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Easy Sudoku for 22/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
22/Sep/16 12:00 AM
22/Sep/16 12:27 AM
Awfully quiet today!
22/Sep/16 12:29 AM
....and Denny.
22/Sep/16 12:32 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: stop, cheese, foot, top, hand, slow, spot, flash, hard, kick (and numerous others)

The ''Fuzzy Wuzzy Bat Crown'' goes to winners - Greg, Cake Lady, Sarah, Judy (Welcome Home!), and Joyce.
22/Sep/16 12:38 AM
And, for today......

Can you work out the items of food or drink from the following anagrams?
Oh? You want a hint? Okay…..Some may be two words. Bwahahaha!

7. CHANGE More...
22/Sep/16 12:40 AM
Survived my first Zumba class. Very vigourous and I was sore for about an hour afterwards, but feel darn good this morning. Poor person downwind of me during the class, though ... talk about a sweat-fest.
22/Sep/16 1:15 AM
22/Sep/16 1:31 AM
I can't tell what kind of creature is waiting.
22/Sep/16 2:31 AM
I'm afraid of Zumba. I keep thinking about trying out a class but then chicken out.
22/Sep/16 2:32 AM


Denote by AB-(CD/E+F). To get the largest possible result, AB must be large and the subtrahend must be small. The largest value of AB is 65, the subtrahend is made up of 1 through 4, whose smallest value is 12/4+3=6. Therefore, More...
22/Sep/16 2:56 AM
Right you are, I missed the pesky - sign, which made it sooo much easier, easy enough I thought I could solve it. I should have known better.
22/Sep/16 3:46 AM
Is it a frog? I'm not sure.
22/Sep/16 3:57 AM
it's kind of a shame that really lo-res pictures and those that are 'squished' make it on to the page...

22/Sep/16 4:10 AM
This is what today's picture reminds me of.
'A frog he would a-wooing go,
Heigh ho! says Rowley,
A frog he would a-wooing go,
Whether his mother would let him or no.
With a rowley, powley*, gammon, and spinach,
Heigh ho! says Anthony Rowley.'
22/Sep/16 4:38 AM
When I first saw it, I thought froggy was offering his lost love a half eaten corn dog.
22/Sep/16 5:13 AM
Serena, I know the feeling. I just jumped in with a 'what the heck' attitude. I'm not much for the whooping and clapping stuff that seems to go on as motivation for group classes, but it's a good workout, and the music's great.
22/Sep/16 5:32 AM
Morning all, this is my frog holding a rose sitting on a bench with the word 'waiting' written on it. Good one June !
22/Sep/16 5:44 AM
Froggy went a courtin'
22/Sep/16 6:31 AM
At the fitness center - worked out - enjoyed a popcorn snack and visiting the site as I wait for my start time for class
22/Sep/16 6:32 AM
I' ll just open the door to 22
22/Sep/16 6:33 AM
Good morning all.
22/Sep/16 6:38 AM
Good morning.
22/Sep/16 7:17 AM
Solar installation yesterday was a non-event
22/Sep/16 7:18 AM
Due to rain.
22/Sep/16 7:19 AM
Today is fine, and the installers may come back this afternoon if the job they have scheduled for this morning goes quickly.
22/Sep/16 7:20 AM
Still, they have said they can do the installation without us being here, so that opens up some possibilities as we have a very busy week coming up and will be out a lot.
22/Sep/16 7:23 AM
1:37. Good morning everyone.
22/Sep/16 8:24 AM
22/Sep/16 12:52 PM
22/Sep/16 2:15 PM
or is it (10:21pm PDT here)
22/Sep/16 3:21 PM
??? I just submitted a post and it has disappeared
22/Sep/16 8:51 PM
I mean it was really important.
22/Sep/16 8:52 PM
I just said Goodnight.
22/Sep/16 8:53 PM
Because I'm heading to bed with a book since there is nothing on TV that is worth watching.
22/Sep/16 8:54 PM
So, goodnight.
22/Sep/16 8:55 PM
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