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Easy Sudoku for 21/February/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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21/Feb/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
Ahhhh! A strange promise that Spring is on its way hit us last night! The sweet smell of ... skunk!!! They have awoken from their winter sleep and one got hit in front of our house last night. Think he dropped his whole saved-up-over-the-winter load before he bit the dust!
21/Feb/10 12:00 AM
2:10, hi all.
21/Feb/10 12:03 AM
No skunks over here Shiela - thank goodness!
21/Feb/10 12:05 AM
I'll be glad to send you a few, Chris!
The only good thing is that it is breeding time and this means less new ones!
21/Feb/10 12:10 AM
Good Morning to everyone.

I have been hearing birds sing in the morning. It is another sure sign Spring is on the Horizon!
21/Feb/10 12:11 AM
May all of your birthday wishes come true!
21/Feb/10 12:14 AM
Good Maen Shiela no cats around so the skunks stay away.
21/Feb/10 12:41 AM
Our cat always wanted to play with the skunks. Lucky none of the skunks took offense.
21/Feb/10 12:45 AM
Yes, my cats are both indoor cats, John.
We used let our cats out before coyotes started coming around. Saw one of our cats under a tree in the back yard just sitting with a skunk. They looked like they were friends! Both sat together under the tree for quite a while!
21/Feb/10 12:47 AM
forgot a 'to'.
21/Feb/10 12:48 AM
good maen to all
21/Feb/10 1:15 AM
Gooooood Morning, Sudokuland.
21/Feb/10 1:45 AM
Cool here this morning. 28° F. (-2.2° C.) and clear. Not a cloud in the sky.
21/Feb/10 1:46 AM
To: catherine, S from France, T, txsxyrd from @aol.com, noblewine from Oklahoma


21/Feb/10 1:48 AM
My Two dogs were so excited, to meet a new friend, that they ran right up to and were sprayed by Mr / Mrs Skunk. Phew..... Fortunately, they never repeated. Thank goodness for tomato juice!
21/Feb/10 1:54 AM
Good Maen friends! Slow morning...I am 2 hours late getting up on the site and am still on the first page....WoooHooo!
21/Feb/10 2:01 AM
Shiela - I don't envy you...haven't had the skunks hearlding in the spring, yet! I love how your and Dorthea's cats seem to get along with skunks...made me think of ol' Pepe le Pu!
21/Feb/10 2:08 AM
I had a sign of spring two days ago, Robbins returning from their winter residence back to their summer home.
21/Feb/10 2:28 AM
If somebody tried to kayak like that here, they'd die of hypothermia in minutes.
21/Feb/10 2:29 AM
Not just one or two robins but a large flock. robin is spelled with one "b" not two as in my previous post
21/Feb/10 2:31 AM
21/Feb/10 2:33 AM
Kayaking like that on the lake where I live right now would have the same problem. Water temperature is 46 F.
21/Feb/10 2:33 AM
Jerry... Mythbusters did a segment on skunk spray. They actually found a remedy that works perfectly. It's: 4 cups Peroxide, 4 tablespoons baking soda and 1 teaspoon dish soap. It completely removes skunk smell. Tomato juice leaves a lingering pung.
21/Feb/10 2:33 AM
When our dogs got squirted a few years ago, we tried every commercial and homemade solution available to rid of the smell. Nothing worked until a fellow sheepishly recommended a particular feminine product that I can't mention on this family site!
21/Feb/10 2:38 AM
Heidi, Good to know, BUT....

I was out camping with friends. We had soap & water and tomato juice. You are right, it did leave some odor behind, but there was a major improvement. Thanks for the "recipe".

(Mythbusters is one of my favorite "time wasters".)
21/Feb/10 2:48 AM
The skunk smell is also emitted by some species of plants. In Florida, Spanish Stopper, a woody shrub which can grow to 20' and was used by Spanish settlers as a antidiarrhea tonic, can smell quite strongly of 'varmint.' The plant produces the exact same chemical as produced by the animal.
21/Feb/10 3:02 AM
We Have "Western Skunk Cabbage". It is different from the Eastern variety...
21/Feb/10 3:24 AM
It's here!!! Yea!
21/Feb/10 3:25 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Catherine!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
21/Feb/10 3:25 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Txsxyrd!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
21/Feb/10 3:26 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Noblewine!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
21/Feb/10 3:27 AM
How funny you should mention skunks! Yesterday we received an all call from the principal that no one was to leave the classrooms. Not even bathroom trips - imagine the leg twisting bottom scootching kids! About a half hour later the principal announced that students could leave the room. She told everyone that we had to convince a skunk to go back to the canyon behind the school.
21/Feb/10 3:30 AM
21/Feb/10 3:31 AM
thanks for the skunk smell remedy. came home from work to the smell on my two dogs. Tomato juice didn't quite get it all. I will try Heidi's remedy today.
21/Feb/10 3:42 AM
Heidi's remedy is a popular "google" result... (As if Heidi needs backing up!)
21/Feb/10 3:53 AM
i play almost every day, but hardly ever post. went to my page and saw all the well wishes for b-day and christmas. thanks to all who remembered me. I love sudoku! especially sudoku.com.au.!
21/Feb/10 4:15 AM
So nice to have the furnace working, again. The electric space heater will, kind of, maintain the temperature, but takes forever to warm the TT back up after an overnight cool down...
21/Feb/10 4:35 AM

Only two answers to yesterday's puzzle. The answer was Four Score, or, four and twenty (if you ignored the rhyming clue). Congrats to Greg and Broni!

Let's see if I get more responses to this one:

The following More...
21/Feb/10 4:43 AM
I saw one robin on my deck a few days ago. Poor thing was looking around at all the snow and seemed to be wondering where in the heck he was! Probably thought he took a wrong turn somewhere...
21/Feb/10 4:49 AM
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