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Easy Sudoku for 22/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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It's called soccer here in Australia too. We have Rugby League, Australian Rules and touch footy.. American football is called Grid Iron to us.
Oh and soccer is huge here with kids. Under 7's all the way through and women's teams (as per photo). Girls can play with boys (mixed) until 13 I think More...
Hey Deb - Football Australia came out and said that we had to call it (soccer) football so you'll see that the papers now refer to it as football.

You didn't mention Rugby - the game they play in heaven. The Brumbies take on the reds this weekend at Ballymore.
Nancy, how big are your feeders? I have been slowly graduating the the two-cup feeders. I now have two - two-cup feeders on my back deck and one - two-cup feeder on my front porch. I find they like the glass feeders the best.
Judy, that's just...wrong. Debby, my hummers are still here too. In past winters, sometimes they all leave, but a couple of times I had one winter over that I figured was too old or ill to make the migration. I actually once had one survive till the rest returned the next spring.

If you More...
Tommy O'Connor went to confession and said, 'Forgive me Father for I have sinned.'

'What have you done, Tommy O'Connor?'

'I had sex with a girl.'

'Who was it, Tommy?'

'I cannot tell you father, please forgive me for my sin.'

'Was it Mary Margaret More...
We had read an article in the Birds and Blooms Magazine a few years ago about a gal in one of the northern states who had a hummingbird stay all winter. She ended up putting a lightbulb on her feeder to keep it from freezing.

A Wyoming cowboy gets off a plane in L.A., walks into a nearby bar and sits down beside a stunning looking redhead. He tries to pick her up but she says, 'Don`t waste your time...I`m a lesbian.'

'What part of Lesbia are you from?' he asks.

'You don`t understand...see that More...
DEBBY AND NANCY: I'm very glad that you are generously feeding the little guys without first asking for their ID's! It seems you mostly have the Ruby-Throated, which we never see in California. I don't see a black-backed hummingbird in the Sibley Guide, so maybe you have a new species, Debby! More...
Gath ,Love the sliding puzzle!
That's a good idea. Mine has frozen on occasion. I have had Allen's, Annas, and Rufous hummers at my feeder, but Annas are by far the most common.
I just heard in the last few years that hummingbirds are hitchhikers. I always wondered how those little wings could carry them so far. They hitch rides on the back of larger birds!
Good afternoon to all! Busy site today!
Anne: Wake up! The puzzles are back!
Glenn: Nice of you to invite us to Orlando. Will you be using express mail or UPS to send me my plane ticket?
The Hummingbirds? Is that the new name for our women chatterS?
Good mAen everyone.Ap and Muriel, the travel brochures and the license plate list were good ones. Glenn, Orlando sounds good to me, depending on when it takes place. To all of the SAW members planning on using the stateroom on the LADY SUDOKU, let's make a deal! I saw where Fiona had hidden Ted's credit card, and took it after she left...I'm looking at it right now!!!
Oh Canuk Greg, you are very funny......

Have a great day everyone.
Just kiddin', Keith! Are you too far inland for the Anna's to remain all winter? They usually hang around all winter up and down the California coast.

So when Glenn's jet flies over California, he should drop down and retrieve the guy with the GIANT THUMB? :)
Hey, GREG! KEITH was a part of the hummingbird discussion, too! Sorry, Keith. Greg just doesn't understand how a comment like that can bruise a man's ego! LOL
That last comment should have been directed at Stan...sorry Hugh, that you dont' have hummingbirds...they truly are a marvel of nature!
Hey Debby...Mine are glass and probably almost 2 cups...oh, and I am talking about my hummingbird feeders! Didn't know about the hitchhiking ...very interesting.
I've heard that hummers hibernate every night (slow all body processes) to avoid starvation before morning, but I've never heard about the hitch hiking thing. Pretty clever, if true. I'm picturing larger birds with little sidecars attached.
It's true, Judy, that if one winters over, it is an Anna's, but it seems like there have been more around until about this time of the year, and then only one coming in...but then maybe I'm just adlepated.
GATH: Suggestions re: photo submission. Not sure how you've programmed this section, but maybe you could add 'Appear on' categories such as 'Any Suduko level' or 'Any jigsaw puzzle', etc. rather then post on Easy, etc. That way, you could choose to route the pictures submitted at 'Any' to areas where you have a shortage or where you don't have a backlog.
Just a couple of things.

1. It will always be soccer to me, no matter what the soccer federation says.

2. Why do people gripe about animal/pet photos, even when there is a photo of short fat shielas playing soccer?

3. Somebody give me a ring when this cruise crap is over. More...
Keith: Apologizes. Judy is correct... so I name them the Hummingbirds from SAW.
Judy, I never said there was anything wrong with Ann Arbor, I just prefer smaller towns, and Ann Arbor is a lot larger than were we live.

Debby, it sounds like you live in an area similiar to ours, small town, and we also have wild turkeys and deer in our backyard
Quick question; Was that really Beehive who popped up in the afternoon yesterday (Auusie time), or was that a pretender. If it was Beehive, welcome back!
Hitch hiking hummingbirds??? HAHAHHHAHAHAHAAHHHAAA
Sorry all: If it was Buzzy, the posts have been removed. Maybe I was dreaming this morning when I did a quick read of yesterday's posts.
Greg, I saw them too, you weren't dreaming
It might have passed by you, especially if you copied-and-pasted your confession joke, but... people are usually ABSOLVED from their sins, not 'abolished'. :o)
CG, now I'm picturing a gaggle of hummers in sidecars wearing airplane goggles singing Barbershop quartet to the accompaniment of a saw. Gives me the shivers.
LK: Just yanking your chain! I was just making fun of the UM connection! Nothing beats small, Midwestern/Northern towns for livability.

Nothing wrong with your brain, KEITH! But I haven't heard that word in like ... 100 years! :)
Keith: Let's not insult Snoopy! Picture them in large, red framed Elton John glasses rapping!
Good Maen one and all in Sudoko land, I would say it is a beautiful sunny day, but since we desperately need rain, a good day would be a cloudy overcast one. As for that private jet, that sounds like the go Glen, you can pick me up too!!
Karen from Minetonka - a swag is a bed roll - thin mattress, sleeping bag and pillow rolled up in a canvas wrap so that you can just put it on the ground - no tent. you sleep under the stars.
Greg - thanks for the curling site, very informative, sort of like lawn bowls meet ten pin bowling on ice, and i do remember seeing it during the winter olymics and wondering what the heck that was!
To LK from MN...we'll be roadtripping to Ames for the NU-ISU game October 7, will you be there?
Topaz: Glad you like the site. Not sure about the ten pin bowling analogy, and much more challenging than lawn bowling, as the curl (turn) you put on the rock (stone) allows for a much more strategic game. I think the description on the site I directed you to called it chess on ice, and that is probably the best way to descride it, especially in the Olympics.
Aside from curling, I'm off to bowling (bowls Anne), and it's five pin I play, not 10 pin. Chess on wood so to speak. Chsers!
Another hummingbird story...I am usually first made aware of the arrival of our hummingbirds by my dog..let me explain. I have red chili pepper string lights on my screened in porch. I leave the door ajar so my dog can come and go as she pleases. The hummingbirds are attracted to the red plastic More...
greg:We don't even have an ice rink anywhere near where I live - 3hours drive to Melbourne for the closest one. It said on the site that curling is now in Australai, I don't knw where though

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