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Easy Sudoku for 21/September/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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21/Sep/10 2:33 PM
Really, there are times I think I should get a life, but this is so much more fun.
21/Sep/10 2:34 PM
those are fun, frozen and dipped in chocolate. I used to like bananas before doing these organized bike rides, one banana after another and passed out for snacks too , now if I never see another banana again, it'll be too soon
21/Sep/10 2:34 PM
you are on quite the roll, poor Phantom with so many pages to recap
21/Sep/10 2:35 PM
Viv must be wildly celebrating since she hasn't popped in today
21/Sep/10 2:36 PM
Nah, he will just say we talked amongst ourselves.
21/Sep/10 2:36 PM
He would have to fill up a page of summaries a while back. There were some days that the pages went over 20. And when someone went out of town, there were parties on their pages. Seems we have quietened down now. Though, I try my best to keep the page numbers up.
21/Sep/10 2:39 PM
okay, I'll trade you. I got the 'we're all drunk at a bar and decided to call you and pass the phone around' call. Hate when he does that, they all think they're soooo funny.
21/Sep/10 2:41 PM
Parties on people's pages? Is that like going to a rave,lol?
21/Sep/10 2:42 PM
It was so cool. Lot's of beavertail passed around and other worldly treats.
At one party, live stock was brought in. I was afraid to go to that party.
Plenty over beverages too.
21/Sep/10 2:45 PM
I got hen pecked as he went out the door.
Miss the weekend kiss, that I vaguely remember now.
21/Sep/10 2:46 PM
Oh, and the chatroom was really a wild place. Even before I showed up. I heard stories, how people would change their names. That was really confusing. But the chatroom died, because of some knucklehead. Then when I was a nightly regular, with a great group, that I call the Chatters, we had so much More...
21/Sep/10 2:52 PM
Should I be concerned that the unfolded laundry pile on the dryer is taller than I am? And there's another load waiting to go in....
21/Sep/10 2:52 PM
I believe one is a lurker, she is harmless though.
21/Sep/10 2:52 PM
21/Sep/10 2:53 PM
That is what the couch is for. Pending stuff.
21/Sep/10 2:54 PM
I've seen the 'chatroom' link on the bottom of the page but never looks like it's used. There's always one bad apple who spoils it for the others..
21/Sep/10 2:55 PM
I've been trying to figure out. There's different categories for comments and I think Anne said something the other night about marking the comment as 'joke' but I never see comments look different or in different places...
21/Sep/10 2:58 PM
It was so much fun. It was during my procrastination years.
Now, I am surprised, that I have been back for 6 weeks. Do not dare make noise when little people are sleeping, so I come in here.
21/Sep/10 2:59 PM
It is because all your boxes at the top of the page are checked. If you did not want the jokes, which I cannot imagine why, you would unclick that box and you would miss out on a great deal of many belly laughs and groans.
21/Sep/10 3:01 PM
My life is one big study in procrastination...
21/Sep/10 3:02 PM
There are also other Forums for chatting away. I believe they are called SA. Then the recipe forum, the baby due date forum (which is really fun)there are a lot.
21/Sep/10 3:03 PM
OMG! I never noticed that before...I hadn't been marking my comments other than general chat, I figured that included jokes
21/Sep/10 3:05 PM
I used the excuse of giving my brain cells time to evaluate and process whatever I was studying at the time. It took a long time to process all that knowledge. Too bad I cannot remember what I learned.
21/Sep/10 3:05 PM
Not a problem, we have a forgiving, loving bunch of people here.
21/Sep/10 3:07 PM
I quickly glanced through things when I first joined and I know Jane mentioned the recipe stuff, but have mostly just hung here..my brain cells are mutants and can only process off-beat, outside the box details
21/Sep/10 3:09 PM
Wonder how Amelia, enjoyed her babysitting of Ella today?
21/Sep/10 3:10 PM
So what do you have your master's in?
21/Sep/10 3:11 PM
I am like that.
21/Sep/10 3:12 PM
Tomorrows line up is my favorite NCIS shows.
There is one on another network I have not seen advertise, called Detroit 1 - 2 - 3 or something like that.
21/Sep/10 3:13 PM
Must have missed that post from Amelia. I know shosho said she was babysitting this weekend. My neighbor's daughter is down to her last two weeks or so, as seen from the shower this past weekend this is going to be one spoiled baby
21/Sep/10 3:14 PM
I am just a Bachelor.
Think Shosho may have been talking about that Super Woman Principal lady.
21/Sep/10 3:14 PM
ahhh the 'men in uniform' theme again, I see.
21/Sep/10 3:16 PM
OH, Shannon, you cannot spoil a baby. I know, I have two.
Might have read that comment on the other site about Amelia. Oops.
Why are you spying on your neighbor, from the shower?
21/Sep/10 3:18 PM
oh, thought she was making a reference to you.
21/Sep/10 3:20 PM
I was not sure at that time. She did say she hit her head today.
21/Sep/10 3:21 PM
Then she used a big word, that I had to look up what it meant and by the time I returned, the conversation had changed and I thought she went to bed.
21/Sep/10 3:22 PM
Are you paying attention this time?
21/Sep/10 3:23 PM
I have been waiting for two things.
21/Sep/10 3:24 PM
heehee. She is quite petite, I think right now she's as big around as she is tall. It's a good thing I didn't have daughters, I'd spend all day wanting to dress them up in cute outfits
21/Sep/10 3:24 PM
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