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Easy Sudoku for 22/April/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
22/Apr/09 12:00 AM
Good Morning Worldly People.
22/Apr/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
22/Apr/09 12:00 AM
Good morning all! Rainy day here. Definitely Spring! Have a great day!
22/Apr/09 12:01 AM
Oh, to "lei around" in Hawaii! I'd like to visit there some day - maybe if I ever get to Oz and NZ I'll have to stop on the way?
22/Apr/09 12:09 AM
Good Maen. My bags are packed and ready for Hawaii.
22/Apr/09 12:10 AM
Is it another day already? I still haven't posted a guess for illaqueate and haven't sent Fiona the puzzle solution. Must do both as I get a chance over the next couple hours...
22/Apr/09 12:11 AM
Spring is in full swing here, too. The bright sun should make our monster dandelions happy. Why is it that our chickens ignore those big, unwanted weeds and eat plants I actually want (flowers, veggies, etc.)???
22/Apr/09 12:11 AM
Up with the early birds this morning ...
22/Apr/09 12:12 AM
Plum, make Hawaii a long lei-over.

Sorry, couldn't resist.
22/Apr/09 12:12 AM
Happy Birthday to Rayray and Lori!
22/Apr/09 12:12 AM
I like it, Eri. I like it a lot.
22/Apr/09 12:13 AM
good morning people. I'm stiff this morning. Guess the new bed isn't as good as I had hoped.
22/Apr/09 12:16 AM
We had sun a minute ago.
Now it's raining!
Yep! It's Spring here, too!
I'm celebrating by doing Spring cleaning. Ugh!
22/Apr/09 12:17 AM
ok greetings from a very hot Chennai..its only 3rd week of April, the mercury has already touched 40°C
and today was the worst with some clouds hanging around, making it more sultry and humid..
22/Apr/09 12:20 AM
hey the interesting part comes now..I have been beating the heat by chilling out with some cool guys( )chk out my page to see them, eh??
you will, I know..
22/Apr/09 12:22 AM
That is going to make a good jizsaw!
22/Apr/09 12:24 AM
Nice melons, Appy!
22/Apr/09 12:26 AM
oooooooH!!!!! Such pretty colors. I would like to be there right now!

Good Maen to everyone!
22/Apr/09 12:30 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
Lots on the agenda today--gotta take Mom to Ortho surgeon--complication on the knee replacement that needs attending to; getting a new dishwasher delivered (no, not replacing Hubby!)...
22/Apr/09 12:30 AM
Almost time for #22?
22/Apr/09 12:31 AM
22/Apr/09 12:31 AM
Good morning
22/Apr/09 12:31 AM
22/Apr/09 12:32 AM
Very cool, Appy!
22/Apr/09 12:32 AM
me-lon-ly too sometimes appy!
22/Apr/09 12:38 AM
“SEQUEL” (21st April 2009) –
(26th February1992; see ‘My Gallery’).

Oh little fly! Perchance somewhere,
I trust that now you take more care.
But, certainly not merely stunned;
for, with no flame, you’re moribund.

With your molecules returned More...
22/Apr/09 12:40 AM
Wat-er melon-cholic day. Honey,dew you want to cool down.
22/Apr/09 12:40 AM
Hittin' the hooch, GMo?!
22/Apr/09 12:42 AM
v9; line 2
"holds" to "hold".
22/Apr/09 12:44 AM
Gardening in the sunshine Judy-girl
22/Apr/09 12:44 AM
I have had a metaphysical Me-lonely-day
22/Apr/09 12:45 AM
Yes Rayray, we will come back as flies or something.
22/Apr/09 12:46 AM
Given up alcohol for a while. Since my self imposed alcohol free month, January, one glass makes me dizzy more than that and I am ill.
22/Apr/09 12:46 AM

Gourd luck with staying cool, Appy!
22/Apr/09 12:47 AM
Poor Eri: The sheep used to do that in my parents' garden. They ate anything showy. I hope they got gut-rot!!!
22/Apr/09 12:47 AM
My drink of choicw is Canada Dry Ginger Ale
22/Apr/09 12:47 AM
Recently with the onset of the Arctic summer, there seems to be a spate of significant quakes in the North, so far with knock-on effects in Eastern Indonesia and near Japan.
22/Apr/09 12:55 AM
Ray, thinking about ghosts of flies gone by flitting around creeps me out!
22/Apr/09 12:57 AM
Sunny here today, so I've stopped building the ark ...
22/Apr/09 12:57 AM
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