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Easy Sudoku for 22/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning, all. Overcast.
22/Jul/07 12:00 AM
Good morning all. Here's hoping the new day finds you all well.
22/Jul/07 12:00 AM
well now I will say good morning today
22/Jul/07 12:00 AM
this is great
22/Jul/07 12:02 AM
2:16. Time to get back to building my server - good night all.
22/Jul/07 12:03 AM
Maen sudokuland! I have a joke to brighten your day.

Soon after our last child left home for college, my husband was resting next to me on the couch with his head in my lap. I carefully removed his glasses.

'You know, honey,' I said sweetly,'without your glasses, you look like More...
22/Jul/07 12:04 AM
2.09 cute
but time for bed, catch you all later in the day
22/Jul/07 12:04 AM
Well, look who's here!! Lots of you. Just caught up on yesterday's posts, and the day changed while I was doing it.
22/Jul/07 12:08 AM
I'll be around for an hour or so, have to stay up so I can go fetch young Mr P at 0130.
22/Jul/07 12:09 AM
2:24 good evening all.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend whatever you may be doing.
22/Jul/07 12:10 AM
22/Jul/07 12:10 AM
to all. Still morning overcast but it should burn off to be a warm upper 70's today.
Jano, hope to hear from you today. How's the house? My younger son chose black for the accessories from bed sheets to toilet seat!
Argh!!! Most of the black is gone now except for the toilet seat.
22/Jul/07 12:10 AM
The good news is that young Mr P is much better that during the week and put in an awesomely evergetic performance at the final night of Gang Show last night (Scouts variety show, written, choreographed, produced and performed by Scout and Girl Guide members aged 12 - 26).
22/Jul/07 12:11 AM
3:56 Slow today but that is fine.

Thought for the Day:

Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you've got to start young.
22/Jul/07 12:11 AM
Of course, I'm sure he'll be quite droopy in the morning, and I sense a relapse coming on on Monday, cos that's when school goes back after the holidays!!
22/Jul/07 12:13 AM
A toy poodle who loves her toy. Cute
22/Jul/07 12:14 AM
Did the puzzle, cute puppy. Interesting name, very imposing.
22/Jul/07 12:16 AM
everyone, anyone up reading the new Harry Potter book ??? I have just watched the movies - havn't gotten to the new one as of yet - to nice outside to be in the movie house. We were more of a Lord of the Rings family. Mary
22/Jul/07 12:18 AM
Morning all! Beautiful day here! Unusual pair, puppy and a lion. Cute! Have a great day!
22/Jul/07 12:23 AM
Was on my way to pick up HP yesterday, Mary, when son and I stopped, realised there was too much on, we didn't really have time to go and get it, he wouldn't have a chance to start it until today..... So we had a nice coffee in the sun instead!!
22/Jul/07 12:26 AM
However, I didn't factor in Mr P the elder, who was quite miffed that he wouldn't get to read it for several hours this afternoon and evening while young Mr P and I were busy doing show stuff.
22/Jul/07 12:27 AM
great thought andré
22/Jul/07 12:28 AM
I like your joke, MizTricia. My sense was that he was ejected from the couch post haste! I've been married to my husband for many years. Their little comments are too cute!
22/Jul/07 12:30 AM
Margaret, I think he slept on the couch for some time after that.
22/Jul/07 12:51 AM
everyone! We are back in sunny (& VERY HOT!) Florida after a nice trip up north in Pennsylvania & Maryland. We enjoyed visiting our friends & relatives up there & doing some sightseeing in Gettysburg & Baltimore. See that lots was happening here in Sudokuland while I was gone - More...
22/Jul/07 1:18 AM
22/Jul/07 1:20 AM
Hello all!! Not often I am up late enough to get on the first page!!

We so far have 3 copies of the latest HP in the house CP!! My son and I were at the doors of KMart at 5 to 9 this morning, and picked up a copy each, and when my eldest daughter came home for the weekend, she wad also More...
22/Jul/07 1:28 AM
Hello every one , i hope you all are having a nice weekend
22/Jul/07 1:45 AM
Son collected - time to hit the sack!
See you all later today.
22/Jul/07 1:51 AM
Hi Jano! Good to see you post Hope all is well.
Glad you had a good time, Kathy. Gettysberg is such an interesting place. Did you get to the aquarium in Baltimore?
22/Jul/07 1:52 AM
Hello Jano. I am always pleased to see you post, and know that all is well with you.
22/Jul/07 1:58 AM
Agreed, bluey. Nice to hear from Jano. Stay safe.
22/Jul/07 2:13 AM
Hi Kathy! Rob wanted to see the aquarium on our last day, but instead we ended up spending the whole day with our old Navy friends who drove all the way from Philadelphia to see us. We did go with them to the well known G&M Restaurant where we had the biggest & most delicious crabcakes I've ever had in my life!
22/Jul/07 2:22 AM
everyone. Cute picture. Looks like it will be sunny here today. I think the rain from the last couple of days has put out some of the forest fires. No smoke today at least.
22/Jul/07 2:41 AM
Absolutly beautiful weather today....couldn't ask for any nicer day. Happiness is a state of mind....be happy!
Nal, have a great weekend getting to bond with Nitro. Brenda, Callie should be home about now I think, so I hope you also have fun getting to cuddle the new pup. Thanks More...
22/Jul/07 2:56 AM
to everyone. Cute picture!

We have a beautiful day here too. Have a great week-end everyone.
22/Jul/07 3:43 AM
Hello Jano - Did you finish your painting?
22/Jul/07 4:22 AM
22/Jul/07 4:28 AM
3:45 Good morning (4:30am) all, have a great Sunday. Wonder what the live poodle's name is. See you all later must ready myself for church this morning; I won't go of course lest it fall down in shock. G
22/Jul/07 4:39 AM
Ahh, this is just too tempting to pass up!
22/Jul/07 5:14 AM
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