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Easy Sudoku for 22/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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4:27, Bad Day, Good mAen. The hair looks like my old girl friend's. The hair on the one on the right.

Not much better than you, Bill from Texas!
Good day, missed the night but also have a good evening. Work is almost done and I will turn my brain off. Oh I forgot, it was never on.
im changing my style
What up everybody
what's up everybody
Bert from BWI: If you see this, can you advise how far the Airport Marriott is from the downtown core? Could someone easily get to the core and back and still see some sights in a 5 hour timeframe? Thanks.
Greg, hi. Depending on the time of day, the commute from the BWI Airport Marriott to downtown Washington DC is approximately 45-55 minutes. It takes about 15-20 minutes to travel from the hotel to the Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore, another nice destination with good food, scenery, culture, shopping, etc. So, yes, one could easily enjoy many interesting sites in a 5-hour timespan.
Hope all are having a great day/night thus far. Dave, You are as bad as I am...You gave Deb's Mark to Susan/Ingham and I gave LP's second grand daughter to L.K, I'm sure Dave is as sorry for the mixup as I and we hope all understand!!!Proud Mom Rose, hopr your wonderfully talented More...
Greg: If you go from BWI to DC, check to see if the Amtrak and MARC (Maryland Area Rapid Something-or-other) trains are running within a couple of minutes of each other. Amtrak costs about $20+, whereas MARC is around $5-6. They use the same tracks and there's no real difference, except the regulations (and cost structure) they operate under.
Thank you Mamacita 2 .....Yes, Dave, please don't give my Mark to Susan...lol...


October sure is a busy time for birthdays!!!!
Mark thanks everybody who has wished him a happy birthday. He had a wonderful day!!
Deb, I am so late, but happy belated birthday to Mark. This certainly is the post holiday baby boom season! Also, happy birthday to Glenn, and to baby Liam, baby Jesus, God and everybody.
Susan and Rola, YOU are the real winners with your children doing so well in school. All the best to you and yours for continued success!
Bert and Commuter: Yhanks for the info. Am tentatively (slated but still not sure as I may get bumped by a senior manager) going to be there a week from next Wednasdey for one overnight and some meetings on the Thursday. Hope to see a little of the inner harbour area. Appreaciate your advice.
I have a serious question that I would like to hear your input, opinion or comment.

My sister is a Nanna of five. Three of her grandchildren live in Campbelltown, NSW so she sees them about 4 or 5 times a year. The other two live only a couple of suburbs away. When the first of these two More...
Oh, should also mention that the Dad has taken a second job on weekends to make some extra money so he can buy a bigger boat, therefore, weekends are taken up with the kids as well.
Deb, When your sister feels she has had enough of being taken advantage of , she must say so! Our children are not mind readers and feel they are only doing what the can, with their mom's permission! She knows what she can do and must set the boundries or not complain! Her health must come first. She has to set the limits!
I love this game.
Your sister needs to say enough! I guess in the first place she thought she was doing the right thing but it seems now she is being taken for granted and used.
I have told all my children ... I will be a nanna and do the occasional babysitting but NOT a childcare worker.
Your sister needs to look after herself or she wont be around to help out and enjoy her family in the longer term.
looks like lots of fun
Happy Birthday Greg

enjoy your day/night one and all
Greg, who needs a train when a Sudokuholics Anonymous ''short bus'' is available to you at no charge? As the date approaches, please let us know if you'll make the trip, and maybe we can coordinate plans and pilot your whirlwind tour of the metro area. If that doesn't happen, it would be a blast to meet for coffee or refreshments before you head back home.
First question: Has your sister asked your opinion or advice?

How cool of you to offer to show Greg around. Not that I would expect less.
BERT: Thank you. If this trip is to happen I'll know by Tuesday. If I'm can make it down, I do appreciate your offer, and if nothing else let's meet for coffee or a glass of cheer. If I am going to be in Baltimore, I'll send you a work email address where we can exchange some info. Chhers, and thanks again!
Sonny and Cher?? I thought it was Moe and Larry, but I couldn't find Curly.
ED: Where have you been? Long time no hear from! Did you see the link that Corky posted a few days back (and how it was found I'll never know)? Check it out: http://www.thearchimedeandual.com/chords_lyrics/a_chords_and _lyrics.htm#H_
Ed, our very own Canuk is the cool one. I'm a party animal. You know that. 'good 2CU.

Greg, 'sounds fantastic! I hope it happens.
As wonderful as I'm sure he is, no thanks Dave, Deb can keep Mark. Why on earth would I want 2 men? One is too much sometimes! lol
bert, thanks for that. I must say that it's a real buzz seeing my son do so well. Proud doesn't cover it!!
BILL, you always make me lauge - today's comment and that of raising a future amateur video game player.
lauge isn't a strange Aussie term, laugh is what i meant
The wind is sweepin' down the plain today in Oklahoma!
Deb, of course your sister must talk to them, but the children's parents might really think that your sister is happy to have them so often. It would be really hard for her to refuse. Let me guess, Dad wants to mow the lawn, but the children end up at your sister's for the whole day. Perhaps she More...
Deb, I would love to have your email address as there's something concerning this that I can't say on here.
A few people have mine, so if you're in email contact with Deb, please give her my address, then it's up to Deb if she wants to contact me.
For now, I have to get ready for a Body Shop More...
Well done all you who could follow Deb's story about her family arrangements -- you are more persistant in following a story than I could ever be!!
to Deb's Mark for yesterday.
Glenn, . Hope your day is wonderful.
Sure is a lot of October birthdays, I contributed to two of them myself. It is reflected at work, where there is about a 33% increase in our birth numbers on the same time last year. It is traditionally busier in September/October than other times of the year - and referred to as the time the Christmas/New Year presents arrive. But this year... Is it the baby bonus?
I can't help myself Deb! I have to comment on it. Though you will probably already have guessed what's coming.

Your Sister obviously wants to do what she is doing. Otherwise she wouldn't be doing it. If she is whining to you about how much she is doing, she is merely trying to sound like More...
Or, you could be like the new Baz, and let it slide!
think I wished Greg happy birthday instead of Glen
sorry Glen
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