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Easy Sudoku for 21/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Nice to see you posting Lizbaby4, hope you have been well x
21/Feb/08 1:40 AM
all, Catherine S , Noblewine and txsxyrd
21/Feb/08 1:48 AM
21/Feb/08 1:50 AM
21/Feb/08 1:59 AM
mAen all! Happy birthday, Catherine, Noblewine and txsxyrd, enjoy your special day.
21/Feb/08 2:11 AM
2:36. Good Maen to All.
21/Feb/08 2:34 AM
Anu, Neither :)
21/Feb/08 2:45 AM
2:20 Maen! Nice photo... looks like the photographer had to get down below the flower to get the sky in the background like that!
21/Feb/08 2:51 AM
Good mAen everyone.

to Catherine .

to Noblewine .

All my best wishes for bothof you.
21/Feb/08 3:03 AM
Good morning to all! Nice orchid.
21/Feb/08 3:15 AM
Nice one Anu. You take me back to my old philosphy course in uni. The age-old liars paradox. Angie (W) you have the correct answer.
21/Feb/08 3:17 AM
Thanks Greg. Had a teacher in high school who always put an extra credit point at the end of each test and quiz. Always little riddle's and the like. Except twice when the extra credit was to name the dwarfs from Snow White and all of Santa's reindeer.
There you go Jamie.... Make your students wonder!
21/Feb/08 3:23 AM
Did I feel WHAT "bump", EVE? Why, you naughty girl ... what ARE you doing up there north of me?? :)
21/Feb/08 3:23 AM
, Catherine
, txsxyrd
, noblewine
21/Feb/08 3:46 AM
21/Feb/08 3:51 AM
forgot the timer
21/Feb/08 3:52 AM
Nice flower.
21/Feb/08 3:53 AM
Hope all is well in Sudoku land as it is colder than Satan's breath here.
21/Feb/08 3:57 AM
Speaking of Satan's breath, I noticed a few folks had a bit of a devilish time on yesterday puzzle!
21/Feb/08 3:59 AM
Naome: The timer's on the breafast table after boiling the egg
21/Feb/08 4:05 AM
The scent of that orchid is a great improvement on the odour of peoples' breakings of wind - such as we experienced yesterday
21/Feb/08 4:23 AM
A very tired nurse walks into a bank, totally exhausted
after an 18-hour shift. Preparing to write a check, she
pulls a rectal thermometer out of her purse and tries to
write with it.
"well that's great. some asshole has my pen"
21/Feb/08 4:50 AM
My timer is only used for eggs also, Rayray! Who needs the pressure?

A pregnant woman named her children Dominique, Regis, Michelle, Fawn, Sophie, and Lara. What will she name her next child? Jessica, Katie, Tilly, or Abby?
21/Feb/08 4:51 AM
Judy - I heard on the news that there was a 5.0 in your area yesterday afternoon. It was described as a "bump" in the news report.
21/Feb/08 5:21 AM
Kathy: If I must choose from that group of 4 names & do not know the sex of the child in advance - I would say Abby. It is also the only name in the first 1/3 of the alphabet.
21/Feb/08 5:34 AM
Good Wednesday late Maen, all!
21/Feb/08 5:39 AM
Dorthea - rofl!!

Kathy, I know the answer, but will hum to myself for awhile, giving others a chance!
21/Feb/08 5:40 AM
Shhhhh, Angie! Join me...♪hummm,♪♪hum,huuuummm♪♪
21/Feb/08 5:47 AM
21/Feb/08 5:53 AM
Well Kathy, she is singing the scale, so we all know what follows Lara.
21/Feb/08 5:54 AM
Good maEn Sudokuland!
It is a beautiful flower.
Happy birthday,

catherine, S from France,
T, txsxyrd from @aol.com,
noblewine from US -- Oklahoma
21/Feb/08 5:59 AM
I'm with you Greg, Tilly
21/Feb/08 6:03 AM
Well done CG! Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, TI! Tilly!
21/Feb/08 6:05 AM
And GMo! Well done!
21/Feb/08 6:06 AM
You can stop humming now, Angie!
21/Feb/08 6:07 AM
Thank you all,
I'm throwing a party tonight !
xxxxxxxxxxxx to all !
see you later!
21/Feb/08 6:07 AM
21/Feb/08 6:20 AM
Kathy, I was going to answer "jam and bread" as it seems you and Angie (W) are Sound of Music fans. I heard the humming all the way up here!!
21/Feb/08 7:01 AM
♪These are a few of my favorite things♪♪ (as she breaks into song!)

Thinking caps on people!
Continue the series: ottffss _ _ _
21/Feb/08 7:27 AM
Kathy, I sent you the answer in a private message. Let's see who gets it.
21/Feb/08 7:51 AM
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