!
20/Sep/12 9:05 AM
I'd go back and change those equal signs, but that requires effort.
20/Sep/12 9:05 AM
SB, no, that sort of no show happens rarely.
20/Sep/12 9:06 AM
And this particular doctor is very vigilant about letting her Canberra patients know if she is not coming for any reason.
20/Sep/12 9:07 AM
diigent is probably a better word than vigilant.

I'm off. Cya. Will leave the race to the TOPP to others.
20/Sep/12 9:09 AM
Hello any & everyone!!
20/Sep/12 9:17 AM
Good evening to all! A quiet day which is appropriate at a Memorial site.
20/Sep/12 9:20 AM
Cap'n Jane Knockboots,be my pirate name.
20/Sep/12 9:20 AM
A late day for me. I was tied up with medical appointments. At least I'm still kicking.
20/Sep/12 9:21 AM
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