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Easy Sudoku for 22/August/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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one more
22/Aug/12 3:32 AM
now I finish my CP.
22/Aug/12 3:32 AM
Hello all, good to see you today!
22/Aug/12 3:58 AM
22/Aug/12 4:29 AM
Sue, I would never call anyone a senior citizen, old maybe, but not a senior citizen.

22/Aug/12 4:40 AM
Oops, I told myself, I would not get on this machine, until all thank you notes were written and addressed.
I just had the food list to do, the ones with no addresses. It is taking forever. How many ways can one person say thank you for chicken. I do appreciate these people's thoughtfullness.
22/Aug/12 4:44 AM
YES! I am finished. Now, the hard part, going to the post office.

I still have addressed Christmas cards from a few years ago, in my desk. Hopefully, I will not take as long with these thank you notes.
22/Aug/12 5:11 AM
Good morning.
Here we just call ourselves 'Seniors' and I have a Seniors Card to prove it. I love my Seniors card as it gets me lots of discounts, especially on public transport.
And I am not sure what I am doing up at this time of the morning doing Kathy's puzzle.
22/Aug/12 5:37 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
I would not waste good ice cream on earthworms, sheesh! when there's root beer floats to be made
22/Aug/12 5:58 AM
And surf's up!
22/Aug/12 6:03 AM
My husband keeps saying we need to get a grant to research something pointless. Apparently earthworms are out.
22/Aug/12 6:18 AM

Yesterday in summary............

Easy – Troop of mongrel horses according to Heidi. The middle one is out of step.

Kayo – Opens the account with the days Daffynition. I abdicated long ago.

Shiela – Complete with sunnies, More...
22/Aug/12 6:33 AM


HalT – Sets out to reform the US (maybe even the world’s) education systems.
The pet idea is good, but mate, too bloody late. The damage has been done.

HalT/Karen – Ramble on......and on....and on.....

Jamie – Solves More...
22/Aug/12 6:35 AM
where would we be without our WWII vets? Not as good as we got it today.
22/Aug/12 6:43 AM
Morning all,it would have been hard to get clear faces with such a big group.
I see the Phantom has come out of hiding,giving us his witty take on the days happenings.
22/Aug/12 7:16 AM
Hi all! How nice to see a rare spectre-like appearance from the Phantom...about time too! Must have been all that talk of submissives and dominants yesterday. Either that or the fact that it's the old folks day...
22/Aug/12 7:37 AM
Welcome back, Phantom. You were missed.
And the noise level on the site rises...
22/Aug/12 7:38 AM
Good mornin' all.
Just sneaking on while the rest of the house sleeps.
I am going shopping for a new laptop today, so I won't need to try to slot in between hubby's 'important stuff' & son's 'I need my phone back'
22/Aug/12 7:39 AM
Pea soup fog outside. Now I know why my cats were all tapping at the window to be let in.
22/Aug/12 7:48 AM
Look who's here! Phantom!

Happy dance!
22/Aug/12 7:54 AM
Oh dear, signs of life occurring in other parts of the house. My time is up, so off I must go.
Yep here come the hints. Hubby puts his coffee cup next to keyboard, & son starts looking to see if he has missed any messages. (while I make them wait doing my unimportant stuff...he he he) Ta ta.
22/Aug/12 7:55 AM
Hubby has just asked me if I want to go out for Mexican food. Frankly, I don't care what kind of food it is as long as I don't have to cook it.
Off I go!
22/Aug/12 8:00 AM

Where has he been? The Shadow knows. Hahahahaha.
22/Aug/12 8:25 AM
Welcome back, Phantom! About bl**dy time.

Oh, and Good morning one and all!
22/Aug/12 8:40 AM
Woohoo!!! The Phantom is back! Love the synopsis of the day! I really love it when he laughs with me!!! I have to have that sense of humor on the math subject otherwise I'll end up in tears over the confusion! With the laugh I get over the emotional part and doggedly return to the logic. Thank you Phantom!
22/Aug/12 8:52 AM

Maen all.

Well well well the gangs all back.

Bubbles has fallen off the couch but not up to working yet.

Phanty has emerged from the fog and cold.

Ian has been posting along with Grass-hopper,Mamacita,Madb3,Kate and so many more.

Did I mention Phanty.

22/Aug/12 9:10 AM

Really Kathy. Old Fogies. Hrumph.
22/Aug/12 9:12 AM
Anne good to hear the boy is ok and had a good trip.

Did he take his own bike over or rent0buy one there?
22/Aug/12 9:14 AM

Traverse City is one of my favorite places in MI. Love a good game of Scrabble as well.
22/Aug/12 9:16 AM
Well, well. The day is just full of surprises.
22/Aug/12 9:17 AM

And 5 makes for a CP.

Things to do and places to be so gotta go.

22/Aug/12 9:18 AM
Yeah that'd be right. Stomped on from the deep south.
22/Aug/12 9:19 AM
That it is senior citizens' day AND poets' day perhaps explains why I have had a very good day during which everything has gone right.
22/Aug/12 9:20 AM
Welcome back, also, Mr Cee.

He initially was going by himself and take his bike with him, but ended up touring with a Qld tour group and he was actually the youngest among them. They were from all over Oz. The bikes were supplied as part of the package.
22/Aug/12 9:21 AM
Karen, when Poet's Day is mentioned in Australia, it is usually on a Friday in a standard business.
22/Aug/12 9:25 AM
It translates to: Pi$$ off early, tomorrow's Saturday.
22/Aug/12 9:26 AM
Thanks Anne.

Great he enjoyed himself.
22/Aug/12 9:26 AM
Just trying to make you feel at home, Mr Cee.
22/Aug/12 9:31 AM
Here, jerry. Just for you. Too bad you can't do anything with it just now.
22/Aug/12 9:33 AM
Where's Karen?
22/Aug/12 9:33 AM
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