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Easy Sudoku for 21/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day Down Under and Hi Up above
21/Mar/17 12:01 AM
First post?
21/Mar/17 12:01 AM
Nup... pipped at the post...
I'm off to bed
Have a good day everyone
21/Mar/17 12:04 AM
Good Maen, good people. I'm back from my Robotics weekend. We had a good time. I shared you all with a couple of people while there.
21/Mar/17 12:13 AM
It's Michigan in March. Back when I registered for the weekend we were having a remarkably mild month so I didnt opt to go up and stay the night before. I figured it was about the same price for my daughter Skye and myself to get a last minute hotel room only 15 minutes away and, unlike the More...
21/Mar/17 12:32 AM
21/Mar/17 12:36 AM
Heading home 37 hour later the same grueling 5 miles of roadway were clear of snow and ice and the seeming distance to the highway shrank from an eternity to a moment under brilliant blue skies that promised spring. Ah. Michigan in March.
21/Mar/17 12:38 AM
Speaking of Spring, this is a VERY good Maen ... the moment of the Spring/fall equinox is less than 7 hours away. And we had thunderstorms roll through last night and this morning. Even had an electric outage for the 3rd time this month. Ah, March, March, March.
21/Mar/17 12:44 AM
With a Spring in my step I must now get back to my regularly scheduled weekly activities PLUS many special highlights for the upcoming week. Burl travels - once again without me - to Portland, Oregon this week. Skye, Faun and I have yet to decide on what fun we will get up to while he's gone. I More...
21/Mar/17 12:54 AM
After a hot and steamy day in Melbourne I wish Summer would give up and let some cooler weather through
21/Mar/17 1:14 AM
78F not a cloud in the sky as usual. Smell of flowers in the air. Haven't had to turn on the heat all winter which makes electric bill very low. Sorry for you all.
21/Mar/17 1:29 AM
Very pretty flowers. Sacky.
21/Mar/17 1:30 AM
Good morning.
21/Mar/17 1:41 AM
Almost all of last week's snow dump has melted. Robins are here and tulips are starting to come up. Still planning to ski this week, though--never can say goodbye to winter.
21/Mar/17 2:32 AM
21/Mar/17 3:09 AM
I'm like you Dot.com! We never use a heater, just put on a sweater and socks is my concession to the cold!
21/Mar/17 3:10 AM
Thought a couple of months back, it was cold enough for a comforter on the bed, bad idea! We roasted that night, so quickly put the comforter away. Think I might sell the darn thing for all the use I got out it!
21/Mar/17 3:12 AM
Oh, Keith!!! I'm going out now. Better get your keister moving!
21/Mar/17 3:12 AM
Might that be from one year's collection of 'Sculptures by the Sea' along Sydney's coastal walk over-looking the Indian Ocean?
21/Mar/17 3:24 AM
Me, too - I'm outta here; all set for some lucky soul to jump!
21/Mar/17 3:27 AM
21/Mar/17 4:36 AM
21/Mar/17 4:36 AM
21/Mar/17 7:11 AM
Morning all, this is at Noosa in Queensland, Joyce.
21/Mar/17 7:59 AM
Joyce, can't quite see the Indian ocean from Sydney, even if I squint.

Now the Pacific ocean, well that's a different matter....
21/Mar/17 8:49 AM
Thanks Peter... I intended to find a map... but really maybe your problem is you're looking the wrong way!!
21/Mar/17 9:38 AM
Joyce -
21/Mar/17 10:19 AM
2:07 Thought it was quicker than that.

Good morning one and all!
21/Mar/17 11:18 AM
That picture was on years ago. I remember copying it, and using a graphics program to put a coconut shell bikini top on her. Never could get it just right.
21/Mar/17 11:32 AM
Happy Monday home from work.
21/Mar/17 12:13 PM
Anyone wanting free sauna weather is more than welcome in my little part of the world..inside 80% humidity and rising!!!

For the grammar police I am not sure if that should be is more or are more.....but I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.
21/Mar/17 2:34 PM
They are - He is...
21/Mar/17 4:13 PM
You are miss9ng it Lizzy but we have a storm about to hit us. More rain. Lucky I washed the sheets yesterday.
21/Mar/17 4:38 PM
The subject, anyone, is singular, so is is the correct choice.
21/Mar/17 6:57 PM
1:34. Good evening everyone.
21/Mar/17 7:34 PM

Thanks everyone, not often I am right the first time!

June, we didnt miss the storm, we just had to wait til around 8.30pm for it it hit here........as if we need any more rain
21/Mar/17 10:11 PM
Good Maen, good people. Burl is on his way to Portland without me. Instead I get to take the dog to the vet to have her earwax situation checked out.
21/Mar/17 11:04 PM
I have driven almost 2-1/2 hours this morning and I've finally gotten around to eating last night's supper. Maybe I can get in a nap before I have to find the leash and load up the dog?
21/Mar/17 11:07 PM
I am definitely NOT a morning person.
Especially on less than 6 hours sleep.
21/Mar/17 11:08 PM
21/Mar/17 11:49 PM
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