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Easy Sudoku for 23/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Nice Sudoku! It was 'hair-raising'!
Nal, Kaia is a little ebony cutie. By now, she's probably grown to proportionately strut with those ears and legs. Too cute. Oh, Anne! How could you find this kitty cat unattractive? A little camera shy or scared maybe, but 'ugly?' LOL! And, you might know the 1 day the picture on easy is I.D.'d by a regular, you'd get nailed for keepin' it real. 'gotta love this group.
To Susan from Ingham - I'm sure powerpoint will do the job but we have a program on our computer called Photo Story 3 for windows. I think my son downloaded it from somewhere. I used it to do a story for my mum's 70th Birthday earlier this year. It's really easy to use and you can add all these More...
5:01 maEn all
Keith from CA

Thanks for your reply. I am an ardent fan of Kakuro! Play all the levels..

On another Sudoku site (dare I mention it?!?) I found a puzzle similar to our Sudoku, but the 9 numbers weren't in squares, but in 9 irregular shapes, called 'Squiggly'. The 9 numbers still had More...
Sick of seeing cats
Happy birthday (late?) to GLENN and (early) to SUZANNE!! I miss out on these things by only being able to check in every three or four days.

NAL - thanks for the picture. Great for the upcoming day of ghoulery.
Liz and Kieth - for another type of iregular sudoko and karuko and battleship and pixel puzzles etc - all free every week, see www.conceptispuzzles.com
wishing you a very happy birthday

Ashleigh Violet
very special birthday wishes
to everyone I have missed. Suzanne wishing you the best that life can give you.

Nal and Mamacita are a bit sad today.
Tough loss for the Eagles. I was at the game and could not believe they lost on a 62 yard field goal.

Happy Birthday Suzanne!
Ed, that was a tough loss for Philly, but we've got to give Bryant his props for knowing how to kick some . Speaking of , the Colts are kicking the Redskins' collective pig tails right out of Indianapolis 'round about NOW!
We seem to have lost some of the 'regulars' here recently. That's too bad. Maybe some of us cynics have driven them off, but I think this site is a lot less interesting without them.

You know who you are... please come back!
SUZ - Happy Birthday!! have a good one girl!

talking about sports - Ap you ready for the India v's Aussie game? bring it on....

Mel - careful which end...
My list of albums to strongly consider getting.
Elton John-The Captain & the Kid. Elton and Bernie Taupon team up on this masterpiece.

Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale- The Road to Escondido A powerful couple.

Grant-Lee Phillips-Nineteeneightys This collection of covers has not a single More...
Nurn, I agree. Come on guys come back. We miss you.
me gusta el sudoku desde la primera ves que lleno uno en los pedioricos busco las dificiles y las lleno
Nurn, you couldn't scare an ant off the site! You try to be tough and cynical, but we all know how sweet and wonderful you really are! Tee hee! We'll be around, off and on.
Hi Ed: I understand why you were one of 'the missing' for a while; good to have you back - one of the most interesting 'posters'. I get it that everyone disappears from time to time for various reasons; but we (I) miss them when they're gone.
Hi, one of the regulars, I think I can guess who you are, it's easy - positive, positive, positive! Have you a bad bone in your body?!??
Thank yo for all the happy birthday's for Violet! We had a wonderful party and she's had a ball!
Buenos Noches Javier, ?que tal? ?De donde?
Hi, one of the regulars, you understand that what I meant was, you have never had a bad thought about anyone, ever, ever, ever? (obviously)!
ennyways, nighty night all, way past my bedtime!
Happy Birthday Suz! Make a wish.....
Hope all your wishes come true.
Ed - I still think Captain fantastic and the brown Dirt Cowboy was EJ's best album - love 'Someone saved My life tonight' ....
heard some stuff from his new album - reminiscent of those times it seems...
2.07 - Happy B'day to all celebrating, it seems to be a popular birth date as it is also my MIL (60th) and my sister's b'day.
Happy Birthday to all that are celebrating in October. Seems to be very popular month for Sudoku Birthdays. Hope all have/had a great day.
Carolyn (MI)- Just in case, you hadn't realised, there are 5 sudokus of varying difficulty on this site every day - enough to keep the brain ticking over for quite a while. Check the box in the top right-hand corner. And if you're particularly addicted, you can go into the archives (top of page) and spend hours doing puzzles from the past.
Billy and Ed, EJ and Bernie Taupin are a phenomenal team. '74 and '75 were HOT with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Bennie & the Jets) and Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (Someone Saved My Life Tonight). Bernie's an amazing lyricist, and the mid-70's gave us the best of Elton. Billy, I agree Captain & The Kid is a nostalgic release reminiscent of its prequel.
Judy, very well put explanation of how to access all the different puzzles...should be part of the directions on how to use the site.
bert, Damn good writing ''Nostalgic release reminiscent of it's prequel'' Right on sister. If only I could..... Who loves you baby?

Bernie's up there with Mr. Keith Reed.
Thank you Keith. I'm good at helping strangers find their way around town too!
Elton John is touring in Australia from Nov. 6th to Dec. 6th. Coast to coast, ending up in Perth.
Nal, I need your advice or any other photographer on this site. What is your opinion of the Nikon D80? Thank you.

Nal, I feel bad that the Packer's beat the Dolphin's. I do, I do.
Just checking in and doing a few puzzles before heading off to bed. Hi to all of you.
Hi ???, good to hear from you......any trouble with the Frozen Live Chickens lately???
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