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Easy Sudoku for 21/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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.... look where we are now!
21/Nov/14 6:01 AM
Good to hear all went well, Chris!
21/Nov/14 6:01 AM
Morning all,a very relaxed banana.
21/Nov/14 6:51 AM
Pleased that the op went well, Chris. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
21/Nov/14 6:56 AM
Hi everyone, things aren't going quite as well as yesterday, I had to finally give in and take some pain tablets last night and again this morning - hopefully that'll be the last time I need them. Last night had to be one of the most uncomfortable nights of sleep I've ever had - I think I might try More...
21/Nov/14 7:46 AM
Oh, and 1:44 for the poozle.
21/Nov/14 7:47 AM
Good morning.
21/Nov/14 8:00 AM
Lovely and sunny outside.
21/Nov/14 8:00 AM
No need for the heater this morning.
21/Nov/14 8:01 AM
Currently 21*C, heading for 30*C.
21/Nov/14 8:04 AM
World wather is wierd, isn't it?
21/Nov/14 8:04 AM
Chris, those of us in healthcare know that it is easier to be on top of something than to chase it (pain, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc). When I had my surgery a month ago, I took my pain pills on a regular basis, whether I felt the pain or not, because I knew I would. I gradually lengthened More...
21/Nov/14 8:15 AM
Evening all! Hope you feel good again soon Chris! Hope not too much snow falls in the States. Here the sun is still shining during a glorious autumn but if there's snow over the pond it'll eventually make its way here. Have fun Kayo wherever you may disappear to!
21/Nov/14 8:42 AM

Well look who's here....Fiona has managed to extract herself from her couch.

Hope all is well down your way, Fiona.
21/Nov/14 8:54 AM
LOL! I've never thought of the U.S. or France being ''down'' from Australia! Aren't WE at the top of the Earth and YOU at the bottom, Peter? I guess if you are standing on the other side of the globe, though ...

Hi, Fiona!
21/Nov/14 9:51 AM
Hi Fiona. Hi Judy.
21/Nov/14 11:47 AM
Little smilie says The Witch Is In.
21/Nov/14 11:48 AM
Probably shouldn't have clarified that.
21/Nov/14 11:49 AM
It's about time world maps showed things as they really are.
21/Nov/14 11:50 AM
Now just let me go and find one of them.
21/Nov/14 11:51 AM
Can't dredge up a large map on its own, but I did find a google site whowing the maps we Aussies use that show the real view of the world.

https://www.google.com.au/search?q=map+of+the+world+with+australia+on+top&sa=X&biw=1699&bi h=1004&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&ei=gY5uVI2HNKGimQWxhYCwDw&ved=0CCgQsAQ

As usual remove any spaces.
21/Nov/14 12:03 PM
Tried the link - it works.
21/Nov/14 12:06 PM
More images than I thought there would be.
21/Nov/14 12:06 PM
Relevant maps in the first 2 lines.
21/Nov/14 12:07 PM
Off to get some lunch - cya.
21/Nov/14 12:09 PM
Wow! I saw comment by Fiona, then Peter, and then Judy, one after another. I thought to myself, 'Let the fireworks begin.'

And then... NOTHING!!!

C'mon, people. Where's the banter that used to occur here?
21/Nov/14 2:05 PM
And where in the world is Mr Cee? And Karen? And Jerry? And several others?
21/Nov/14 2:09 PM
I'm here. And chatting with a couple of guys on Match. And poking around on FB......
21/Nov/14 2:42 PM
Some of them have been seen on TOS, maybe it's just winding up to that busy time of year or maybe they are just plain snowed-in!!
21/Nov/14 2:50 PM
I expected Judy to fire back after my The witch is in comment.
21/Nov/14 3:18 PM
Bang!! Grrrrr! Hisssss!
21/Nov/14 3:29 PM

Well, I'm here Hal.....where the hell are you?
21/Nov/14 3:54 PM

Am I bloody well invisible, CP?
21/Nov/14 3:55 PM
Who said that? Is there someone here? Show yourself! Snicker ...
21/Nov/14 4:06 PM

You don't scare me, Judy.
21/Nov/14 4:21 PM

All those noises I'm hearing sounds like Judy drove her broomstick into a tree............. or

It could be Hal snoring!
21/Nov/14 4:24 PM
23/Nov/14 7:09 AM
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