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Easy Sudoku for 23/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hoping for first on the page. Just enough time to complete the puzzle then off to bed.
How could u type that fast Chris
1:59 good morning
2:59 another cat.
...and 2:28. Not as good as yesterday but not too bad for after midnight.

Good MAEN all!
2.30 Night all
Hi Maggie,

I've got to admit to cheating a little. I typed in a little too early so, waste not want not, I used the old 'copy and paste' trick (sorry!)
Good MAEN all A Black Cat
4:31 Chris funny thing you are going to bed and I am just getting up. It is soooooo interesting to see the comments from all over the world and notice all our differences.
2.37 I'm off to bed as well. Have a great day all you people just getting up.
One's friends are that part of the human race with which one can be human. ~George Santayana

Peaceful MAEN to everyone, everywhere. ox xo
Time not so hot, but neither is the temperature here -16% at 2.00pm. I prefer the dogs to the cats.
I mean -16°°!!!
Have a good day!
sunday am & working on Monday
what an interesting world we live in
good MAEN to all
nothing to say ... a BLACK cat ...
Peace and Love!
A young black cat on a bench.
I love cat and dog and human race. The temperature is 2° at 2.20 pm.Tomorrow we will have your very terrible temperature, Richard.Good Sunday!
Such a cute pic
2:51 sleepy eyyeees today.

another cat? i hate pussies..
on a grey and lazy sunday afternoon, what else is there to do
nice kitten
2:33 Best time ever
7:46 - but I'm getting faster. It will be around 52 with sunshine here today. I can't imagine -16. That is cold!
2.57 getting there slowly!!
Never on the first page of comments before. Kind of exciting. Well, time to go get ready for church. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Getting faster each day. 4:03
3.05 but made a mistake and had to use check movesd to find it! Hi all, and welcome back Col - looking forward to haring about the holiday!
5:01 very good for me on a Sunday morning - It is nice here in Des Moines - cold - but not to cold.
9:08am Alright on the first page... I hope..! Nice Cat!!!!
Thank you for the tennis reports. It's nice to have my own personal Australian correspondents. Realize this tennis stuff is probably boring to a lot of people - sorry for my obsession with it! Glad Stosur & Raymond won. And I think Bagdahtis (sp.?) deserved to win, too. His forehands & his cheering section are amazing!!
3:28, that's good for me. It's a beautiful day here in NC, hope to ride the Harley today.
Have a good one y'all
not bad 4:57.
3:14... Not bad for me. Morning all
kathy/fl,i don't think tennis is boring i like it.Hingis is doing well after being away so long.
4:09-a little slow this morning..should have finished my coffee first
3:35. Hello!
3:02 feeling a little slow but I guess I'm not
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