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Easy Sudoku for 21/December/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Maen ! Sudoku Land how are you?
21/Dec/18 12:06 AM
Sleeping in, Wow_Axel!
21/Dec/18 12:47 AM
2:20. Hard waking up this morning. Good Morning Wolf and to every one to come.
21/Dec/18 1:15 AM
Yesterday was sunny.
Today isn't.
Have a good one whichever!
(Now I'm off to painting class!!!)
21/Dec/18 1:21 AM
Good Maen, good people. I appreciate beehive's membership stats posted late yesterday. It's a fair bit of work to figure it all out.

After Burl lost his job a year ago I got to thinking of bunches of little ways to earn a few dollars here and there and had an idea to create a design for More...
21/Dec/18 2:31 AM
Solved without a hitch odds down then evens up (9, 7, 5, 3, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8).
21/Dec/18 2:37 AM
21/Dec/18 3:43 AM
21/Dec/18 3:43 AM
Plum, show your wares as artwork on TOS, so that we can see them!
21/Dec/18 3:49 AM
1:56, very slow today - too early and not enough coffee! Good morning everyone.
21/Dec/18 4:12 AM
Everybody!! On cpu late today.
21/Dec/18 4:18 AM
Beautiful garden flowers Wendy
21/Dec/18 4:45 AM
21/Dec/18 4:47 AM
Morning all.
21/Dec/18 4:53 AM
Morning all,beautiful flowers,Wendy.
Hoping Lizzy from Gosford is ok, they had a hail storm last night. The hail was the size of tennis balls.
21/Dec/18 6:23 AM
21/Dec/18 6:28 AM
We got three storm fronts come through but thankfully no hail.
Bill is hoping the rain stays away as they have their last golf game for the year. They get points for dressing up ,he has tinsel and Christmas bells decorating his golf bag ,buggy and hat plus a Christmas shirt.
21/Dec/18 6:33 AM
21/Dec/18 6:34 AM
Hello everyone - it's busy, busy where ever one goes- mailing, shopping, getting fuel … streets clogged with traffic; thankfully everyone is in the Christmas spirit ,,,being generous, polite, and happy!

Hope you too find folks being kind and paying happiness forward!
21/Dec/18 8:14 AM
all. A few of the comments today have to do with weather. Not to be outdone, our weather in the supposedly sunny south has been horrible! Since midnight last night we've had 4 inches of rain so far, and it started at noon yesterday. More rain expected tonight & tomorrow with gale force winds. YUCK 🤢
21/Dec/18 8:20 AM
Thanks, Plum - interesting solution......
21/Dec/18 9:01 AM
Gotta try...
21/Dec/18 9:02 AM
From Google, just what I wanted to know:
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Brunfelsia australis)
For the lover of fragrant plants in violet hues, this enduring and easily grown tropical will fill any sunny exposure with floral delight.

What a great name! Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!
A rare time that the botanical name is shorter and easier.
21/Dec/18 10:39 AM
Gath might have an opinion on such a site, Plum, but of course contacting him is unlikely to result in a reply :-( I do think for sure that you'd need to call it Plum, and not use sudoku.com.au's name.
21/Dec/18 10:42 AM
The caulking and painting was done today, so now the window and the side walls around it look better than the rest of the dining room. It was cloudy and rainy again today, so the dirty outside side of the glass was not a problem, with no sun showing the dirt. I wish the rain would clean the window, though!
21/Dec/18 10:45 AM
Replying to Hal's comment yesterday:
It's not a DC thing. No matter where you live, repair is the building's responsibility while keeping things neat and clean is the tenant's.
21/Dec/18 10:50 AM
Might as well post another commment for a CP.
The caulk and paint dudes used clear caulking around the windows, so it looks far better than the old black stuff that had dried up between the metal window frames and the glass.
21/Dec/18 10:56 AM
To go on with this boring saga: I am inconsistent in using singular and plural window/s because it is a 5-foot wide window with 15 inches on one side of it that opens, so is that narrower part another window, or is the whole thing one window?
21/Dec/18 11:04 AM
That was a 'tongue in cheek' comment yesterday, Sarah.
21/Dec/18 12:35 PM
21/Dec/18 12:35 PM
Can someone please tell me, what is TOS?
21/Dec/18 1:15 PM
This close... Gotta keep the numbers going...
21/Dec/18 1:20 PM
Whew, it's 37.4C here, time for a beer. Come have a XXXX Gold with me.
21/Dec/18 1:25 PM
saltie - TOS is The Other Site, aka Facebook.
21/Dec/18 1:57 PM
When you're on Facebook, then this site is TOS! Sudoku Friends is a private Facebook group for members of this nuthouse. You need to provide your sudoku.com.au name to verify your membership if your Facebook self is not Saltie.
21/Dec/18 2:21 PM
Thank you Hal and Sarah.

I wish it wasn't fb, 'cause to date no-one has been able to twist my arm sufficiently to make me join.
21/Dec/18 5:02 PM
Understandable, saltie. Zuckerburg's reputation for sharing personal info of members for profit appears to be true, but I've been on it for years and never had a problem.
21/Dec/18 5:32 PM
On occasion, I inadvertently, open a fb page. Usually it is when I open a link someone shares via email. The page is immediately closed and steps are taken to delete the cookies the mis-adventure creates.
21/Dec/18 5:57 PM
Tonight is our first celebration of Christmas for 2018. One branch of the family who are locals are off to Griffith to spend Christmas with family there. So it is time for the grandkids to get some of their presents tonight and have a meal.
21/Dec/18 7:22 PM
This is the end of page one. The second Christmas get together will be on Christmas Day, when the other local family of children and grandchildren will join us.
21/Dec/18 7:31 PM
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