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Easy Sudoku for 21/November/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
21/Nov/17 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people.
21/Nov/17 12:00 AM
1:56 Good night all!
21/Nov/17 12:20 AM
21/Nov/17 12:27 AM
27 comments on Medium yesterday!! Way to start a conversation, Jyrki!
21/Nov/17 12:38 AM
It's sunny here!!! (It's been quite awhile since we've seen the sun around here!)
Hope your day is full of sunshine, too!
21/Nov/17 1:21 AM
Hello, Twinkletoes!
21/Nov/17 1:37 AM
(For Shosho!)
21/Nov/17 1:38 AM
21/Nov/17 2:49 AM
21/Nov/17 3:35 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!
21/Nov/17 3:37 AM
Morning all, and hello twinkletoes.
Overcast with patches of blue here and there, hoping the patches get bigger !
21/Nov/17 5:39 AM
G'day to all! That 'twinkle twinkle little star' fell a long way to get to her toes!
21/Nov/17 6:06 AM
21/Nov/17 6:09 AM
Hi twinkletoes!
21/Nov/17 6:27 AM
Good morning.
21/Nov/17 6:40 AM
Groan Greg
21/Nov/17 7:38 AM
Looks more like 'twinklefingers' to me.
21/Nov/17 8:13 AM
Amblin' along, singin' a song.......
21/Nov/17 8:14 AM
Got to take Tara for a walk shortly.
21/Nov/17 8:14 AM
But first, there's business to attend to.....
21/Nov/17 8:15 AM
21/Nov/17 8:15 AM
Off doggie walking - my work here is complete......Hooroo, see ya' later!
21/Nov/17 8:16 AM
After this barrage from Peter, maybe you're right Anne. Oh well, it makes me feel at home
21/Nov/17 8:50 AM
I love how the waving hand is out of focus!
21/Nov/17 9:48 AM
Good morning all! Duh, I forgot to mention last night that I'm going to Perth today, taking my daughter and granddaughter (not her daughter) and collecting my other daughter from the airport this evening. Tomorrow night we are going to the CAT STEVENS CONCERT in Perth.
21/Nov/17 10:48 AM
Exciting plans, Anne - with special company! Have fun with the 'girls'~!
21/Nov/17 12:12 PM
Did CAT STEVENS, come out of retirement or is this another one?
21/Nov/17 12:35 PM
After our modern quilt show yesterday, we went to a Jeanne Robertson show at the university. If you want some giggles just google her name; she has a YouTube channel.
21/Nov/17 12:39 PM
Just 'Googled' - Guess his 'retirement fund' needs an influx.......
21/Nov/17 12:45 PM
1:44. Good afternoon everyone.
21/Nov/17 1:15 PM
DOA, he came out of 'retirement' about two years ago because he was in Perth for a concert then. This is his 50 Year Celebration Tour. His 'adopted' name is now Yusuf Islam.
21/Nov/17 1:35 PM
How 'bout that? It's 33 and I just popped a Bud.
21/Nov/17 2:07 PM
RIP - Della Reese, 86.
21/Nov/17 2:43 PM
Bed time. Night all.
21/Nov/17 2:44 PM
C'mon, Bud, Make Me wiser...
21/Nov/17 3:32 PM
Re: Cat Stevens; (From 'Wiki'
In December 1977, Stevens converted to Islam,[10] and he adopted the name Yusuf Islam the following year. In 1979, he auctioned all of his guitars for charity and left his musical career in order to devote himself to educational and philanthropic causes in the More...
21/Nov/17 3:37 PM
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