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Easy Sudoku for 21/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:57 Good night one and all!

Lovely photo.
21/Jan/15 12:22 AM
What is happening that nobody has commented so far. Interesting photo.
21/Jan/15 12:23 AM
I'm back from 10 days visiting Israel. It was a great trip and my wife and I got to see almost everything we wanted to see. Highly recommend such a tour for everyone.
21/Jan/15 12:23 AM
Hi Anne, you posted while I was typing.
Good night Anne.
21/Jan/15 12:24 AM
What glorious mountains! They look young, geologically speaking.

I'm doing MUCH better now. The infection is over, and I can hear again!
21/Jan/15 1:13 AM

I have finished the hideous wallpaper glue removal. Hubby has spackled and sanded. Today I will be putting up the miles of painter's tape before we start painting. Of course, this project would move along more quickly if I actually HAD the paint. I must do something about that little glitch.
21/Jan/15 1:43 AM
Before I become one with that stupid ladder yet again.....here is today's poozle:

Running at the recent Sudokuland Mixed National Hurdle trials, ten contestants competed for the coveted Bat Crown. There were numerous judges who made sure that the results were accurate, from their notes can More...
21/Jan/15 1:46 AM
Today's picture is of Saint Mary Lake in Glacier National Park in Montana. Compare it to a pic in my gallery (near the bottom).
21/Jan/15 1:59 AM
Glad to hear you can hear again, Heidi. You hear?
21/Jan/15 2:02 AM
2:03... I thought I was on a faster pace than that. What a magnificent photo!
21/Jan/15 2:04 AM
Kathy, I'm looking at your puzzle - may not get to it until later, but I had to say the names are absolutely cracking me up!
21/Jan/15 2:12 AM
21/Jan/15 2:40 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
21/Jan/15 2:41 AM
... who got here early today.
21/Jan/15 3:06 AM
Beautiful photo today. Whoever took it
21/Jan/15 5:31 AM
Good afternoon to all! Wow! I'd like to see this place in person. Where is it?
21/Jan/15 5:55 AM
This is a must see video whether you golf or not:

21/Jan/15 5:58 AM
Greg's here.
21/Jan/15 5:59 AM
I'd better get serious.
21/Jan/15 5:59 AM
Or I'll miss my chance.
21/Jan/15 6:00 AM
Coming along?
21/Jan/15 6:00 AM
21/Jan/15 6:00 AM
Guess not.
21/Jan/15 6:00 AM
Greg, read my 1:59 AM post.
21/Jan/15 6:02 AM
Thanks Hal. I obviously hadn't read the previous posts yet! What a beautiful place!
21/Jan/15 6:11 AM
Keith, I get it if I get it, but I don't race for it. I'm too damn lazy!
21/Jan/15 6:12 AM

Happy Tuesday!
Banff and Lake Louise are on my bucket list so I can see this beautiful scenery in person!
21/Jan/15 6:26 AM
21/Jan/15 6:53 AM
Morning all, beautiful place indeed.
Pleased to hear the infection has gone,Heidi.
21/Jan/15 6:54 AM
Good morning all. Rain here today. I'm in a bit of trouble from hubby. We've revamped the vegie garden and the rain gauge is in the middle of the area. I watered the vegies yesterday. Oops forgot (AGAIN) to empty the rain gauge afterwards. It rained last night, but the question is - how much?
21/Jan/15 7:05 AM
1:20. Good morning everyone.
21/Jan/15 7:07 AM
He's been keeping rainfall records here for the last 21 years and is not impressed.
21/Jan/15 7:07 AM
I'll have to find out from the neighbours what we got, before it rains again.
21/Jan/15 7:08 AM
I see snow on those mountains. For that matter, I see snow on my mountains.
21/Jan/15 7:16 AM

33 seconds

If he runs up 8 steps, then he needs 21.0 seconds to reach the top.
If he runs up 14 steps, then he needs 12.0 seconds to reach the top.

The 6 additional steps take 9.0 seconds.
Therefore, each step takes More...
21/Jan/15 7:20 AM
All this snow talk reminds me of the old adage ... appropriate for so many of us here ... ''There may be snow on the roof, but there is still a fire in the furnace ...''
21/Jan/15 8:34 AM
21/Jan/15 9:29 AM
I'm here early today. Time for a cup of peppermint tea.
21/Jan/15 9:39 AM
I just had a cup of green tea. A few restless nights in a row have made me brain dead.
21/Jan/15 9:41 AM
Can't NOT do it....
21/Jan/15 9:42 AM
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