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Easy Sudoku for 21/June/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Luck for when Baby is Born Karen. and I hope all goes well.
My babies: one was born on due date, the other 2 days late!!
21/Jun/09 10:04 AM
Good Evening to everyone! Rivers and lakes are all swollen around here. We have had plenty of rain.
21/Jun/09 10:07 AM
Quick hello from work. I see Karen is still pregnant. Don't think anyone else in Canberra can be! 8 babies overnight - glad i wasn't on night duty!!
21/Jun/09 12:03 PM
Rola, Angie have a wonderful time and post pics so I can enjoy the trip vicariously!
21/Jun/09 1:19 PM
Hey, 1:51! Finally broke the 2 minute barrier. Haven't done that in a loooooonnnnnngggg time.
Now Karen you do the same but in the baby department!
21/Jun/09 1:23 PM
CG, Kathy,

21/Jun/09 2:01 PM
21/Jun/09 2:15 PM
Good night worldly people.
21/Jun/09 3:13 PM
Today is our shortest day and the sun's about to set - at 5.13pm. The day is just 9 hours, 38 minutes and 13 seconds long!
21/Jun/09 5:13 PM
Oh - and that was a break of excactly 2 hours. Ian would be proud.
21/Jun/09 5:14 PM
Wishing all of you a very nice day wherever you are.
21/Jun/09 5:15 PM

21/Jun/09 5:20 PM
21/Jun/09 5:22 PM
Hello and best wishes to you as well, dear Wagdy!
21/Jun/09 5:34 PM
hmmmmm hello fellow sudokuists. hope your day has been a good one.
certainly a very short amount of daylight today and we had a storm come through at 3.30 and it turned to night then so been very dim and dark which is pretty normal for this day.
Judy Oklahoma
am a little confused More...
21/Jun/09 7:27 PM
Gee thanks Rose, now you made me look, I'm a little confused also, maybe I need a bigger screen.
21/Jun/09 7:53 PM
This may be a little late in the day for anyone to see but a friend just sent me this YouTube link. The boys are apparently 14 & 15 years old. It's quite nice. Take a look.

Rosemary - I was wondering too!
21/Jun/09 8:16 PM
Hello Cyn - loved the Youtube. Thanks for that. What talented young chaps.
21/Jun/09 9:29 PM
Hi Anne - they were, weren't they?
21/Jun/09 10:17 PM
Rosemary, Angie and Cyn.... I have some guesses as to what it may be.... but.... I think I'll keep them to my self!
21/Jun/09 10:26 PM
The British Press 'syndicate' has accused the Iranian government of rigging the poll. This means they stand accused of forging 11,000,000 votes. What the British are worried about is a further erosion of their future material interests in Iranian resources. The rent-a-mob created from British More...
21/Jun/09 10:45 PM
Meanwhile an increasing number of British MPs; ex-associates of Blair; are under investigation on the grounds that they have broken the law through fraudulent expense claims. This indicates something of the (im)moral calibre of the British government.
21/Jun/09 10:48 PM
I was confused about Judy's avatar, too, so I went to her page to see the "big picture." It's her ... uh ... wiener dog lying on his back ... all of him ...
21/Jun/09 11:13 PM
01/Sep/09 8:08 AM
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