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Easy Sudoku for 21/January/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A Thought For The Day:

Drunk drivers often run stop signs but people who are high on drugs don't. They just wait for the sign to turn green.
21/Jan/14 12:00 AM
My computer clock must be out of whack!
21/Jan/14 12:00 AM

21/Jan/14 12:05 AM
Good morning to all! I'm walking with more ease today.
21/Jan/14 12:15 AM
Puzzle answers for ‘Payton versus Manning’ (it was Manning with ease):
1. clone and lone
2. spurt and spur
3. (Barry) White and (Katrina) Whit
4. surge and urge
5. event and even
6. Avery (Corman) and aver
7. krill and rill
8. spill and (The) Pill
9. Morgan (Freeman) and More...
21/Jan/14 12:15 AM
As to how many sets of clues I make each puzzle, I had a mixed bag of responses. Anyway, next weekend I’ll post 15 clues on the Saturday/Sunday puzzle and 10 on the Sunday/Monday puzzle and we’ll see if more people try the 10 clue puzzle. I could make these even shorter, but the bottom line is that More...
21/Jan/14 12:18 AM
Kathy, thanks for that post from Ian. I'm glad to hear he is back home and recovering.
21/Jan/14 12:19 AM
And a CP to start the day!
21/Jan/14 12:19 AM
21/Jan/14 12:56 AM
Is that a pout? A kiss?
21/Jan/14 1:06 AM
Looks like a kiss to me.
21/Jan/14 1:21 AM

I hope Ian is recovering, Greg, but I think he meant he was waiting for the results of the tests that were taken. I hope the news is good for him.

They are predicting snow here tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it doesn't More...
21/Jan/14 1:25 AM
A pleasant 1 - 9 puzzle, with a silly but adorable picture at the end as a reward.
21/Jan/14 2:05 AM
Good Maen, good people. I have something every single day on my calendar for the next 14 days. Too crowded. I like winter days I don't need to leave the house! I'm crossing my fingers against the snow out here, too, Kathy! Maybe if I keep it at bay it can't blow eastwards?
21/Jan/14 2:06 AM
It took me 20 minutes yesterday to hack the frozen slush out of just one packed wheel well.
21/Jan/14 2:12 AM
The winter several years ago that we last got this much snow I didn't pay attention to my wheel wells and it cost me.
21/Jan/14 2:14 AM
Enough griping. Today I must be creative. I must put on my game designer hat. I have a game I am going to have sent off to be printed.
21/Jan/14 2:16 AM
A cp and a shout out to Keith: WAKE UP! Get the coffee on.
21/Jan/14 2:17 AM
Wha...? Hello. I'm here.
21/Jan/14 2:44 AM
What we're hoping for is rain, not less snow. Ours has been the driest rainy season on record. We're already on restrictions, something that has never happened before until later in the summer.
21/Jan/14 2:47 AM
I fear what it is going to be like when we do get into summer.
21/Jan/14 2:47 AM
21/Jan/14 2:47 AM
21/Jan/14 3:28 AM
Woohoo! 1:51! Not only broke my 2 minute barrier but beat by 9 seconds! I think my all time best! I know, I know, Chris and Anne will beat it by less than a minute!
21/Jan/14 3:30 AM
Yikees, Keith, down here we've already started with brush fires that have rained down ashes, forcing the children to stay indoors all day! Can you imagine how the poor teachers looked at the end of the day???
21/Jan/14 3:31 AM
Frazzled comes to mind.
21/Jan/14 3:45 AM
For your viewing pleasure...

The first full-length movie filmed outdoors was released on January 20, 1929. 'In Old Arizona' was the first full-length talking motion picture to be filmed outdoors. It was also one of the first American Western movies, and heavily influenced the conventions of the genre, including the image of the 'movie cowboy.'

21/Jan/14 3:48 AM
We'll. waiting to donate blood. 6 ahead of me 6 on the table but I have my phone to play.
21/Jan/14 4:42 AM
I think I just sent someone a friend request when switching chairs. Wish I had my glasses with me
21/Jan/14 4:45 AM
That is a very sparkly shirt.
21/Jan/14 4:51 AM
Um ... Daplap, did you mean to include a link to a video of the movie you talked about?
21/Jan/14 4:51 AM
Kisses today! Sweet girl.
21/Jan/14 4:56 AM

Hungry Horace was copying down his Mathematics Homework the other day, but because he was in a rush copied it down incorrectly.

They had been learning about multiplying 2 digit numbers, and had five questions to do at home. Horace, More...
21/Jan/14 4:56 AM

Don't I wish, Keith!

21/Jan/14 5:04 AM

Hey - there are clips listed on Google. Haven't tried them yet.

21/Jan/14 5:08 AM
I just went to Youtube, and the whole movie seems to be there in about 10 ten minute segments. I watched the first one, which starts with a song and a blank screen for the first minute and a half, but then the movie starts after that.
21/Jan/14 5:09 AM

Many thanks, Keith. I stupidly assumed it was one of those 'non-survivors.'

21/Jan/14 5:20 AM
so close . . .
21/Jan/14 5:35 AM
getting there . . .
21/Jan/14 5:35 AM
21/Jan/14 5:35 AM
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