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Easy Sudoku for 22/December/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Cotton: Material from which a married woman’s underwear is made.
Here's today's factoid:
Cotton candy, notoriously bad for teeth, was co-invented by a dentist
22/Dec/14 12:00 AM
, y'all! Cowboy and his buddy looking sharp in the photo.
22/Dec/14 12:10 AM
I have been to all the puzzles and still only Kayo and Silvergal. We went out to lunch. I love crème Brule but I think it was a bit rich for me. Then I was sill enough to have a coffee when I know it keeps me awake.
22/Dec/14 12:44 AM
22/Dec/14 1:27 AM
What a sweet looking dog. I wonder if he was the ring bearer.
22/Dec/14 1:40 AM
Wow! I made this much harder than it could possibly have been!
22/Dec/14 3:11 AM
Happy Sunday!
22/Dec/14 3:58 AM
Hi folks. Just dropping in to say hello as I've been absent lately. A rough week. Two funerals, an upstairs neighbour taken out by an EMS ambulance Friday morning after suffering a heart attack, and a message from an old close friend saying his cancer has spread to his bones. Some way to start More...
22/Dec/14 4:47 AM
Cowboy must have been a good friend. It's nice to see that he is well remembered.
22/Dec/14 4:47 AM
I am still around, managing to drop in for a quick visit each day, do some puzzling then going out to socialise. I am heading off into town shortly to meet my daughter and her little daughters. My Christmas shopping etc is completed apart from needing to get a little something for daughter's SIL where we are having brunch on Christmas Day. I hope Christmas improves for you, Greg.
22/Dec/14 6:25 AM
Good morning.
22/Dec/14 6:29 AM
As you said, a tough week, Greg.
22/Dec/14 6:30 AM
Hugs and love coming your way.
22/Dec/14 6:31 AM
22/Dec/14 6:31 AM
Lunch today with a friend, should be nice.
22/Dec/14 6:32 AM
22/Dec/14 7:13 AM
Morning all, Cowboy was a handsome fellow.
Greg,how sad for those families.
22/Dec/14 7:24 AM
1:44. Good morning everyone.
22/Dec/14 7:24 AM
Checking back in
22/Dec/14 7:43 AM
at the right time.
22/Dec/14 7:43 AM
22/Dec/14 7:43 AM
22/Dec/14 7:44 AM
Dear everyone here,
I have not been posting at all because my AOL providers cannot get me connected.
I have been without the Internet for over 10 days and still 'no joy'.
There is a problem 'at the exchange'.
I can only visit using a friend's computer and for now I can't stay for More...
22/Dec/14 8:12 AM
Sorry to hear of your internet connection maladies Rayray. A lump of coal to your providers!

Merriest of Christmases to you!
22/Dec/14 9:26 AM
Merry Christmas, Ray.
22/Dec/14 10:14 AM
He wears a tie well.
22/Dec/14 10:27 AM
CP, your family newsletter cheered me. It's nice to hear some good things right now, Thank you.
22/Dec/14 10:27 AM
I managed to get my tree up yesterday and did some baking this morning. I want to do more but I'm not sure who to pawn the results off on.
22/Dec/14 10:29 AM
Little girl had her birthday party today. She had a pool party. I wish I had recorded her when we said it was time to go to the party. She had this really cute high pitched, excited squeal.
22/Dec/14 10:31 AM
I'm back again, more than five hours later and we still haven't arrived at the bottom of the page. My daughter and little girls have just left to drive home, I head off to their house on the morning of Christmas Eve. It is the little girls first real Christmas as they were less than 18 months old More...
22/Dec/14 12:13 PM
Just having a break from my house cleaning. Everyone else must be busy getting ready for Christmas. Once I used to made rum balls and other nice things for Christmas. Not this year as I am generally the one who eats what is left over!
22/Dec/14 12:18 PM
I stumbled across this site several years ago and have lurked (terrible phrase) ever since. One thing all participants impress with is the genuine goodness and care for others not so often seen nowadays. Even though people come and go the same care and consideration remains. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and may the New Year be peaceful
22/Dec/14 2:31 PM
A wonderfully sincere & truly correct impression, Arachnid! The inherent care & concern for others each of the participants demonstrate is the heart & soul of this site!
22/Dec/14 3:21 PM
Oh Serena, tell Salome, Happy birthday for me and then give her an extra kiss and hug from me!!!
22/Dec/14 4:04 PM
Golly this site is moving sooooo slowly. So I'll help it along . . .
22/Dec/14 4:04 PM
A bit cold here, so I'll liven things up
22/Dec/14 4:05 PM
yes, Arachnid, we've known each other for a long time and even met!
22/Dec/14 4:06 PM
Funny thing is that when we do finally meet, it's like we just take up the conversation from where we last left off here!!!
22/Dec/14 4:07 PM
Getting close . . . .
22/Dec/14 4:08 PM
22/Dec/14 4:08 PM
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